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Collecting and Recollecting: Contemporary Quilts in Western India -  International Quilt Study Center & Museum  •   Lincoln, Nebraska
February 22, 2019 - July 14, 2019

Geeta Khandelwal will share some of her collection of Godhari quilts at an upcoming exhibition, Collecting and Recollecting: Contemporary Quilts in Western India. Khandelwal is on the board at IQSCM, and her own Godhari quilts are included in their collections. She describes the style: "Godharis are made out of recycled fabrics like saris and lungis which are readily available at home. It’s a free style of art — they use whatever material is available and intuitively a unique design appears. Each godhari tells an interesting story.”

Khandelwal's book on Godharis of Maharastra is a travel diary that documents her exploration of the Maharastra region in India and documents the the Godharis crafted there. Check out a book review from The Hindu's online newspaper.

For more information, this video on YouTube explores the various techniques and materials Knandelwal uses in her quilt design. 
Venue Info:
International Quilt Study Center & Museum
1523 N. 33rd St. 
Lincoln, NE 68583
United States