Bidding is now over - thank you to all our buyers and artists!

Over $9,000 was raised to support SAQA programming and outreach

Michele Hardman loved art quilts and was an avid supporter of SAQA. She was especially fond of SAQA's annual Benefit Auction. The pieces that drew her eye appealed for a variety of reasons: she knew the artist or was moved by the art; she was inspired by the message and/or title; she needed the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

Over the years, she moved frequently and decorated all her homes with Benefit Auction pieces. It was Michele's wish that the pieces which she had enjoyed so much could give joy to others. Michele died on September 21, 2017 and donated many of her purchases back to SAQA to share them with others.

Questions? Email us at auction@saqa.com


Collector's Choice Auction Artwork

Sunny Spot

Margaret Abramshe    •   Sunny Spot More Info   

Whole cloth commercially printed from artist`s image. Painted with inks, acrylics, dyes, pigment sticks, liquid watercolors, and other media. Free motion stitched by machine. 

Alone at Lake Arrowhead

B. J. Adams    •   Alone at Lake Arrowhead More Info   

Painted canvas. Free-motion machine embroidery and quilting. 

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Sunset Over a Red Field

Joanne Alberda    •   Sunset Over a Red Field More Info   

Cotton fabric collage, machine stitched.

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Starry Night Over Giverny

Patricia Arndt    •   Starry Night Over Giverny More Info   

Hand-dyed silk sky, home machine quilted, beaded.

Fallen Beauty

Terry Aske    •   Fallen Beauty More Info   

Autumn is a magical time when the leaves explode into vibrant color, then float and drift to the ground. When walking, I watch for colorful leaves on the sidewalk and capture their beauty with my camera. Original photo, digitally enhanced and printed on fabric. Leaf and background are free-motion quilted. The edges are faced.

The Little Queen of Hearts

   •   The Little Queen of Hearts More Info   

Cotton, jersey cotton, linen, metallic fabric, and polyester. Hand dyed, free motion machine embroidered on appliqued pieces (no painting), machine quilted.

Ice Roses

Rhonda Baldwin    •   Ice Roses More Info   

Snow dyed linen, accented with pastels and inktense pencils. Machine and hand stitched. 

Circus 10

Nancy Bardach    •   Circus 10 More Info   

Cotton fabrics collaged, batting, threads. The painterly circus images are from a French fabric I collected on a trip to Paris years ago. Cut into scenes of circus life, they made up 19 small art quilts when combined with suitable other fabric patterns.

Ebb Tide

Judi Bastion    •   Ebb Tide More Info   

Original photograph of seaweed train in the sand after the tide went out; taken at Pemaquid Beach in Maine. Printed on cotton sateen by Spoonflower. Free motion quilted using cotton threads. Cotton batting.

Glade I

Christine Beardsley    •   Glade I More Info   

Hand dyed cotton with appliqued cotton and photo transfer printed Lutradur. 


Barbara Yates Beasley    •   Kimba More Info   

Raw edge fused applique with commercial and hand-dyed cotton and silk fabric. Acrylic paint and marker pen detail. Free motion quilted with cotton thread.

Playing With Rings

Helen Beaven    •   Playing With Rings More Info   

Slightly wonky rings that have been partially painted. The rings have an extra layer of batting behind them to add dimension. The binding has also been partially painted.

Who Says So?

Jeannie Bench    •   Who Says So? More Info   

Commercial cotton fabrics, printed cotton panel, raw edge applique, and hand painted. Free motion quilting and thread sketching.

Checks and Bars #38

Sue Benner    •   Checks and Bars #38 More Info   

Dye and paint on silk and cotton and found fabrics. Fused and machine quilted. 

Beautiful San Antonio

Vou Best    •   Beautiful San Antonio More Info   

Collage of decorator fabrics using soft edge applique, that is freehand stitched and embellished to depict sites of San Antonio, Texas.

