Bidding is now over - thank you to all our buyers and artists!

Over $9,000 was raised to support SAQA programming and outreach

Michele Hardman loved art quilts and was an avid supporter of SAQA. She was especially fond of SAQA's annual Benefit Auction. The pieces that drew her eye appealed for a variety of reasons: she knew the artist or was moved by the art; she was inspired by the message and/or title; she needed the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

Over the years, she moved frequently and decorated all her homes with Benefit Auction pieces. It was Michele's wish that the pieces which she had enjoyed so much could give joy to others. Michele died on September 21, 2017 and donated many of her purchases back to SAQA to share them with others.

Questions? Email us at auction@saqa.com


Collector's Choice Auction Artwork


Agusta Agustsson    •   Cleft More Info   

This piece is made of cotton fabric printed with acrylic paint on a gelatin plate. It was pieced and embroidered with Perle cotton. The imagery was inspired by the many layers in ravines in Iceland.

Portofino Coastline

Judith Ahlborn    •   Portofino Coastline More Info   

Digitally edited photo, printed to fabric, straight and free motion stitched.


Iina Alho    •   Faith More Info   

Commercial fabrics, raw edge appliquéd, free-motion quilted, digitally printed text

Dot's all Kitty!!!

Susan Allen    •   Dot's all Kitty!!! More Info   

Abstract designed piece using commercial cotton and African fabric. Batting is wool.

Falling Leaves

Ann Anastasio    •   Falling Leaves More Info   

Commercial and hand painted fabric, watercolor paint, machine pieced and quilted

Mystical Skies

Carole Angel    •   Mystical Skies More Info   

Painted and layered silk gauze, fabric paint.


Colleen Ansbaugh    •   Beans More Info   

Applique and machine quilted

Shelter of the Season

Patricia Arndt    •   Shelter of the Season More Info   

Machine and hand stitched. Florals defined by machine stitching, bird enhanced with lace. Made with time and love.


Genevieve Attinger    •   Fragile More Info   

Jersey cotton, Free motion machine embroidery on weaved strips of jersey, appliqued curved strips of jersey cotton, cut, machine quilted

Leaf Vein VI

Diana Bailey    •   Leaf Vein VI More Info   

Top-stitched curves with piping.

Cotton, silk, taffeta, tulle, cork, linen, upholstery fabric.

The Artist Within

Penni Barger    •   The Artist Within More Info   

Images created with paint and ink on dyed fabrics and then pieced and raw edged appliquéd. Image of the artist is reflected in the silver pitcher as she paints it.

Circle Burst

Helen Beaven    •   Circle Burst More Info   

Felted wool fibres, hand stitching with sock yarn and machine quilting.


Polly Bech    •    Untitled More Info   

Plain and solar printed cotton

The Light That Sees

Jeannie Bench    •   The Light That Sees More Info   

It gets easy to be pulled down mentally by the darkness of Alaskan winters. Meditation for me always involves light and color. Inspiration is from the Adayashanti quote: "The great, shining light of divinity is not a light you can see; it's a light that sees."

Keep It Green

Pat Bishop    •   Keep It Green More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed cotton fabric. Machine appliqued and machine quilted.


Helene Blanchet    •   Live! More Info   

Hand-dyed cotton, velvet, embroidery floss, glass beads.
Stitching, quilting, embroidery, beading - all work done by hand.

Annette Boncek    •   Misty More Info   

Gelliprints, Inktense pencils pieced and appliqué, free motion and hand stitched

Batik fabric border, Black netting, interfacing

Seashore - Starfish 1

Carol Boyer    •   Seashore - Starfish 1 More Info   

Hand stitching and beading.

Flying Dragon

Marge Bresel    •   Flying Dragon More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed cotton. Machine pieced and quilted.

Winter Resident

Wilma Brock    •   Winter Resident More Info   

After this cold snowy winter in British Columbia, I was inspired by the resident crows who sat in the bare branches of the trees behind my house.

Techniques; snow dyed fabric, fabric paints, raw edge fused applique.

Dream Weaving

Peggy Brown    •   Dream Weaving More Info   

Materials: Cotton, archival paper and digital transfer from a section of one of my original watercolor/collage paintings.

Techniques: Digital transfer and archival paper, collaged, hand painted and machine quilted.

Winter Solstice

Nancy Bryant    •   Winter Solstice More Info   

Fused applique, machine piecing, machine quilted; commercial and hand dyed cotton fabrics.

Red Bull

Wendi Bucey    •   Red Bull More Info   

Drawn and painted with ink and acrylic on silk. Digital print of artist's original acrylic painting for background. Raw edge applique, free motion stitching, embroidery. Mounted on stretched artist canvas.

Butterfly Collection

Laurie Bucher    •   Butterfly Collection More Info   

Hand dyed silk, bobbin quilted, machine quilted and painted.


California is Burning!

Beatrice Bueche    •   California is Burning! More Info   

Hand-dyed cotton, acrylic paint, metallic foils, colored threads, hand-cut trees and flames, free-motion quilting.

