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Made In Europe II (SAQA Regional Exhibition) -  Festival of Quilts  •   Birmingham, England
August 9, 2018 - August 12, 2018

Europe/Middle East

“Made in Europe II” showcases art quilts from makers in the many countries which make up the SAQA Europe and ME region. This SAQA region boasts many languages, cultural differences and influences.

The quilts celebrate geographical features of the region – the mountainsides in Italy, England’s “green and pleasant land”, local meandering rivers, birds in Sweden and local flowers in abundance from Switzerland and Israel. Abstract works reflect wintery walks on our shores, Celtic origins, old folk stories and thought provoking designs depicted by text often in the maker’s mother tongue command your attention.


The art quilts in this exhibition show the wide variety of design and techniques used to make textiles in Europe and the ME. Many of the works are created using the makers own hand dyed fabrics, others are hand painted, rusted fabrics and some incorporate digital images. There are whole cloth pieces, quilts which have been neatly pieced and others where makers have applied a rougher more patched look. Quilts are machine stitched, hand stitched, fused and embellished with yarns and beads.

Venue Info:
Festival of Quilts
North Ave.
Birmingham, England B40 1NT
United Kingdom