Indian Flower

Edith Bieri Hanselmann    •   Indian Flower More Info   

Sari ribbons, sewn in rounds, tied with gold thread. 

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Sail Away

Pat Bishop    •   Sail Away More Info   

Commercial cottons, veleveteen and hand dyed cotton and recycled damask. Machine pieced and quilted.

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Moment of Zen

Annette Boncek    •   Moment of Zen More Info   

Batik hand dyed fabrics and lace from antique handkerchiefs. Inktense pencils. Applique hand stitching.

Hey Man, What's Happening?

Diane Born    •   Hey Man, What's Happening? More Info   

Artist-marbled cotton fabric that is free motion quilted with variegated threads.

Small Delights

Deborah Boschert    •   Small Delights More Info   

Commercial and original fabrics including stamped surface design and handwriting. Fused applique, free motion quilting, and hand embroidery.

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Esther Brabec    •   Alphabet? More Info   

Cotton fabrics. Machine-stitching around appliqued fabrics. 

   •    More Info   

Sneak Peak

Peggy Brown    •   Sneak Peak More Info   

Hand painted and digital transfer images collaged, then machine quilted.

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Tree Line

M. C. Bunte    •   Tree Line More Info   

Silk batik and silk dupioni. Machine pieced and quilted with bead embellishment.

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Joyful Song

Pamela Burns    •   Joyful Song More Info   

Hand dyed and batik fabrics. Wool batting. Black cotton background and backing. I used a raw edge collaged applique technique using a fusible webbing on a portion of the face hair. Some areas were left unfused and only machine quilted to enhance the fractured look of the figure. Machine quilted.

Pond Fish

Linda A. Campbell    •   Pond Fish More Info   

My original fish drawing was printed on cotton that was hand painted using Neocolours. The piece is hand and machine quilted. Colour was added to the fish using Shiva Sticks. Embroidery and embellishments were added and then the quilt was mounted on a taffeta and organza backing with melted edges. Three fish in our pond soon became fifty fish, hence all the minnows.

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Les Tournesols

Jan Clark    •   Les Tournesols More Info   

Thread painting on cotton fabrics with bead embellishment. 

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Starry Night

Maryte Collard    •   Starry Night More Info   

Made from my own hand dyed and commercial cottons. Machine pieced and machine quilted. Polyester batting.

Long and Winding Road

Carolyn Collins    •   Long and Winding Road More Info   

Hand dyed fabric and digitally printed overlay. Hand reverse applique, machine pieced and quilted.

   •    More Info   

Lune Rouge

Gerrie Congdon    •   Lune Rouge More Info   

Indigo shibori silk background, silk applique, embroidered with perle cotton and silk lame braid.

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Given with love

Kimberly Creamer    •   Given with love More Info   

Textured printed cotton background with batik flowers embellished with beading. Gold trimmed stems and painted silk leaves in appliquéd vase.

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Donna Deaver    •   Respite More Info   

Artist`s own hand-dyed fabrics are used for the primary design elements in a fused and stitched collage method. Heavy stitching is added to create a textural dimension.

   •    More Info   

Treasured Threads

Sue de Vanny    •   Treasured Threads More Info   

This underwater scene is a fabric collage which is then appliqued onto my hand painted cotton fabric and thread sketched. Adding some Angelina to the chest and incorporating gold bits of yarn as well. When quilting I've added different types of yarn to simulate coral. Cotton fabric, Various yarns & polyester threads.

Vincent's Fields

Gail Dickel    •   Vincent's Fields More Info   

Commercial batiks and hand dyed fabrics, fused. Machine quilted.

The New Bogeyman

Gabriele DiTota    •   The New Bogeyman More Info   

Painted canvas, raw edge appliqué, free motion quilted.

Four Baseball Mitts

Giny Dixon    •   Four Baseball Mitts More Info   

Original thermofax screens with thickend dye and textile paints on cotton fabric that is fused to felt. Artificial leathers also fused to felt, sewn to the cotton background, and stuffed with felt.