Silk Roads

M. C. Bunte    •   Silk Roads More Info   

Repurposed sari silks, machine-pieced; cotton batting, cotton batik backing; machine-quilted. Inspired by African weaving.

The Raven Nevermore

Pamela Burns    •   The Raven Nevermore More Info   

All the materials were hand dyed or painted. I used rusted cotton fabric for the background. The Raven is hand painted with acrylic paint on cotton. I used a raw edged applique technique and adhered it to the background using fusible web. I machine quilted the piece and added hand embroidery and beading to add interest to the piece.

Lazy Days

JoAnn Camp    •   Lazy Days More Info   

Materials include fabric paint, beads, commercial cotton and other fabrics. Techniques used were raw-edge machine applique, painting and beading. Piece is mounted on stretched canvas.


Fanny Carroll    •   Rudbeckia More Info   

Hand pieced, hand appliqué, hand embroidery, hand quilted. Commercial and hand dyed fabrics

Boogie Woogie 2

Sharon Casey    •   Boogie Woogie 2 More Info   

Remember the fun of an old-time boogie-woogie piano? This original art quilt shows the movement over the keys as it is being played. It was pieced with 100 percent Kona cotton fabric with Aurifil 40 weight cotton thread. The shapes were outline quilted using Glide 40 weight trilobal polyester thread.

Sheila's Garden

Jan Clark    •   Sheila's Garden More Info   

Fabric is hand painted by Sheila Niles. I embellished the piece with thread painting and pebble quilting. An explanation of why I am quilting another's work is on a label on the back.

The Kotare

Marilyn Clark    •   The Kotare More Info   

Raw edge applique. Cotton fabric, batik and netting. Free motion quilting with a stationery machine. Aurifil cotton thread, cotton batting and canvas for stability.

Pink Double Cross

Susanne Clawson    •   Pink Double Cross More Info   

Cotton fabrics, raw-edge appliqué, original quilting design

Whitewash 6

Jette Clover    •   Whitewash 6 More Info   

Cotton, organdy, acrylic paint. Screen printing, painting, collage, machine stitching

Leafy Green

Leslie Coe    •   Leafy Green More Info   

Hand cut leaves made of 100% cotton fabric. Fused to cotton background. Machine quilted. Small gold beads added at the end.

Volcano Fissure

Maryte Collard    •   Volcano Fissure More Info   

Made from commercial and my own hand dyed cotton fabrics. Polyester batting. Machine pieced and machine quilted, hand stitched.

A Woman`s Place is in the House

Gerrie Congdon    •   A Woman`s Place is in the House More Info   

Raw edge fused and machine quilted. Hand-dyed cottons and silk organza.

Five Forged Keys

Lisa Courtnage    •   Five Forged Keys More Info   

Hand dyed and Thermofax printed cotton background. Machine quilted and hand stitched with rayon and cotton threads. Painted with acrylic fabric paint.

Ode to an Autumn Day 2

Millie Cumming    •   Ode to an Autumn Day 2 More Info   

Commercial and ethnic fabric, linocut stamping

Hand-appliqued, machine quilted

Reflection #10

Donna Deaver    •   Reflection #10 More Info   

'Reflection #10' is part of a series, which are original designs inspired by reflections in glass.

Collaged from pimatex cotton fabrics, which are hand-dyed by the artist, the composition emerged while referencing original photographs and sketches. Silk and polyester threads add rich texture, with detail work and dense quilting.

Summer Breeze #2

Sue Dennis    •   Summer Breeze #2 More Info   

Cotton, silk, batik, batting, fusible, thread, textile ink, dye.

Hand dyed, hand printed, machine applique, machine quilted.

Where Is Spring?

Andrea Dodds    •   Where Is Spring? More Info   

Commercial fabrics fused to hand dyed background with hand embroidered embellishments.


Katherine Dossman    •   Begonia More Info   

Whole cloth art quilt. Cotton fabrics and batting. Colored with Inktense pencils and Lumiere paints. Free motion quilted on a domestic machine with cotton and rayon thread. Stamped with Tsukneko ink. Drawn onto white fabric then colored with pencils,machine quilted and painted. I used my cat as the model for this quilt. I am hoping to create a series of cat themed quilts for my donations each year.

Mid-Century Mini

Mel Dugosh    •   Mid-Century Mini More Info   

Pieced cotton fabric/ machine quilted



Regina Dunn    •   Enlightenment More Info   

Monotype background with fabric paints on cotton broadcloth, screen printed imagery, fused to a background of felt, hand stitched, gold leaf added, aluminum slat for hanging attached to reverse side


Joanna Ellis    •   Yum! More Info   

Thread sketched; colored pencil; set with fabric medium

Cotton fabric, silk, cotton and poly thread

Tiny Houses 3

Theresa Ely    •   Tiny Houses 3 More Info   

Cottons, yarn, thread, fusible web, perle cotton, permanent marker. Embroidery and machine stitching.

Wings to Fly

Suzan Engler    •   Wings to Fly More Info   

Digitally manipulated image printed on double layers of silk and cotton and quilted.

