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2020 Wrangell Mountains Center Residency McCarthy-Alaska -  Wrangell Mountains Center  •   McCarthy, Alaska
Deadline:  March 31, 2020
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The Wrangell Mountains Center (WMC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is connecting people with wildlands through art, science, and education in Alaska. The Wrangell Mountains Residency Program aims to support visual artists of all genres, performers, and writers. Our organization and community will provide unrestricted work time and space to focused individuals. We invite applicants with creative and inquisitive minds who will both add to and benefit from the interdisciplinary efforts at our campus in McCarthy, Alaska and the surrounding Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Please consider how you might engage with the local ecology, community, or history before applying.

This experience uniquely combines rugged Alaskan small town life, off-the-grid experiences, and access to one of the most dynamic natural landscapes in North America. Positioned near ice-capped mountains, the roaring Kennicott River and McCarthy Creek, and the raw terminus of the Kennicott Glacier, the local landscape is a dynamic laboratory for study in ecology, glaciology, and geology. The town of McCarthy was established during the copper mining period in the early 20th century. Many historic sites and buildings in McCarthy and Kennecott combine to make the area a rich cultural environment, hosting vibrant communities full of character and dynamic narratives. It is an ideal place for contemplation and creative endeavor.

Currently on the National Register of Historic Places, the WMC campus includes the Old Hardware Store that was built in 1911 as a town general mercantile, and abandoned in 1938 with closure of the copper mine. In the 1980s, the historic space was converted into an active educational center for place-based learning and understanding. The campus also includes an adjacent homestead property, Porphyry Place, which houses programming and models off-the-grid technologies and practices. All facilities at the WMC campus are designed to effectively support a learning community. Residency participants will have the opportunity to experience and to contribute to this sustainable living system.

Entry Fee (2020 Wrangell Mountains Center Residency—McCarthy, Alaska): $20.00

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Wrangell Mountains Center