Summer Pond

Lisa Dodson    •   Summer Pond More Info   

Indigo dye, stencil with rice resist paste, hand embroidery, shibori, eco-printing, silk, wool, cotton, and beading.

   •    More Info   


Katherine Dossman    •   Violet More Info   

Whole cloth painted with inktense pencils. Free motion quilted with Aurifil 50w. Embellished with acrylic paint and fabrico markers. Cotton batting.

Sun Dappled Maples

Janis Doucette    •   Sun Dappled Maples More Info   

Eco printed cotton, photograph printed on silk, leaf appliques embellished with Angelina fibers. Quilted with both cotton and metallic threads.

Silver Gulls

Sue (Kathleen) Duffy    •   Silver Gulls More Info   

Cotton, lace, crochet, raw edge applique, trapunto by machine, free motion stitching and quilting.


LaVonne Dunetts    •   Marbles More Info   

Painted fabrics resembling marble along with circular marble images.

Beach Encounters

Lisa Ellis    •   Beach Encounters More Info   

Machine pieced and quilted. Based on a photo from my favorite beach where I built my own personal cairn.

   •    More Info   


Cindy Erickson    •   Eclipse More Info   

Hand dyed, hand painted, and commercial fabrics. 

Ala Pollock

Carol Esch    •   Ala Pollock More Info   

Hand dyed and painted 100 per cent cotton. Machine pieced and quilted. 

Deconstructed Fragments

Robyn Eves    •   Deconstructed Fragments More Info   

Deconstructed silk screen pring, painted, machine free motion and hand stitching on cotton. Cotton and poly threads, bamboo batting, cotton backing.

   •    More Info   


Robin Fischer    •   Carnival More Info   

Hand dyed and painted damask linen. Free motion machine quilted, machine couched threads.

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Red Dawn

Carole Frocillo    •   Red Dawn More Info   

Raw edge appliqué. Fabric has been torn and edges allowed to fray. Domestic machine stitched with invisible thread. Fabric choices are commercial and hand dyed as well as thrift store finds.

   •    More Info   

Woman of the Year 2018

Bodil Gardner    •   Woman of the Year 2018 More Info   

Recycled cottons, raw edge applique.

Blue Moon

Patricia Gaska    •   Blue Moon More Info   

Machine pieced, appliquéd, and quilted using commercial and bleach discharged cotton fabrics.

Memories of Tasmania

Dianne Gibson    •   Memories of Tasmania More Info   

Hand created papers, dyes, copper, and felt.

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Spirit Moon

Lorri Glennon    •   Spirit Moon More Info   

Batik fabrics in a landscape representing my current art work where I love using the colors and motion I see in the fabrics. This piece was created using fused applique and a variety of decorative stitches that I call frosting on the cake.

On the Precipice

Debra Goley    •   On the Precipice More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed cotton fabrics, cotton thread and batting. Fused and machine quilted. 

Winter Paradox

Susie Goodman    •   Winter Paradox More Info   

Hand dyed and painted fabrics, batiks, inktense pencils, and beads used in this raw edge appliquéd piece. Machine quilted.

   •    More Info   

Weeping Willow V

Julia Graber    •   Weeping Willow V More Info   

Cotton fabric cut into one inch squares and fused to cotton background fabric. Layered and quilted with Superior Thread, then fused to a quilted background. Free motion stitched willow, finished with hand stitched facing.

A Broken Heart Still Beats

Sonia Grasvik    •   A Broken Heart Still Beats More Info   

Commercial cottons, embroidery thread. Raw edge machine applique, hand and machine embroidery, free motion quilting.

Banksia Nut

Denise Griffiths    •   Banksia Nut More Info   

Rusted Calico background, repurposed scarf stretched on the bias to create tree bark. Nuts created by heat-shrinking the underlayer of fabric, and painting, then free motion stitiching on top. Finished with hand stitching.

