Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

Route de Frontenex #92
CH-1208 CH
+41 22 7366362



Artist Information for Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

In my landscapes, I only use squares and rectangles cut and settled in an intuitive way. The composition and the surface arrangement are the record of my daily mood and reflect my conscious and unconscious emotions as well as my surrounding.

I feel deeply concern by the impact our way of life have on our world and especially on the wild world, and it is with a positive tone of voice that I reproduce in my textiles landscapes a whole world of colours.

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La Traversée du Lac

La Traversée du Lac77cm x 131cm   Photo by Photo Villereuse

The river Rhône crosses the Leman lake and the surrounding mountains reflect on its water.

Magic View

Magic View98cm x 99cm  

Oiseau de Lumière

Oiseau de Lumière65cm x 40cm  

River Junction

River Junction80cm x 102cm   Photo by Photo Villereuse

There are two rivers in Geneva; one comes directly from the mountains and is often very muddy; the other crosses the whole Leman lake before the junction of the two.

Au Fil de l'Eau

Au Fil de l'Eau72cm x 110cm   Photo by Photo Villereuse

The river Arve often muddy meets the river Rhône and their waters mingle.