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2017 Benefit Auction begins on September 15!

Thank you to the 370+ SAQA members who donated a 12"x 12" piece to this year's auction. Last year, the auction raised almost $80,000 to support our exhibition and outreach programs. The 2017 Benefit Auction will take place online from September 15 through October 8. 

Note: We are still in the process of adding pieces to the website and appreciate your patience. All pieces will be posted by the beginning of July. Please email if you have any questions.

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Benefit Auction Artwork (random selection)
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Jean	 Renli Jurgenson Helen Beaven	Megan Kamrath Sandra Newton Janice McKeehan Sandra Branford Genevieve Attinger Nancy Steidle Dolores Miller Cathy Kleeman Sherry Davis Kleinman Heather Pregger Loreen	Leedy Eileen Williams Carolyn Castaneda Giny Dixon  Anne Smyers Gabriele DiTota Ruth	 Reed Tracey Herre Chris Taylor	Marty Ornish Hope Wilmarth Anna Marie Peterson Linda Frost Linda A. Miller Jean	 Grimes Claire Passmore Kristen Loffler Sue Dennis Patricia Kennedy-Zafred	Cindy Erickson Monique Gilbert Sue Siefkin Kate	 Braus Alison Schwabe Roberta Price Willet Carol Churchill Lynda Christiansen Esther Bruckel	Nancy Bardach Carmen Rinehart Jill P Hoddick Colleen Ansbaugh Olga Norris Andrea Luliak Kate	Stiassni Patricia Bagdon Sandra Stephenson Lisa Ellis