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Something Boro'd Something Blue -  The Brush Art Gallery & Studios  •   Lowell, Massachuchusetts
Deadline:  June 15, 2018
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Something Boro’d Something Blue – an exhibit of Quilts influenced by the Japanese Boro traditions and techniques of layered and stitched patchwork.

Japanese Boro, once a functional form of layering and stitching traditional indigo and other fabrics together to patch clothing, futons and other house hold textiles to extend their usefulness also became a beautiful statement of how simple hand stitching transcended their humble purpose.

Quilters show us what inspires you based on the Japanese Boro style of patchwork. Entries can be made by hand or with machine stitching or a combination of both. Traditional or contemporary designs may include elements of stitching and indigo-dyed fabrics alone or in combination with any other fabrics as long as your quilt embodies the essence of Japanese Boro traditions.

Quilts must be three layers.


Mary Walter (Guest Curator): Quilter, Curator, Member -- National Association of Certified Quilt Judges, Recipient of the Commonwealth Award for Excellence in Art.

Miho Takeuchi , a leading expert in the traditional Japanese sewing technique “Sashiko”, is a Japan native who has been creating and teaching Sashiko as well as introducing Japanese culture and fabrics to the US since 1999.

Venue Info:
The Brush Art Gallery & Studios
256 Market Street
Lowell, MA 01852
United States
(978) 459-7819