Kathy Nida

El Cajon, CA2
92020 US



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I’ve always made art. For years I was a printmaker, until the siren call of fabric took me under the surf. I’ve worked in fabric for 25 years now, using traditional techniques of hand appliqué and embroidery from the crazy quilt mentality in combination with fused appliqué, machine quilting, and painting and drawing on fabric. I have been exhibited in gallery shows since I was 16 years old. My work has been published in catalogs and has traveled more than I have. I do this instead of sleeping. It seems more important.

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Disrupted70" h x 83" w  

Fully Medicated

Fully Medicated55" h x 34" w  

I’m diabetic. I take a lot of medications to deal with health issues, and it kind of gives me the creeps swallowing all those pills. I worry about my liver, my kidneys. It almost feels like I’m not human with all those substances trickling through me, like someone else is taking the meds and I am just the vessel. I’d like to take control of the situation and just stop.