The Goddess of Never-Ending Chaos       Kathy Nida  •  El Cajon, California, USA

The Goddess of Never-Ending Chaos
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SOLD 46 x 35 inches (photo by Gary Conaughton)

It seems women, especially mothers, caregivers, and teachers, have to be goddesses with a multitude of limbs to manage all the chaos the world throws our way. It’s never-ending, from the moment you first feel the fetus flutter or that pregnancy nausea, through the lack of sleep and the utter hopelessness when the baby won’t stop crying. Through sports, school, drama, the learning and the screaming, the love, the last-minute fever, and late-night trips to the store for the project they never told you about. The paperwork. The laundry. The money. The love. They move out, but you still have the college bills, the texts, the questions, and the reminders that they still need you, but you didn’t teach them everything yet. Because you can’t. And then suddenly it’s quiet, and the chaos of 18+ years is just gone.

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