5 Plus 1

Diane English    •   5 Plus 1 More Info   

Silk and cotton fabrics, needle-turn appliqué and hand quilted.

Morning Rain 4

Sarah Entsminger    •   Morning Rain 4 More Info   

Materials: hand dyed fabrics, inks, acrylic paint, color pencil, wax pastel and a variety of threads. Techniques: painting, machine piecing, machine appliqué, and machine quilting.

Speaking Out Loud

Connie Marie Fahrion    •   Speaking Out Loud More Info   

Pieced cotton, photo transfer to cotton, acrylic paint and foil, free-motion machine quilting, cotton thread

Turquoise Found

Margaret Filiatrault    •   Turquoise Found More Info   

Cotton fabric, reverse applique, improvisational quilting and design, Bonash and foil.


M Eileen Findlay    •   Coloratura More Info   

Hand dyed fabrics pieced and quilted with various threads on a black background.


Robin Fischer    •   Gears More Info   

Hand dyed cotton, stenciled with fabric paint, machine quilted


Tommy Fitzsimmons    •   Sputnik More Info   

My own hand dyed 100% cotton. Machine pieced and Machine quilted.

Mini Spheres XL

Jane Frenke    •   Mini Spheres XL More Info   

Hand dyed cotton, discharged and printed with paint. machine pieced and quilted.

Winter Hummer

Sheila Gaquin    •   Winter Hummer More Info   

Fabric collage, with cheese cloth embellishment and tulle overlay.


Woman of the year 2019

Bodil Gardner    •   Woman of the year 2019 More Info   

Recycled fabrics, mostly cotton. Appliqué with raw edges zigzagged.


Pat Gaska    •   Poppies More Info   

Pieced, appliquéd, machine quilted, embellished with beads, cottons

All I Need

Jayne Gaskins    •   All I Need More Info   

Materials: cotton cloth, thread, digital ink, batting, hand-dyed fabric

Techniques: Photography, digital art, thread painting, machine quilting, applique, piecing

Heart Beach

Gwen Goepel    •   Heart Beach More Info   

Batik fabrics, fiber embellishments, burlap, tulle, crystals, beads and beach treasures. Improvisational curved pieced construction,machine quilted and embellished.

Seeking Balance

Robyn Gold    •   Seeking Balance More Info   

Commercial cotton fabrics with trim and pearl cotton embellishment stitching; free-motion quilted.


Julia Graber    •   Oasis More Info   

Small square patches are fused and quilted to the background fabric providing a sunset backdrop for an oasis of palms, the perfect spot for rest and relaxation.

 Under the Same Moon

Kathy Grady    •    Under the Same Moon More Info   

Hand dyed, resist, thermofax dyed and discharged cotton fabrics.


Terry Grant    •   Cheers! More Info   

Original silkscreen with commercial fabrics and beads. Machine and hand stitching.

Remembering the Love

Jean Grimes    •   Remembering the Love More Info   

Remembering my Grandmother who, at age 86, didn't remember me. But knew, through the fog, that I was someone she loved. Hand-dyed cotton, silk organza, silk waste, painted non-woven applique.

Flying Saucer

Cindy Grisdela    •   Flying Saucer More Info   

Improvisationally pieced, free motion quilted


Chantal Guillermet    •   Bouquet More Info   

I love tulips and a made some time ago a series of monoprints about them. The monoprint is worked on hand dyed fabric, I discarded certain area (the flowers) and add colour with inktense pencils. The crazy blocks are made with printed scraps, the same pattern is used for quilting.

Ocean Magic 1

Cara Gulati    •   Ocean Magic 1 More Info   

Hand painted cotton fabric, quilting with assorted threads.

Pod Study #4

Cindy Harwood    •   Pod Study #4 More Info   

Hand-dyed and screen-printed cotton fabrics, silk fabric, synthetic fabric, cotton and polyester threads, fusible web, cotton batting. Fused and stitched applique, free-motion quilting, free-motion zigzag stitching.

Otis 1

Jane Haworth    •   Otis 1 More Info   

I found the perfect photo on social media for one of my pet portraits and was happy to get the owners permission to use her photo of Otis. He recently had surgery and now is a three legged dog! I used raw edge fabric collage and free motion quilting. Materials include quoting cottons, silk and necktie inserts.

Past and Present

Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson    •   Past and Present More Info   

A vintage fragment handworked piece incorporated with commercial fabrics of today. Pieced and machine quilted.

Her Soul's Vocabulary

Jeanne Hewell-Chambers    •   Her Soul's Vocabulary More Info   

Techniques: hand stitched

Materials: commercial cloth, batting, embroidery floss, quilting thread, glee

Late Snow Fall

Caroline Higgs    •   Late Snow Fall More Info   

Silhouettes of trees have always attracted my attention and recent work with positive and negatives brought this idea in to my head. Designed to be a forest with snow falling in the moonlight it is made with a recycled hand dyed sari off-cut and cotton fabric from India I have used raw edge appliqué which is machined and then the back ground is hand stitched with falling snow.

Black Sand Atoll

Greta Hildebrand    •   Black Sand Atoll More Info   

I used offcuts from another project and had fun piecing and forming what turned into an “atoll.”

