Sharon M W Bass

Lawrence, KS US


Artist Information for Sharon M W Bass

I make contemporary, stitched art constructions of silk, cotton, linen and recycled work. Sometimes I paint or stain or stamp these materials. Almost everything begins with a photograph and almost everything ends in something partly representational and partly abstract.

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California Dreaming

California Dreaming19.5 x 16.75   Photo by ImageWorks

This piece is the beginning of a growing series of work about one flower: the poppy or the poppy as I see it. This piece has become a signature of my studio practice.

Coffeehouse Conversations #1

Coffeehouse Conversations #115.5 x 15.5   Photo by ImageWorks

Sometimes one overhears a part of a conversation that just hits home.

Bigger Poppies

Bigger Poppies33.5 x 33.5   Photo by Aman Reaka

The idea behind this work was to play with the idea of color and color-blindness. Are all the poppies red? Green? What is the background?

Little Poppies

Little Poppies10 x 9  

Once you play with scale and go big, then you have to go small.

Poppy Cutout

Poppy Cutout39.5 x 39.5   Photo by Ken Sanville

The good news is that there seems no end in sight. More to come...