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The Math and Science of Quilts -  Quilt Festival - Houston  •   Houston, Texas
Deadline:  May 28, 2020
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In high school and college, most of us take math or science courses because they are a basic requirement and we like to think we won’t need it or use it. As quilters, we use both constantly in making our quilts without consciously thinking about it. The fibers we work with (the science) make the entire process possible and the quilt useable. We use math to determine the size and shape of the quilt, and the pieces—squares, rectangles, hexagons, stars, half square triangles, etc.—and the amount of fabric, batting, and thread needed to complete the quilt or to purchase.

Not only is there a science to making a quilt, quiltmakers reflect their concern for our environment and the species on the endangered list in their quilts. We want to see your science and math quilts and share them with other quilters.

Quilt artists are encouraged to illustrate their use of science and math in a quilt, in its simplicity and/or its complexity in answer to this call. The selected pieces will not only feature the art of quiltmaking, but open a lively discussion on how quilters use their knowledge of science and math to create beautiful and diverse quilts.

Venue Info:
Quilt Festival - Houston