Stratafication One

Jean Grimes    •   Stratafication One More Info   

Cotton fabric, home decorator fabric, and paints.

Boxed Fern

Connie Griner    •   Boxed Fern More Info   

Commercial cotton fabrics. Hand appliqued (prepared-edge applique). Hand quilted with Artfabrik hand-dyed perle cottons.

   •    More Info   


Karen Hansen    •   Celebration More Info   

Commercial cottons fused and quilted, couched decorative threads.


Patty Hawkins    •   Mimbres More Info   

Artist marked fabrics, cottons, machine quilted. Mounted on stretcher frame 12" x 12", with hanging wire at back. 

Two Owls

Jane Haworth    •   Two Owls More Info   

This quilt is based on a painting, by English artist Mary Payne, that I grew up with and is still hanging in my parents home . I used a variety of fabrics including commercial cottons and vintage silks. The background was a vintage chiffon that I tie dyed with indigo. The batting is cotton and then I used a variety of threads for free motion quilting.

Life Water

Dorothy Heidemann Nelson    •   Life Water More Info   

Indigo dyed, acrylic ink, commercial cotton, and hand-written text on cotton. 

Floating Sumac

Greta Hildebrand    •   Floating Sumac More Info   

Materials: Quilting cotton, quilting thread, cotton quilt backing, and stuffing.
Technique: Digital photography, images cut, backed and mounted using shank technique. Hand quilted using trapunto technique.

   •    More Info   

Warning Signs

Jill P. Hoddick    •   Warning Signs More Info   

Cotton fabrics, curved piecing, stitched.

   •    More Info   

The Sun Never Sets

Vera Holmgren    •   The Sun Never Sets More Info   

Raw edge machine appliqué. Hand dyed cotton and linen, batik, and silk. Hand embroidered.

   •    More Info   

Late Bloom

Ruby Horansky    •   Late Bloom More Info   

Cotton; blends raw-edge applique; machine quilted; satin stitching

   •    More Info   


Linda Ingham    •   Echinnacea More Info   

Commercial printed fabric, fusible applique, free motion and automatic machine quilting.

Ocean Calm

Margaret Inkster    •   Ocean Calm More Info   

Hand dyed silk. Appliqued. Machine and hand quilted.

Rare Creature

Ivy Jensen    •   Rare Creature More Info   

Painted, quilted, and melted Tyvek and other synthetic materials. 

Skinny Strips Number 3

Karen Johnson    •   Skinny Strips Number 3 More Info   

Hand dyed and commercial fabric; machine pieced and quilted.


Jennie Johnston    •   Kintsugi More Info   

Linen, commercial cotton threads and fabric, photo transfer, acrylic paint, metallic thread. Hand and machine quilted.

"ME" (and my fantasy curls)

Elaine Jones    •   "ME" (and my fantasy curls) More Info   

Layered applique face, embellished with various thread painted fabric strips, over a background of tulle on black cotton.

   •    More Info   

Shattered Sunlight

Kathleen Kastles    •   Shattered Sunlight More Info   

Painted and stitched collage mounted on stretched canvas, with attached screw eyes and wires for hanging.

   •    More Info   


Rebecca Kemble    •   Revolution More Info   

Hand painted fabric, quilted, and embellished with watch gears.

Steel Town: Shift Change

Patricia Kennedy Zafred    •   Steel Town: Shift Change More Info   

Hand silkscreened images on hand dyed fabric. Fused, machine quilted, and embellished with vintage dues buttons.

Sun, Shadows, and Straws

Jill Kerttula    •   Sun, Shadows, and Straws More Info   

Custom photo printed fabric, applique, couching, hand and machine stitching.

   •    More Info   

Me Too

Gloria Klutzke    •   Me Too More Info   

Words are hand painted with acrylic paint. Machine quilted.

   •    More Info   

   •    More Info   


Karol Kusmaul    •   Faith More Info   

Various commercial and upcycled thrift store treasures. Faith was hand quilted and hand appliqued using a raw edge technique. I enjoy using a variety of prints to make portraits. I have faith that it will turn out looking great!

