Karen Schulz

9204 Second Avenue
Silver Spring, MD
20910 US



Artist Information for Karen Schulz

My work is first and foremost a careful consideration of formal design elements. I am drawn to the tension created by the simultaneous holding of opposites. Circles and squares, stasis and movement, light and dark, the flat plane and three dimensional space, and most recently the hand drawn line and the sewn seam line; each is needed to highlight the other. It is through a disciplined use of design elements that I find joy in creating compositions that explore ultimately what it means to be human. My love of the hand drawn line is evident in my work as we move closer to its disappearance from the everyday lexicon. While the major impetus for my work grows out of the formalist tradition, I recognize there can be no form without content, no content without form. Typically for me content seems to arise out of form. 

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Open Ended

Open Ended58" high by 38" wide   Photo by Mark Gulezian

Open Ended was based on a quick sketch made after a visit to the Chicago Art Institute. I spent 5 hours taking in the museum by myself and loving every second of it. I emerged with the question, "What are you afraid of?" and the answer came back, "You can do anything!" I came away empowered to pursue my more far flung ideas with a new passion.

The Unexpected Beauty of Green 2

The Unexpected Beauty of Green 236 inches high by 23 inches wide   Photo by Mark Gulezian

The Unexpected Beauty of Green continues to explore mark making on the human scale. We are losing the mark of the hand in our diminished use of handwriting as we type away on our computers.

Girl in the City with Blue Hair

Girl in the City with Blue Hair32" high by 59" wide   Photo by Mark Gulezian

This piece was designed improvisationally on the design wall with scraps. As the piece took shape and the couching thread was added the content emerged. An homage to my daughter with blue hair who had left home at 17 to live happily in the city.

Say Whaaat?

Say Whaaat?81" high by 81" wide   Photo by Mark Gulezian

There was something outrageous about this composition for me, the unusual color combinations, the size of some of the figures, and those two enormous couched thread circles!