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Water -  Boston Society of Architects  •   Boston, Massachusetts
Deadline:  February 27, 2020
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BSA Space seeks proposals for an upcoming design exhibition exploring WATER’s role in today’s built and natural environments, in Boston and beyond.

Flood us with your ideas.


We relate to water every day. What does that mean in today's era of widening social chasms and climate change? Why should we care about what is happening with water? Is water our frenemy now? Who owns it? How can the rest of us access it? How do we keep our water clean? What happens when it’s not?

BSA Space is Boston’s only center dedicated to the exploration of architecture and design.

Curators enjoy over 5,000 sf of gallery space for exploring the roles that design plays in shaping our cities, our communities, and our lives.

Our content is experienced by community members—including kids— as well as design professionals. Successful curators speak clearly to all visitor types.


BSA Space seeks new ideas, boldly expressed.

This call is open to individuals, teams, or firms (note: proposal should not showcase the work of a single firm or individual). Applicants must have demonstrated experience curating a museum-quality exhibition. Applicants should not feel limited to architectural themes, as the committee will consider proposals that explore a wide variety of design and urban-related topics. BSA Space also considers traveling exhibitions that have formerly been exhibited at other venues.

Venue Info:
Boston Society of Architects