Seeing Double

Phillippa Lack    •   Seeing Double More Info   

Alcohol ink original, manipulated in Photoshop and digitally printed on organic cotton sateen. Machine stitched with double needle.

   •    More Info   

Doubtful Sound

Cat Larrea    •   Doubtful Sound More Info   

Hand dyed and dye painted cotton. Fused raw edge applique.

   •    More Info   

Fancy Feathers

Deb Layt    •   Fancy Feathers More Info   

Cotton fabric and thread, free motion quilting and hand painting


Leigh Layton    •   "DJ" More Info   

DJ is an original photo manipulated and printed on fabric. It was then thread painted and quilted. DJ was a beautiful palomino horse.

Circus Cacophony

Kathy Angel Lee    •   Circus Cacophony More Info   

Pieced background with all over quilting. Fabric stilt silhouettes stitched on. Cotton fabrics and cotton batting.


Amelia Leigh    •   Untitled More Info   

Cotton sateen, hand-dyed, pieced, and quilted.

Threads of Yesteryear

Carol Leitch    •   Threads of Yesteryear More Info   

Machine pieced. Flowers were made from last year's thread cuts that were free motion quilted between Sulky Solvy. Hand stitched using perle thread.

Kimono 1

Uta Lenk    •   Kimono 1 More Info   

Recycled kimono remnants and special effects. Machine and hand stitched.

Songbird of Gabriola

Judy Leslie    •   Songbird of Gabriola More Info   

Songbird of Gabriola began as a photo taken at an art quilt retreat on Gabriola Island, British Columbia. I converted my photo of a robin, perched on a blackberry bramble, into a silhouette image. On my hand-dyed cotton sateen background, bramble leaves were painted with Jacguard’s lustrous Lumiere and outlined with fine stitching. The bird silhouette was trapuntoed and the contour stitched.

All things Equal

Cynthia Levis    •   All things Equal More Info   

Pieced and free motion quilted with embellishments applied.

Stunning Sunset

Cheryl Lipari    •   Stunning Sunset More Info   

The background was hand painted on batting and tulle. The tree, mountain, and reflection are raw edge applique. Free motion thread painting.

   •    More Info   

   •    More Info   

Trilobite Pool #2

Sandra D. Lounsbury    •   Trilobite Pool #2 More Info   

100% Cotton Kona wrapped around 1 1/4 inch pipe Shibori style and immersed in bleach for 7 minutes, machine quilted, hand embroidered.

Birdhouses VI

Marya Lowe    •   Birdhouses VI More Info   

All cotton front/back/batting. Birdhouses were machine-pieced then fused to the background, which was also totally fused. Machine-quilted. Mounted on stretched canvas.

Not Quite White II

Andrea Luliak    •   Not Quite White II More Info   

Off white Dupioni silk, re-purposed textured tank top, gold cording, and gold beads. Hand couched cording, hand beaded, and machine quilted.


Ann Luther    •   Vortex More Info   

Painted fabric. Thread painted, embellished with yarns, and heavily quilted.

April on the Vacant Lot

Jenny K. Lyon    •   April on the Vacant Lot More Info   

Free motion quilted whole cloth.


Wendy Maliszewski    •   Poppies More Info   

Silk with fused applique.

Arabic Tile 3

Patricia Marek    •   Arabic Tile 3 More Info   

Fused raw edge applique.

Sonoran Soft

Jeanne Marklin    •   Sonoran Soft More Info   

Thickened dye painted linen, organza, and wool. Free motion quilted.

Red Giant

Regina Marzlin    •   Red Giant More Info   

Hand dyed cotton, painted cotton, commercial cotton, embroidery floss and thread. Monoprinted, screen printed, pieced, raw applique, hand and machine stitched.


Karen Mason    •   Hosta More Info   

Cotton painted with Lumiere fabric paint and free motion machine quilted.

