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Quilts on the Wall -  S. Walter Stewart Public Library  •   S. Walter Stewart Public Library
June 2, 2017 - June 29, 2017

Quilts on the Wall are: Catherine Clarke, Helen Garland and Doris Lovadina-Lee. The group was formed in 2015. This is their first joint exhibit, presenting art quilts based on the theme “Connections”.

Catherine Clarke is an experienced quilter and member of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild (TMQG) and Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto (YRQGT) and SAQA. She explores new expressions of quilting traditions. The theme allowed Catherine to pursue the emergence of secondary patterns through colour placement and simple graphic designs that express our connections to ideas and language.

Helen Garland is a member of the YRQGT and SAQA. She started making quilts as a serious art form 8 years ago creating complex-pieced designs representing the world around us. For this exhibit Helen investigated the ‘perception’ of connectedness.

Doris Lovadina-Lee has been an avid quilter for 15 years and is a member of the TMQG and YRQGT. Doris hand-dyes much of the fabric used in her more recent quilts and enjoys exploring traditional quilt block forms over the course of a series. She used “Connections” to focus on mosaic pieces that reference the past while looking toward the pixilation found in digital formats.

See examples of the artists’ work on Instagram feeds: Catherine @lilyandherbrother, Helen @piece_by_piece, and Doris @lovadina.lee.

Questions should be directed to: Helen Garland at

Quilts on the Wall

Venue Info:
S. Walter Stewart Public Library
170 Memorial Park Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4J 2K5 Canada