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The Seeing of Sound - An Open Juried International Exhibition  -  Art League Rhode Island - The VETS Gallery  •   Providence, Rhode Island
Deadline:  October 13, 2019
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For individuals blessed with auditory senses, we are immersed in sounds during our daily lives. Evidenced by those who enter a soundproof chamber, where even the noise of one’s heartbeat can be deafening, the expression “silence is golden” takes on a whole new connotation.

The Seeing of Sound is looking for artwork that reflects ambient sounds through visual expression. Some visual artists choose to work accompanied by music, or indeed in direct response to it. Others preferring the relative silence afforded in the world, where maybe birds are chirping, wind rustling fallen leaves, cacophonic sounds or the random signals associated with white noise. For this call, the nature of the sound is less relevant than the seeing of that sound reflected in the artwork.

All forms of visual media and processes are encouraged, including printmaking, painting, drawing, sculptures, fibers, recycled materials, mixed media, and assemblage.

Did to limitations of resources, we are able to supply power, but not electronic equipment or internet access. Accordingly all artwork should be plug and play, self-contained and self-running.

Jurors: Karen Rand Anderson and Lisa Churchville


1st Prize $300

2nd Prize $200

3rd Prize $100

Venue Info:
Art League Rhode Island - The VETS Gallery
1 Avenue of the Arts
Providence, RI 02903
United States