Moon in Flight

Rasa Mauragis    •   Moon in Flight More Info   

Collage and running stitch using naturally dyed cotton thread. Eco printed silk and cotton that was used to wrap silk and wool scarf bundles for eco printing. Eco printed and rusted watercolour paper. 

P5 F13

Karlie Norrish McChesney    •   P5 F13 More Info   

Origami, carefully folded and creased is an amazing transformation of paper into 3D models. P5 F13 is an image of an octahedron that uses 5 pieces of paper each with 13 folds. This work has been acrylic painted to create the depth of the form. The surface details are of soft plastic.

   •    More Info   

Hawking`s Ascent

Ginny McVickar    •   Hawking`s Ascent More Info   

Applique, free motion and machine stitching, fabric paints, batiks and gold netting. Fantastico variegated thread and YLI invisible thread, with mini rhinestones.

   •    More Info   

Natural Beauty

Kestrel Michaud    •   Natural Beauty More Info   

"Natural Beauty" was created entirely from cut pieces of fabric (337 total) fused together. I drawing my design on my iPad, then create a complete template in Illustrator. Finally, I cut and assemble each piece using the template as a guide. No stitching, dyes, markers, paints, or any other medium was incorporated. Even my signature in the bottom left is made from 7 pieces of fabric.

Galaxy 8

Dolores MIller    •   Galaxy 8 More Info   

Wool serge, wool roving, cotton lint, holographic Mylar thread, beads, wool felt, and cotton. Machine and hand needle-felted, hand beaded, embroidered, and quilted.

Abundance No. 1

Denise Oyama Miller    •   Abundance No. 1 More Info   

Cotton fabrics and batting. Appliqued decorative fabric flowers covered with tulle. Impressionistic style cutting. Machine quilted.

   •    More Info   

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   •    More Info   

Tipping Point

Sherrie Moomey    •   Tipping Point More Info   

Paint Monoprint on Silk crepe; hand dyed Habatoi Silk applique. Free motion quilting.

Chicken Little

Jeannie Moore    •   Chicken Little More Info   

Inktense crayons on canvas with newsprint and silk tie transfers on organza. Sheet music and free motion quilting has been added.

Door 8

Lorna Morck    •   Door 8 More Info   

Textiles, acrylic paint, photos, and thread. Painted, stenciled, fused, collaged, inkjet printed photos and words, and thread marked.

Who Says it Can`t be Purple

Ann Moroz    •   Who Says it Can`t be Purple More Info   

Pieced sections of existing artwork in seven colorways.

Elizabeth Nacenta de la Croix    •    More Info   

Cotton fabric and batting. Rayon threads. Hand painted fabric and shibori. Sewn and quilted by machine. Many immigrants choose the mediterranean sea to leave their countries and travel on unsafe boats. 

Blue Agave

Mary Olivea    •   Blue Agave More Info   

I used a photo of my lead agave plant that came out of the camera as presented. I fussy cut and fused the photo to quilted black fabric.

Abstract Afternoon

Geri Patterson Kutras    •   Abstract Afternoon More Info   

Free cut motif, machine appliquéd using commercial cotton fabrics. Buttons were sewn on for added visual interest and texture.  

   •    More Info   

   •    More Info   

Apple Records

The Pixeladies    •   Apple Records More Info   

Digitally-printed cotton by artists using fiber reactive dyes, commercial cotton (back), and batting. Machine quilted. Before Apple there was Apple Records, founded by the fab four. Their first album released under that label was Magical Mystery Tour (1967). Their music was and still is magic. 

Long Exposure

Debbie Plett    •   Long Exposure More Info   

I tried my hand at curved piecing with cotton wherein I did a clean edge (turned under and top stitched) applique. I then played with and used several fancy stitches on my Janome 7700 domestic machine, using cotton, rayon, and polyester threads. Couching, bead work, and hand embroidery add further embellishment. 

