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Total Amount Raised: $74900   Quilts Sold: 415    Current Price: $75  

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 2018 Benefit Auction! Remaining auction pieces are available in the SAQA Store until December 23.

All proceeds from the Benefit Auction help increase the recognition for art quilts and the artists who make them while supporting SAQA’s exhibitions, publications, and education outreach. Submissions for the 2019 Benefit Auction will open in mid-January.

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Thank you to all of our buyers and artists!

Benefit Auction Artwork (random selection)
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Patricia Kennedy Zafred Katie Walwyn Jette Clover April Works Margaret Phillips Connie Akers Heather Pregger Cheryl Lipari Jayne Gaskins Michele Kincaid Frieda Anderson Pat Bishop Floris Flam Dolores Miller Edith Bieri Hanselmann Karlie Norrish McChesney Sonia Grasvik Denise Paglio Mary Ann Van Soest Sara Kelly Nancy Ryan Helen Godden Kay Benedict Natalie Friedman Eileen Williams Charlotte Ziebarth Vera Holmgren Libby Williamson Anna Viadero Kathy Brown Judith Content Susan Boyer Peggy Blei Hracho Earamichia Brown Esther Brabec Charlotte Bird Peg Green Susie Goodman Gloria Klutzke Helena Scheffer Annie Smith Rachel Derstine Char Punke Ludmila Aristova Anne Daughtry Sandra D. Lounsbury Jean Neblett Jeanne Marklin Jeri Beitel Vou Best