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It's All Relative -  Wilder Building  •   Rochester, New York
Deadline:  June 1, 2018
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Amongst the chaos of world pressures, climatic changes, and societal concerns, there comes a time to pause and reflect on what is most relevant to the more intimate relationships that affect us. In the greater scheme of global events come small and precious, sometimes precautionary, perhaps prescient, moments that provide meaning and joy to life.

The partitions provoked by emphasizing differences both real and imagined can be overcome. For every point there is a counterpoint. In a storm there is bravery. Amidst anger we find love. Sure of our differences, we discover commonality. Be it family, science, mathematics, politics, faith, sunrises, or sunsets we challenge artists to reflect upon and share what is most relative to their personal universe.

Venue Info:
Wilder Building
1 East Main St. Ground Floor
Rochester, NY 14614