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Deeply Rooted (SAQA Regional - Midwest states) -  Great Plains Art Museum  •   Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
April 1, 2017 - July 15, 2017
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Cedar Swamp #5 by Pat BishopThe taproot of the Compass Plant, a Midwest prairie native, grows 20 feet deep into the soil. In 1837 John Deere developed a steel plow that was well-suited for cutting through the prairie soil. As the prairie was uprooted, settlers put down their own roots.

What does it mean to be deeply rooted, to be uprooted and to put down one’s roots again? What nourishes us in good times and bad? How do we find strength after the storms of life have left? How does our connection to nature, community and spirituality support us?

SAQA artists from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin were invited to apply for this exhibition.

Special Event

Deeply Rooted SAQA Regional Exhibition Gallery Talk at Great Plains Art Museum with Pat Kroth, Exhibition Co-curator

There will be a short gallery talk at the Great Plains Art Museum next Friday, April 28 1-1:30 PM, during SAQA conference.

Pat Kroth will discuss the curatorial process, highlight selected pieces from the  exhibition, and answer questions. Additional speakers include Rebecca Kemble, co-curator, and exhibiting artists: Joann Alberda, Roz DeBoer, Carol Frank and Janet Pittman. 

Artwork Details:
Pat Bishop - Cedar Swamp #5


Venue Info:
Great Plains Art Museum
1155 Q Street, Hewit Place
Lincoln, NE 68588-0214