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My Corner of the World - Canada   •   France and Italy
September 14, 2017 - October 22, 2017
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My Corner of the World (Canada) invited the artist to create a glimpse of the spirit of Canada; to convey through their art something true, meaningful and important about this beautiful country and its people.

This exhibition debuted along with the parallel all-SAQA My Corner of the World exhibition at the Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford, Ontario, in May 2016. 

European Patchwork Meeting, Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, France - September 14-17, 2017
Abilmente Mostra-Atelier Internazionale della Manualita Creativa, Vicenza, Italy - October 19-22, 2017

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Diane Eastham (Ontario) – Arctic Sea Change