Wen Redmond

Strafford, NH
03884 US



Artist Information for Wen Redmond

New England artist, Wen Redmond's work merges digital processes, photography, collage, media mix and surface design.

Wen has created signature Digital Fiber Techniques; Holographic Images, Textured Photographs and Serendipity Collage. Her latest work continues experimenting with digital photography, manipulating and printing images on mixed medium substrates. Wen's book, Digital Explorations is available on CT Publishing website, Amazon or for a signed copy, on her blogs.

Wen delights in creating dialogue, changing perspectives and perceptions of fiber. She works intuitively, encouraging 'flow', experimentation and the inner muse both in herself and in her workshops.

"The process of creating brings me wings."

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Rocks are Smiling

Rocks are Smiling32x48   Photo by artist

One of the most creative aspects of digital photography is creating a photograph using the layers tool in Photoshop. A photograph of a collage made from a magazine was first created to use as the base layer of this piece. The finished digital collage was layered with images of a hand pulled print and a pile of rocks I discovered on a walk along the beach. After adjusting the resulting image, it was printed in gray scale and highlighted with quilting using several colors of thread.

Amazements of Tender Reflections

Amazements of Tender Reflections60x24  

As an artist, being outside in nature enables my thinking, to drone away the daily grind, the monkey mind, so that ideas can percolate forward, up from my unconscious. The act of reflection is essential to the artist as ideas and influences happen on a daily basis, seeing more, patterns, compositions, and arrangements because that is what we DO when we make art. When I go into the forest, metaphorically and physically, I can let those absorptions become reflections that lead to revelations. Presented at IQF via Dinner at 8, ViewPoints 2015 in NJ and Solo Exhibit at Textile Center, MN.

The Content of the Light

The Content of the Light40x40   Photo by Charley Freiberg

This piece is a mix of media, photography and painting, bringing a melding of spirit, form and mind. Melding several photographs created the final digital photograph, which was printed both on an interfacing `batting` and inkjet ready lutrador. The slightly transparent lutrador was sliced, overlaid on the printed interfacing, and stitched onto cotton backing. Edges and top are sealed. Presented at IQF via Dinner at 8 and featured in Quilting Arts Magazine.

The Creative Hand

The Creative Hand42x28   Photo by Charley Freiberg

A photograph of an artist model`s wooden hand, printed on a substrate of digitally ready molding paste. Photograph was cut into segments and collaged on base of black silk noil and hand sewn with metallic thread. Scrim and silk organza medium lifts form outer edging. A row of cascading squares is accented with antique hook and eyes. Presented in Quilt National 15; Quilt Visions and won Quilt Japan Award.

Three Feathers Remain

Three Feathers Remain33x42   Photo by Charley Freiberg

One of the pleasures of composition is a combination of the 21st tool of digital photography and Photoshop plus paint and mediums to create newly rendered digital fiber art. A photograph of painted and cut papers were digitally fused with second photograph of a glass disk. The photograph was cropped, adjusted, printed, quilted, and cut into segments creating an interior grid design. Each segment is sealed with paint and hand-tied together. A variety of mediums, and bonded tissue paper compliment the stitching highlights of the completed work. Presented at SAQA MA/RI Art as Quilt, and Art Quilts at the Whistler Museum for the juror`s exhibit piece.