Materials: Digital photography from my Cuban coastline series on quilting cotton, cotton quilt interfacing and backing.

Technique: Pieced digital photography, hand and machine texturizing, hand and machine appliqué, bound edging


Wendy Hill    •   Allusion More Info   

Pieced, machine quilted

Dresden Echinoderms

Susan Hilsenbeck    •   Dresden Echinoderms More Info   

Machine pieced, machine appliqued, machine quilted, hand beaded, and hand stitched. This is the 4th in a series of Dresden plate/fan inspired quilts for the SAQA auction.

Pansy Patch

Jaynie Himsl    •   Pansy Patch More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed fabric.

Improv piecing and free motion quilting

Winter Is Over

Jill P Hoddick    •   Winter Is Over More Info   

Collaged artist dyed and commercial cottons, tulle, batik, craft glue, thread

The Girl Next Door

Vera Holmgren    •   The Girl Next Door More Info   

Raw edge appliques on cotton background. Inkjet printings on silk cocoon strippings and cotton fabric. Machine quilted with handstiches.

Back Roads

Judy Hooworth    •   Back Roads More Info   

Discharged, mono printed, deconstructed screen prints by the artist, crayon, pencil. Collaged, machine quilted.

Natural Curls

Doris Hulse    •   Natural Curls More Info   

Whole cloth quilt executed in inkTense pencils and free-motion quilted.

Mid Century Modern Bird (House)

Debo Hysack    •   Mid Century Modern Bird (House) More Info   

Appliqued commercial and painted fabric; variegated thread stitching with Peltex batting.

Peter Parrot

Nancy Ialacci    •   Peter Parrot More Info   

Thread painted, Broderie perse flowers, raw edge applique, machine quilted

Stained Glass Reflections

Linda Ingham    •   Stained Glass Reflections More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed cotton, fusible raw edge applique, machine quilting, beading

Rings of Eternity II

Lisa Jenni    •   Rings of Eternity II More Info   

Hand-dyed and commercial cottons, cotton batiks, quilting threads, Setacolor® textile & puff paint, TSUKINEKO® ink, genuine American recycled fishing net, plastic rings from food and beverage packaging, recycled string.

Pieced by machine and free-motion machine quilted, hand painted & printed, inks applied, rings and fishing net attached by hand.

The Giving Tree

Leslie Jennings    •   The Giving Tree More Info   

The Giving Tree is a collage of my hand dyed linen napkins and cottons, commercial fabrics, drapery sheers and thrift store finds. The landscape is freemotion machine stitched and the tree is sketched and freemotion stitched.

Enchanted Waters

Ivy Jensen    •   Enchanted Waters More Info   

Melted synthetic fabrics applied to a black background.

Skinny Strips #6

Karen Johnson    •   Skinny Strips #6 More Info   

Commercial cottons, machine pieced and quilted

Ragged Soul

Jennie Johnston    •   Ragged Soul More Info   

Needle turned applique, machine and hand quilting, commercial quilting cottons


Elaine Jones    •   Trees More Info   

Lacy tulle over layered cotton with Angelina fiber highlights under sheer net. Background stitching emulating wind motion.

Driven to Abstraction

Cheryl Jordan    •   Driven to Abstraction More Info   

Fused silks, commercial cottons and novelty fabrics. Machine bound and quilted.


Cranes in Hula lake

Bella Kaplan    •   Cranes in Hula lake More Info   

Hand dyed cotton fabric, screen printed, batik, applique, machine quilted.

Summer Sidewalk Selfie

Jill Kerttula    •   Summer Sidewalk Selfie More Info   

Original photo on fabric, layered with additional commercial fabrics. Hand and machine stitching. Found objects.

Robins in the Maple

Michele O'Neil Kincaid    •   Robins in the Maple More Info   

This is a sample piece I made for a book Margaret Sheehan and I are writing! A recipe book of art quilting techniques for beginners. From chapter one, I made an 'exploded' block; from chapter (?) I selected 'reverse applique' and made the eggs; next a little surface texture by adding bits and pieces to represent a nest! Topping it off with some complimentary quilting. Commercial cottons, fibers.


Karol Kusmaul    •   Groovy More Info   

I planned to use a specific set of scrap fabrics to make this piece. One of the scraps resembled the leg of a pair of bellbottoms. The scene continued from there! Takes me right back to the 1960's. Upcycled and commercial cottons and rayons. Hand applique, hand quilting.


Phillippa Lack    •   Chrysanthemum More Info   

Digital print on organic sateen from an ink original. Embroidered motif. Double needle stitching.

Sunday Drive

Kathy Angel Lee    •   Sunday Drive More Info   

Collaged, thread painted to enhance depth of landscape

A Beautiful Autumn

Amelia Leigh    •   A Beautiful Autumn More Info   

Hand-dyed and commercial cottons, applique

Puebloan Architecture

Susan Lenz    •   Puebloan Architecture More Info   

Digital image on fabric, free-motion quilting, and blanket stitched edge.