   •    More Info   

Grandpa's Barn

Ruth Powers    •   Grandpa's Barn More Info   

100% cotton commercial prints. Machine pieced and free motion machine quilted.

Balmy Day by the Bay

Christine Predd    •   Balmy Day by the Bay More Info   

Cotton fabrics, thread, batting, and acrylic paint. Machine quilted then painted and appliquéd. 

   •    More Info   

   •    More Info   

Silver Tree

Dorothy Raymond    •   Silver Tree More Info   

A tree doodle evolved into a stylized tree, based on memories of ice glistening on a leafless tree. Appliqued onto a pieced background, embellished with hand and machine embroidery. 

Decidedly Deco #1

Katherine Reader    •   Decidedly Deco #1 More Info   

Commercial cottons, lame, silk organza, and cording. Machine work with the exception of hand couching of the cord and attaching of the binding, label, and sleeve. Inspired by Art Deco metalwork.

The Opening

Wen Redmond    •   The Opening More Info   

Images are printed onto inkjet treated natural textiles and other surfaces, combining painting and digital media into a one of a kind artwork. Creatively stitched. This was published in my book- Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos & Fabric - Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece.  

Xanthorrhoea Australis - Australian Grass Tree

Beth and Trevor Reid    •   Xanthorrhoea Australis - Australian Grass Tree More Info   

Raw edge applique, free motion machine quilted and embroidered. All cotton fabric, cotton thread, 60/40 wool polyester batting.

And the Wheels Go Round #2

Sue Reid    •   And the Wheels Go Round #2 More Info   

Whole cloth acrylic painted, machine embroidery.

   •    More Info   

Halcyon Days

Sue Reno    •   Halcyon Days More Info   

Wet process cyanotype print on cotton, hand-painted fabrics, stitching.

   •    More Info   

Sun Kissed

Nancy Riemersma    •   Sun Kissed More Info   

Cotton fabrics, batting, and threads. Raw edge appliqued, stitched, and quilted.


Sue Rienzo    •   Always More Info   

Fused, Modern Broderie Perse, free motion quilted. 100% cotton fabrics and batting.  


Linda Riesterer    •   Frolic More Info   

Wholecloth, hand embroidered.

   •    More Info   

   •    More Info   

"The Truth Matters" Shorthand Series

Connie Rohman    •   "The Truth Matters" Shorthand Series More Info   

Materials: Ethically sourced batik from Ghana, dupioni silk, thread, artist dyed cotton, cotton batting. Techniques: Reverse applique, hand guided machine quilting. 

Heartwood #10

Lorraine Roy    •   Heartwood #10 More Info   

Machine raw edge applique, embroidery and quilting cotton, linen, sheers, and cotton batting.

   •    More Info   

Aspen Grove

Nancy Ryan    •   Aspen Grove More Info   

Aspen Grove was created using an impressionistic technique of chopping and slicing fabric, then scattering it on batting and covering it with a netting. Machine quilted with specialty threads to give interest and depth.

Tiny Voices Grow

Katie Stein Sather    •   Tiny Voices Grow More Info   

Hand lettering, hand stitching


Jodi Scaltreto    •   Bella More Info   

Thread painted dog from a photo of a friend's dog. Cotton background free motion thread painting and quilting.

1/21/17:Explosion of Pussy Power

Stephanye Schuyler    •   1/21/17:Explosion of Pussy Power More Info   

Raw edge applique, machine quilting and embroidery using thread, fabric, and sequins.

Ebb&Flow 26

Alison Schwabe    •   Ebb&Flow 26 More Info   

Machine pieced freehand patchwork of cotton fabrics, polyester thread and batting; machine quilted with metallic thread.

If I Could Dream A Nebula

Ellen Schwark    •   If I Could Dream A Nebula More Info   

I began with a 12 x 12 piece of white wool felt that I painted with Inktense blocks. I then arranged on it (not felted) hand-dyed, natural,  and commercially dyed wool roving. I then applied various colors of tulle to specific areas, covered all with a neutral tulle, then pinned and quilted the piece. I ended by applying beads and a backing.

