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Ebb & Flow (SAQA Global - ALL members)   •   Quilt Festival Houston - October 2020
Deadline:  January 31, 2020


Tides are not the only things to Ebb and Flow:  Many things in life and history demonstrate a recurring pattern of cycles and change, of growth and decline. From movements in history to the phases of our lives, the seasons, the position of the stars and planets, conversations, even the progression of a piece of music or literature, artists are invited to explore Ebb and Flow in a two-dimensional artwork. 

Premiere Exhibition Location
International Quilt Festival, Houston TX, October 2020

The art of Linda Colsh examines humanist themes -- aspects of growing old in her figurative series, as well as connections between natural spaces and populated, constructed places in her nature-inspired series. Colsh’s imagery and minimal palette is known worldwide and her artwork is in collections in Europe, Asia and America. Honors include the European Quilt Triennial first prize and Nihon Vogue’s Quilts Japan Prize.  

Before you contact the Exhibition Coordinator, please refer to Exhibition Policies and FAQs. Should you need further policy clarification, contact Donna Deaver at



January 1,  2020  Online Entry Opens
January 31, 2020  Online Entry Deadline at 11:59 pm CST



Only 2D artwork is eligible
Maximum Sizes:  Wall Hung – Height:  30” - 60”, Width:  24” - 60”