The Open Door

Judy Leslie    •   The Open Door More Info   

The Open Door is based on pictures of open doors that I have photographed in Spain and Italy. Many of these entrances always appear to be welcoming visitors into intriguing spaces.

Doorway: mixed media materials combining fabric paint and thread painting.

Background: wool felt overlaid with foil and hand embroidery surrounded with a cotton/velvet frame.

Tropical Afterglow

Cheryl Lipari    •   Tropical Afterglow More Info   

Hand painted & dyed fabrics, commercial batiks, raw edge applique

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Katharina Litchman    •   Mirror, Mirror on the Wall More Info   

Raw edged, machine quilted. Various fibers. The quilt was purchased from a SAQA auction by Ruth A. White, who passed away in August 2018. At her request, it was offered to the artist, who generously agreed that it could be auctioned by SAQA again.

A Touch Of Red

Sandra Lounsbury    •   A Touch Of Red More Info   

Machine pieced, machine quilted, faced edges, hand embroidered

Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night)

Andrea Luliak    •   Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) More Info   

Torn commercial fabrics, layering, machine quilting.


Marisa Marquez    •   Microplastic More Info   

Applique, piecing, machine quilting, fabric dye

Cotton fabrics, plastic, angelina fibers, metal washers, crystal beads, paint

Gentle Giant

Melanie Marr    •   Gentle Giant More Info   

The image of the whale was drawn on fabric, painted, then quilted. The materials used are blue fabric, acrylic paints, batting and thread.


Regina Marzlin    •   Traces More Info   

Hand painted and commercial cotton, non-woven material, embroidery floss, ink pencil Monoprinting, painting, hand- and machine stitched

MO 4

Karlie Norrish McChesney    •   MO 4 More Info   

MO 4 is an image of a modular origami; an origami that is formed by folding several identically creased papers to create one unit. In this model there are 4 papers creased 15 times. The techniques include: machine piecing, machine applique, machine quilting, fabric painting, and plastic cut/attached. The acrylic paint applied creates the visible depth. The surface details are of soft plastic.


Catherine McDonald    •   Tempest More Info   

Hand painted using string, stencilled and machine quilted

Vertical Integration 15

Margaret McGrath    •   Vertical Integration 15 More Info   

Dupioni and other silk, cotton thread

Pink and Grey Abstract

Linda McLaughlin    •   Pink and Grey Abstract More Info   

Hand painted silk fused to hand dyed cotton, machine and hand stitched.

Frolic ll

Diane Melms    •   Frolic ll More Info   

Created with artist hand-dyed and commercial cotton fabric, polyester batting and cotton thread. Machine pieced and machine quilted.

Chant Terrestre

Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil    •   Chant Terrestre More Info   

Work collage various veilings by transparency.

Linen and natural fiber.

Outrageous Orange 1

Denise Oyama Miller    •   Outrageous Orange 1 More Info   

Cotton fabric, cut into small pieces and scattered onto batting/backing; free-motion machine quilted, zig-zag edge finish

Butterflies on Bush Clover

Karen Miller    •   Butterflies on Bush Clover More Info   

Katazome with artist's hand cut stencil, rice paste resist and indigo dye

Piece Deconstruction 3

Linda A. Miller    •   Piece Deconstruction 3 More Info   

Cotton, pieced, fused applique, threadwork, machine quilted, hand embroidered

A Poem is a Path

MJ Millington    •   A Poem is a Path More Info   

Machine-pieced and hand-quilted poem, written by MJ Millington. Part of Verse Forms, a series of conceptual quilts exploring poetry in textile form. In this quilt I have assigned a particular color to each letter, space and punctuation mark, creating a translation of the poem from typography into color. The quilt reads: "A poem is a path / that does not / exist until you / take a step."

Scrap Fabric Fish, 2019

Claire Monaghan    •   Scrap Fabric Fish, 2019 More Info   

This piece is inspired by the long, thin scraps of fabric (up-cycled fat quarter fold scraps) that wanted to be blades of grass. Materials include commercial cotton and silk. Most pieces are fused onto black cotton and then fused, hand stitched or free motion embroidered onto the silk background using cotton thread on a domestic machine.


Sherrie Moomey    •   Claudia More Info   

Monochromatic dye painted image on cotton substrate. Painted silk organza layered and fused over entire piece. Free motion machine quilted.

1 Leaf 2 Leaf

Jeannie Moore    •   1 Leaf 2 Leaf More Info   

Indigo dyed with Inktense Crayons and free motion stitching

Hand-dyed fun!

Ann Moroz    •   Hand-dyed fun! More Info   

All the fabric on the front has been hand-dyed by me. It's fun and rewarding to play with fabrics that I dyed!

Birds of a Feather

Trish Morris-Plise    •   Birds of a Feather More Info   

Commercial fabric, fabric paint, cotton batting, metallic thread, buttons. Hand drawn birds fused. Free motion quilting in a circular doodle.


