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Made in Europe 3 (SAQA Regional)   •   European / Middle East SAQA members
Deadline:  April 30, 2019

Europe and the Middle East region is an area rich in history and heritage, with old towns, beautiful landscapes, ancient customs, multi-cultural identities and a large variety of languages. The people are diverse but also share many things in common. We want to display our region’s talented artists’ interpretation of the theme in as many ways as they can devise and create. We are looking to select works with a variety of approaches, styles, colours, techniques and materials, which are visually appealing and clearly relate to our region.

Members of SAQA Europe and Middle East Region only.

For general questions contact Alicia Merrett, at

Maryte Collard, Elly van Steenbeek, and Roberta Le Poidevin 



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