Artist Information for Lora Rocke

My focus is on the making of unique appliqued and pieced quilts. These range from small intimate portraits to large scale pieces that include more than one figure.
Telling stories through these densely stitched portraits has become my passion.

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Play Fair

Play Fair33" x 11"  

This young woman may just have come off of the tennis basking on the lawn in the warm sunshine. 

Cat in the Cradle

Cat in the Cradle 23" x 37"   

Caught in the upward pull of the yo-yo, my dad practiced his art. In later years, he would amaze me with the tricks that he could do that magical toy. 

Biggest Fan

Biggest Fan28" x 14  

This portrait remembers a time when little boys wore emblems of their hometown heroes. In this case, Nebraska Football players. 

Party Girl

Party Girl 17" x 11"  

Imagine that the candles have just been blown out! What's next? Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey? Or Tag? 

Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo18" x 24"   

A favorite pass time of adults and little kids...."peek-a-boo" could go on for hours. This portrait, catches a "boo" moment, before the giggles start.