Alison Muir    •   Shadow More Info   

Silk jacquard, arashi in paint, silk dye, hand and machine stitch

The Moth

Mary Ann Nailos    •   The Moth More Info   

Hand dyed and commercial cotton, cotton batting, printed copy right free image, hand colored with water color pencils, stamping, hand embroidery, machine quilting

Water and Rocks

Ree Nancarrow    •   Water and Rocks More Info   

100% cotton fabric, machine quilted. Silk-screened, stamped and painted with Procion MX dyes and/or fabric paint.

Millau Viaduct

Thelma Newbury    •   Millau Viaduct More Info   

Hand painted and commercial fabric with raw edge applique and free motion stitching.

Mirror 1

Elin Noble    •   Mirror 1 More Info   

The quilt was purchased from a SAQA auction by Ruth A. White, who passed away in August 2018. At her request, it was offered to the artist, who generously agreed that it could be auctioned by SAQA again.


Mary Olivea    •   Misdirection More Info   

Cotton fabric fused in an almost plaid-like design, and then quilted in a strong, random zig zag pattern across the entire face of the quilt.


Gale Oppenheim-Pietrzak    •   Textures More Info   

I creased a background with commercial batik and used wool roving to felt the central texture. I added wool yarn, by hand, to enhance and tie the piece together.

Sky Watcher 3

Fiona Oxford    •   Sky Watcher 3 More Info   

Batik fabric, illustrated fabric, synthetic fabric. fusing technique, free motion quilting, regular stitching.


Claire Passmore    •   Ojiisan More Info   

Lino print on cotton fabric; Inktense ink and block printing ink; sashiko and rayon thread. Hand and free machine embroidery.

Remains of the Jeans

Geri Patterson-Kutras    •   Remains of the Jeans More Info   

Recycled denim, metallic thread, commercial cottons, wool batting. Machine applique and machine quilting.


Candice Phelan    •   Patience More Info   

Second in an Angel series. This angel is patiently waiting, but for what? Based on a photo by Frank Klein (used with permission.) Background fabric hand-dyed by Carol Eaton. Tulle, metallic threads, faced.

Twelve Airplanes #1

Margaret Phillips    •   Twelve Airplanes #1 More Info   

Block printed, machine pieced, hand quilted. Airplane block hand cut and printed by me. Commercial cotton fabrics, silk batting, cotton and polyester thread, fabric ink.

Watercolor Pencils 5: Let`s Talk About Water

Pixeladies    •   Watercolor Pencils 5: Let`s Talk About Water More Info   

"Found" words and phrases collaged on paper, scanned into the computer, and printed on cotton with fiber-reactive ink. Machine quilted.

Greening the Earth

Deb Plestid    •   Greening the Earth More Info   

Hand dyed fabric, commercial fabric, applique, free motion quilting

Moon Birds Dance

Debbie Plett    •   Moon Birds Dance More Info   

The beauty of the full moon inspired me to play with the 'satin stitch' on my sewing machine (creating my version of a raw edge design). It was random play on Linen. The linen was a gift from Austria which is about 100 years old. I removed parts of the linen to expose the black background underneath. Cotton and rayon threads used.

7 1/2 Lines

Patricia Porter    •   7 1/2 Lines More Info   

Raw edge applique. Hand dyed silk, Batik, cotton, 12 wt. and 30 wt. threads

Chickadee in Garlic Series

Doreen Prakshot    •   Chickadee in Garlic Series More Info   

Acrylic painted upcycled bemberg silk, Warm & Natural cotton batting, cotton backing, rayon, cotton and poly threads, free motion stitched.

Wading By the Rocks

Christine Predd    •   Wading By the Rocks More Info   

Cotton fabrics and batting, machine piecing and quilting. Techniques include overpainting fabric with acrylic paints, inktense pencils, digitally altered personal photo transfers to fabric.

Shock Melt #2

Heather Pregger    •   Shock Melt #2 More Info   

Machine pieced and machine quilted, commercial cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics dyed by the artist, cotton thread, bamboo batting.


Terry Rammell    •   Traces More Info   

Silk screen on Mozart linen, fused silk organza with silk screened mask, thermofax screen using textile paint, fused tulle on cotton backing.


Wen Redmond    •   Musing More Info   

Digital processes- printed image on digitally prepared canvas and molding paste. Molding paste was textured to hint at writing while the quilting is the text of the muse. Brads attached the molding paste insert, paint seals the edges and provides an accent. The entire piece is protected with satin varnish.

Solar Flare

Sue Reno    •   Solar Flare More Info   

Solar dye print of hosta leaf on cotton, Mysore silks, machine quilting.

Boro'd 2

Martha Ressler    •   Boro'd 2 More Info   

Vintage feed bags, old quilt top, other fabrics, with hand embroidery. This is a modern Boro, Japanese technique of mending.

We Remember

Nancy Riemersma    •   We Remember More Info   

Commercial cottons, cotton batting and thread.

Original design based on 'broderie perse' technique using pre-printed poppy fabrics.

Sea Waves

Shoshi Rimer    •   Sea Waves More Info   

I live next to the Mediterranean and the view of the sea waves at sun-set attracted me.

Materials: hand dyed cotton fabrics and some commercial pieces, polyester batting, cotton and metallic threads.