Farmhouse in Provence

Keats Scott    •   Farmhouse in Provence More Info   

Based on Van Gogh`s Farmhouse in Provence. Raw edge fused applique, commercial and hand dyed fabrics, with painted highlights.

Malachite and Azurite

Anne Severn    •   Malachite and Azurite More Info   

Commercial cotton fabric, hand painted silk, acrylic paint, thread, and felt batting. Raw edge applique and stitching.

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Earl Grey in the Morning

Kristin Shields    •   Earl Grey in the Morning More Info   

Linen, silk, and cotton. Machine appliqued and machine quilted.

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Rose-colored Glasses

Sandra Sider    •   Rose-colored Glasses More Info   

Cyanotype photos by artist, sun-printed on various colors of cotton, pink organza overlay, turquoise pearl cotton top-stitching, thread with Dream Orient batting. Machine pieced, hand quilted, binding stitched by hand.

Banksia Duo

Brenda Gael Smith    •   Banksia Duo More Info   

Cottons hand-dyed by the artist Freeform pieceing. Machine quilting.

Arches 2

Lou Ann Smith    •   Arches 2 More Info   

Pieced commercial cotton.

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Ramshackle Homes

Sandy Snowden    •   Ramshackle Homes More Info   

Fused raw edge reverse appliqué, machine quilting, cotton materials.

What The World Needs Now

Anne Solomon    •   What The World Needs Now More Info   

Appliqué and machine embroidery.

City Square II

Jennifer Solon    •   City Square II More Info   

Keep Dreaming

Jan Soules    •   Keep Dreaming More Info   

This is a mini landscape of a nearby wildlife sanctuary. It is composed of many hand dyed fabrics. It is pieced, then hand and machine quilted. I hope it takes you to a quiet place!

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Fading Memory

Andra Stanton    •   Fading Memory More Info   

Discharged cotton background fabric, hand-dyed cotton fabric, and stabilizer.

The Ibis

Linda Steele    •   The Ibis More Info   

Fused applique, thread sketching and hand embroidery. Machine quilted

The Times They Are A-Changing

Sandra Stephenson    •   The Times They Are A-Changing More Info   

Clock themed fabrics, pleated and sewn, with clock embellishments.

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Vignette 1

Linda Syverson Guild    •   Vignette 1 More Info   

Cherrywood hand dyed fabric scraps with one batik. These fabrics are leftovers from previous projects and were pieced in an improvisaitonal manner. 

My Old Wedding Ring

Mikiko Takase    •   My Old Wedding Ring More Info   

This is my 35 year old wedding ring. Then, I could wear it on the fourth finger. Time has passed, I can put it just in the middle of my pinky. My hands have worked a lot of life. 

Gems in the Garden

Chris Taylor    •   Gems in the Garden More Info   

Hand dyed silk, machine quilted, and embellished with gems.

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Under the Southern Cross

Susan Veness    •   Under the Southern Cross More Info   

Ice dyed and commercial fabrics. Stamped, beaded and hand embroidered with metallic and silk threads. Some machine quilting.


Anna Viadero    •   Buzz More Info   

Gelatin printed fabric, machine and hand stitching.

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Connections 1

Lisa Walton    •   Connections 1 More Info   

Hand dyed and painted fabric

Coy Koi

Katie Walwyn    •   Coy Koi More Info   

Fused appliqué, hand embroidered, ink pencils and machine quilted.

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Night Dive II

Eileen Williams    •   Night Dive II More Info   

Raw edge applique with hand guided machine quilting. Batik fabric, plastic onion bags, angelina fibers, stamped, shiva paint sticks, and embellished with found shell fragments, beads and nautilus shell charm.

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Desert Lights II

Susan Auden Wood    •   Desert Lights II More Info   

Curved piecing, hand stitched embellishment with raw edge applique and beading

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