Guns: Loaded Conversations

Reclaim Reload Rejoice The Perfect Game 2 atlow 8       Gloria Daly  •  Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

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Reclaim Reload Rejoice    The Perfect Game    2 atlow 8

$12900   Buy Now  » 132 x 68 inches - Photo: Will Datene

As a woman living in British Columbia, Canada, I have hunted for food to feed my family. As a sportswoman, I have enjoyed competing internationally at skeet shooting. As an artist, I have used animal hide, bones, antlers, and bird feathers in my artwork.

Do I think guns can be dangerous? YES. Do I think they should be registered? YES. Education and old-fashioned common sense are needed on both sides of the gun issue. Discussion and balance are necessary to find answers that all can live with.

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