Techniques: free-hand cutting, fussing, free-hand machine quilting

 West and Soda

Cristina Robbiani    •    West and Soda More Info   

Self hand printed white cotton, silk and linen fabrics. Nepali handmade and printed paper. Embroidered and hand stitched. Machine stitched.


Little Allotment 2

June Robertson    •   Little Allotment 2 More Info   

My hand-dyed fabrics, pieced and raw edge applique. Embellished with free motion quilting and some hand stitching.

Art and Love Makes My World Go Round

Judith Roderick    •   Art and Love Makes My World Go Round More Info   

Print on linen of my hand-painted silk quilt, machine quilted, embellished with buttons and beads

Leatherleaf Begonia

Annette Rogers    •   Leatherleaf Begonia More Info   

Original digital photo printed on fabric, thread painting, quilting, cotton fabric, cotton, polyester and rayon threads

Reclaiming Orange

Carole Rossi    •   Reclaiming Orange More Info   

Improvisational Piecing, Couching, Satin Stitching, Machine Quilting, Fabric Painting; Materials - commercial cottons, variegated cotton threads, Posca Paint Markers, decorative string; buttons by Jane Schreven


Lorraine Roy    •   Burning More Info   

Machine embroidery and quilting, raw edge appliqué.

Printed cottons and synthetic fabrics and threads.

The Conversation

Laurie Russman    •   The Conversation More Info   

Hand-dyed fabric, 50wt cotton thread (Aurifil), MistyFuse

Raw-edged fused appliqué + machine quilting/thread-painting

Cabbage Patch

Nancy Ryan    •   Cabbage Patch More Info   

Cabbage Patch was created with commercial fabrics that were fused down, enhanced with oil pastels and quilted with specialty threads.


Maria Sachs    •   WHY NOT ? More Info   

Screen printed, machine stitched, multi layered textile collage.

Diamond Star

Jodi Scaltreto    •   Diamond Star More Info   

Commercial cotton


Helena Scheffer    •   Ablaze More Info   

Artist-dyed and commercial fabrics, machine quilted and hand stitched. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Turned To The Sun

Ellen Schwark    •   Turned To The Sun More Info   

Materials used are 2 layers of silk organza, which were dyed (Tinifix silk dyes) and painted separately (Inktense pencils and Dye-na-Flow), which were then layered on fusible felt, batting, ice-dyed cotton backing. Techniques are whole cloth free motion quilting and trapunto. Edges are finished with machine buttonhole stitching in embroidery floss.

Northern Autumn

Susan Selby    •   Northern Autumn More Info   

Hand dyed antique linen towel, hand dyed cheesecloth and cotton layered, added paint, stitch.

Tidal Pool

Anne Severn    •   Tidal Pool More Info   

Dyed cotton sateen (hand dyed by the artist), silk, acrylic paint, thread. Acrylic paint on silk, hand dyed cotton sateen, machine stitching.


Barbara Sferra    •   Mutation More Info   

Design created from a "doodle" I drew during a board meeting. Small quilted pieces were created and attached to a quilted background. All fabric is hand-dyed cotton.

Thoughtful Penguin

Sue Sherman    •   Thoughtful Penguin More Info   

Dye painted on 100% cotton lawn. Machine quilted. From a photo taken by the artist on Magdalena Island, Chile.

Sierra Foothills Autumn

Gail Sims    •   Sierra Foothills Autumn More Info   

This piece began with a piece of felt which I painted and needle felted with additional silk/wool roving. There is embroidery with silk thread and some wool was stitched on as well as stitching on the wool. It was then quilted with King Tut thread to commercial fabric with additional batting to give a relief effect.


Carolyn Skei    •   Energy More Info   

Part of Carolyn’s “Energy/Ignition” series, this fused quilt features the artist’s own handdyed shibori fabrics.

Materials: cotton fabrics, wool-blend batting, batik backing, varied quilting and top-stitching threads, including perle cotton. Bead embellishment.

Landlines: Paterson`s Curse

Brenda Gael Smith    •   Landlines: Paterson`s Curse More Info   

Paterson’s Curse (echium plantagineum) is one of Australia’s most conspicuous invasive weeds. The beauty of the purple flowers as they traverse the countryside belies their toxic nature. Sheep and cattle producers lose millions each year in lost productivity in pastures, control costs, and wool contamination.

Cottons hand-dyed by the artist. Freeform piecing. Machine quilting.

Those Eyes

Susan Smith    •   Those Eyes More Info   

Cotton/ Hand dye fabric. Zebra stencil, Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Brown Shiva Artists Oil Paint sticks. Trupunto and heavily quilted. piped border.

Salinas Valley

Jan Soules    •   Salinas Valley More Info   

This landscape was inspired by the crops growing in the Salinas Valley. The contrast between the green earth and blue sky is amazing. Pieced, using many hand dyed fabrics. Free motion quilted.

