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Total Amount Raised: $67800   Quilts Sold: 332    Current Price: $100  

Bidding may be over for the 2018 Benefit Auction but over 100 pieces are still available for purchase in the SAQA Store! You still have a chance to own beautiful and unique art quilts made by SAQA artists around the world.

At just 12” square, these pieces are perfect for collecting and displaying. Plus, all proceeds from the Benefit Auction help increase the recognition for art quilts and the artists who make them while supporting SAQA’s exhibitions, publications, and education outreach.

Thank you to all of our buyers and artists!

Quilts in SAQA Store

Benefit Auction Artwork (Available for Purchase)
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Connie Akers Carole Angel Jeff Ash Marge Banks Nancy Bardach Jeri Beitel Jeannie Bench Vou Best Pat Bishop Beth Blankenship Peggy Blei Hracho Kristiann Bonn Diane Born Susan Boyer Esther Brabec Janet Brandt Marge Bresel Earamichia Brown Pamela Burns Maria Terezinha Cardoso Christine Castano Carol Chewning Kimberly Creamer Carol Croce Lynne Cunningham Anne Daughtry Gabriele DiTota Janis Doucette LaVonne Dunetts Diane English Linda Engstrom Linda Evans Katriina Flensburg Mimi Ghauri-Young Judy Gignesi Rolanda Gilbert-Eyke Claire Gimber Lorri Glennon Robyn Gold Denise Griffiths Jean Grimes Barbara Hanson Greta Hildebrand Jill P. Hoddick Vera Holmgren Lois Wilby Hooper Joseph Horansky Doris Hulse Candace Hunter debo Hysack Margaret Inkster Sharon Jaeger Monica Jarnot Jennie Johnston Rose Klein Gloria Klutzke Deb Layt Kathy Angel Lee Amelia Leigh Carol Leitch Mary Ann Littlejohn Gene Looman Cindy Loos Andrea Luliak Maya Madhavan Linda McLaughlin Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil Linda A. Miller Roberta Chalfy Miller Sherrie Moomey Myania Moses Clara Nartey Gail Naughton Jean Neblett Bobbe Shapiro Nolan Ellen November Ruth Anne Olson Gale Oppenheim-Pietrzak Denise Paglio Geri Patterson Kutras Kathryn Pflaum Margaret Phillips Casey Pike Tracy Potter Gail Ramsay Martha Ressler Janett Rice Nancy Riemersma Carmen Rinehart Cristina Robbiani Laurie Russman Katie Stein Sather Stephanye Schuyler Christine Seager Barbara Sferra Annie Smith Sandra Stephenson Kathy Suprenant Mikiko Takase Tiziana Tateo Rhoda Taylor Sandra Teepen Candace Tucker Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert Sandra Wagner Sylvia Weir Lynn Welsch Rochelle Wiese Susan Auden Wood April Works Diane Wright