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International Festival of Raleigh -  International Focus  •   Raleigh, North Carolina
Deadline:  December 30, 2019
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International Festival of Raleigh
March 6th-8th, 2020

The 34th International Festival of Raleigh, March 6, 7, and 8, 2020 is a celebration
of the arts and culture of over 65 nationalities and ethnicities in the Triangle, North Carolina area.

Artists are requested to submit work in any of the following:
 Art that reflects one’s cultural or national heritage.
 Art that speaks to one’s genealogy.
 Art that depicts how you relate to where you live now.
 Art that is about multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion.

Work that will be considered;
 Original two-dimensional painting, photography, mixed media, and collage. No prints or reproductions.
 Original three-dimensional works: pottery, glass, wood, jewelry, fabrics and weavings, and sculptures.
 Furniture - must be hand-made.

Artists will be required to mount their own exhibit and have their space manned during festival hours.

Artists will keep all proceeds of their sales.

The Festival will provide 3 wood walls (8’ tall, 10’ wide), a table, and lighting. Any additional items (shelving, pedestals, display cases) will need to be provided by the artist.

Venue Info:
International Focus