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Tastes & Textiles: Hanging by a Thread   •   Italy
June 15, 2019 - June 24, 2019
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Unlike textile tours to exotic places, my tours bring you closer to the roots of your own spinning and weaving traditions. In the mountains behind Lucca there are still a few women who weave on centuries-old floor looms the simple peasant fabrics based on hemp, wool and cotton. Ombretta is part of a project to save the native sheep. She teaches children to felt with her wool, while her mother makes cheese with the milk. Silio is knee-deep in bales of wool at his carding and spinning mill. Nearer to Lucca Stefania has revived her grandmother’s occupation of rearing silkworms and processing the silk, a trade for which Lucca was famous in mediaeval and Renaissance times. The dedication and passion of these craftspeople are at the heart of the tours. They aren’t on any tourist itineraries. You have the rare opportunity to interact with them directly, to ask questions and find out what makes them tick. 

The other thread of the tours are the ‘tastes’, the flavours of traditional home-cooked dishes of Tuscany which you enjoy in family restaurants and private homes.

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