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Floral Mandalas for Hope and Healing -  Reston Community Center Hunters Woods   •   Reston, VA
November 7, 2017 - December 20, 2017
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Anne Smyers is a Reston, VA artist who works in fabric and thread. Her recent work features the mandala format.
Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle” or “discoid object.” Mandalas are also conceived as visual representations of the universe in Buddhist traditions, as well as being used as symbols for internal contemplative practice.

Anne brings years of practice in meditative traditions and a fascination with the botanical world together to create mandalas from floral fabrics, continuing the use of flowers as dominant motifs in her work.

“The mandala symbol represents the unity of the universe; flowers, the fullness of life. I create these floral mandalas as a reminder of the goodness of existence and as a prayer for our collective future.”


From the Tulips to the Trees

Anne Smyers -  From the Tulips to the Trees

Venue Info:
Reston Community Center Hunters Woods
2310 Colts Neck Road
Reston, VA 20190
United States