Guns: Loaded Conversations

Quilted Reimagined American Flag Series III: Don't Lives Matter?       Kelly Burke  •   Princeton, New Jersey, USA

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Quilted Reimagined American Flag Series III: Don't Lives Matter?

$2500   Buy Now  » 58 x 108 inches - Photo: A. Stuart Hanson

This version of the U.S. flag addresses the terrible cost and loss of lives due to gun violence. The alternating orange and yellow stripes indicate safety and caution. The 50 shades of red stars represent pain, suffering, and grief, as well as anger, rage, and despair. One bullet begins the sequence in the upper left corner, and three bullets form an ellipsis at the end, indicating the inevitability of more mass shootings in our future without any substantive efforts to control guns or improve gun safety in the United States.

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