Big Fish in a Little Sea

Jean Sredl    •   Big Fish in a Little Sea More Info   

Shibori felted, hand embroidered, beading

Wire ribbon, silks & stone

Where We Once Played

Andra Stanton    •   Where We Once Played More Info   

Deconstructed silkscreen printing on cotton, manipulated photo, stencil, thread-painting, free-motion quilting

Native Grasses 2

Margarete Steinhauer    •   Native Grasses 2 More Info   

Artist-dyed cotton and commercial silk, cotton thread, and wool batting; machine pieced, hand appliquéd, and machine quilted.


Maria Stoller    •   Stuart More Info   

Sewing machine sketch is rendered on organza fabric. The base is a collage of paper and fabric. Paint is used to meld and accent. Stuart is one of my daily portrait drawings. When the drawing is good, I render it on organza with the sewing machine. Sometimes they find a place in a larger work.


Kathy Suprenant    •   Bamboozled More Info   

Cotton fabric and threads, non-woven interfacing; hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted.

Mind the Gap

Linda Syverson Guild    •   Mind the Gap More Info   

This piece is a modified view of the traditional yin/yang figure. Rather than connecting the two halves, a gap has been added and the two halves are connected with the use of old women's garters and holes cut into the two halves. The fiber portion of the garters have been painted red to express the presence of the serpentine gap.

Winter Still-life

Daphne Taylor    •   Winter Still-life More Info   

Cotton, linen fabric; cotton, metalic threads; hand embroidered, hand mended, hand quilted.

Promise of Spring

Del Thomas    •   Promise of Spring More Info   

Materials: all cotton fabric, batting, thread.

Techniques: fused, machine applique, machine quilting.

Birdies Hole In One

Cindy Thompson    •   Birdies Hole In One More Info   

I used acrylic paints on a prepared canvas, decopauged fabrics in various patterns, and added stamping method then cut up fabric to quilt into squares for interest.

Autumn Breezes

Kathy Tidswell    •   Autumn Breezes More Info   

Background painted using Colour Vie Pigment System. Commercial fabric for borders. Leaves created using inktense pencils. Free motion and walking foot machine quilted.

to thine own self be true

Daniela Tiger    •   to thine own self be true More Info   

Photo manipulation, free motion quilting, water colour painting.

Isn`t That a Peach!

Catherine Timm    •   Isn`t That a Peach! More Info   

100% cotton fabric and batt. Soft edge applique, glued and stitched.

Habitat - Kelp

Nancy Turbitt    •   Habitat - Kelp More Info   

Fused raw-edge appliqué of cotton batik and hand dyes onto silk background. Background is quilted, then overdrawn with markers. Kelp leaves are discharged, then overdrawn with markers. Some hand stitching, mostly machine stitched.

Who are you?

Marjolein van der Eijk    •   Who are you? More Info   

Original drawing by the artist

Cotton, fused and machine stitched

all is well

Maggie Vanderweit    •   all is well More Info   

Wonky log cabin construction, commercial cottons, machine pieced and quilted on a domestic machine


Mary Ann Van Soest    •   Spring More Info   

Printed fabric colored and accented with paint and thread stitching.

Everything is Connected

Anna Viadero    •   Everything is Connected More Info   

Gelatin print and hand embroidery


Anne Walker    •   Beginnings More Info   

Hand-dyed and commercial fabric, pipe cleaners, wires wrapped with yarn, beads. Machine stitched, bound and mounted on fabric-covered artist canvas. Total depth 7/8 inch, including embellishments

Crossing the Tracks

Geraldine Warner    •   Crossing the Tracks More Info   

Machine pieced and hand appliquéd using silk fabrics on a cotton/lurex background. Hand stitched and machine quilted with metallic threads.

Welcome to Paradise

Lois Wendling    •   Welcome to Paradise More Info   

I used cotton quilting fabric that was cut and appliqued, then stitched with a satin stitch. I did thread painting and free motion quilting then finished it with a traditional binding and embellished it with Swarovski crystals.


Hope Wilmarth    •   Vibrations More Info   

Commercial fabric

Machine pieced and quilted

Grasses II

Janet Windsor    •   Grasses II More Info   

Hand-dyed and commercial cotton and silk

Machine pieced and quilted

As an apple-tree among the trees of the wood

Gisha Wogier    •   As an apple-tree among the trees of the wood More Info   

Log cabin, Applique

Materials: My own hand dyed and stamped fabrics; re-cycled and commercial fabrics, some synthetics, fabric printed on home printer. Rayon threads. Machine pieced and quilted. Acrilan batting.

Aspens in Winter

Nancy Woods    •   Aspens in Winter More Info   

The background and darker trees are all made from silk ties, including the lining of a tie. The lighter aspens are batik with ink and thread painting. The aspens and landforms are free cut and fused. I used a thin cotton batting and Mistyfuse. Being snowed in with only a few fabrics, a stash of thrift store ties, and a view of the aspens prompted this technique.

Her Color Palette

Diane Wright    •   Her Color Palette More Info   

Artist block printed cotton with pieced commercial cottons. Machine quilted and hand stitched.

A Santa Fe Sunrise

Heidi Zielinski    •   A Santa Fe Sunrise More Info   

Commercial cottons, beads, Timtex.