Concrete & Grassland

Grass Lake       Denise Oyama Miller  •  Fremont, California, USA

Grass Lake
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30 x 47 inches (photos by Sibila Savage)

One of my favorite spots is a lovely rest area along Highway 97 at about 5000’ elevation, just outside of Weed, California. At one time, it was a lake created by lava flows that blocked a drainage path on the east side of the valley. There was a hotel on the same site as the rest area. In the early 20th century, a development project inadvertently broke through the seal of the porous lava rock, and the water drained out through what is called “The Glory Hole,” which is still visible today. What is now left is a large, beautiful, “wet” meadow just east of the southern Cascade Range. It’s a quiet, peaceful spot to watch herds of cattle in the distance, nesting sandhill cranes, and the rare tiger salamander.

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