2018 Benefit Auction

Be part of SAQA’s most-anticipated fund-raising event! Donate a 12 x 12-inch art quilt to support our exhibition and outreach programs.

This year's auction will take place online from September 14 through October 7.  

Questions? Please email us at auction@saqa.com.

*** Online Submission Form will be available in late February

Benefit Auction Artwork (in listing format)
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Shelly Burge

Shelly Burge    •   Under the Willow Tree More Info    SOLD

“Under the Willow Tree” was inspired by a piece of Shibori fabric that had I created which reminded me of the branches of a willow tree. I added dimensional fabric and metal leaves to enhance the design. As a child I thought of willows as magical places, to be able to set under a tree nearly hidden by its cascading leaves felt like I'd found a secret room. I'd spread a sheet under the tree and read or day dream for hours.

Marbaum Collection

Laurie Ceesay

Laurie Ceesay    •   Whimsical Victory Rolls More Info    SOLD

Commercial batiks and cottons, fabric, paint, glitter nail polish, felt/wooden buttons. Raw edged fused applique technique; machine quilted on commercial machine.

Lorri Lee Chambers-Glennon

Lorri Lee Chambers-Glennon    •   Wonky House More Info    SOLD

I have always loved houses, barns, churches, the older the better ....creating them in fabric with bright colors, silly patterns and designs that give them their own personality.

The "Wonky House" was inspired by the want of a house where I could sit, create and dream. So I created this art quilt to encourage that dream to come true. I was going through a lot in my life at the time and being able to sit in my small room with all my fabrics and sewing machine helped me to survive.

Chiaki Dosho

Chiaki Dosho    •   Cherry Blossom More Info    SOLD

I think of life as the ocean of time.
The time given to me falls from the ocean like a waterfall.
The white cloth expresses the waterfall.
The red flower-like parts made of red cloth represent life, blood, and passion.

Jane Driscoll

Jane Driscoll    •   Pray for Japan More Info    SOLD

The magnitude 9 Japanese earthquake of March 11, 2011 spawned a 45 foot tsunami and led to 1,600 deaths, 450,000 people displaced, the destruction of one million buildings and a meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that will present a radioactive threat for generations to come. Hokusai's iconic "Great Wave" continues to remind us of the frailty of human endeavor and nature's unrelenting power.

Collection of Joan Hughes

 Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis    •   Almost Winter More Info    SOLD

“Almost Winter” was constructed using my “Lazy Landscape” technique of creating a layered, textured background in one color family, implying a nature inspired scene. The whimsical trees were cut from sweet black and white modern fabrics but give the sense of bark patterns. The leaves are made entirely of thread. Layers of thread were sewn on top of tulle, within a hoop, and using a water soluble stabilizer. The stark neutral background with these few remaining leaves on the trees remind us that winter is near.

Collection of Maggie G

Noriko Endo

Noriko Endo    •   Autumn in Ohio #5 More Info    SOLD

Early autumn in Ohio, most of the tree leaves turned yellow. I loved the color. The use of tiny pieces of fabric caught under a layer of transparent tulle creates an effect akin to pointillism.

Marbaum Collection

Noriko Endo

Noriko Endo    •   Fall Color #4 (2009) More Info    SOLD

A deep feeling for trees and the changing color through the seasons are what inspire me. Confetti Naturescapes allows me to capture the play of light and color.

Noriko Endo

Noriko Endo    •   Fall Color #7 More Info    SOLD

When I visited my friend in Maine in autumn, I walked in her garden. The changing color of the leaves and the fallen leaves on the ground were so colorful and beautiful. I felt the creation of mystery and wonder where nature reveals some of her secrets.

Noriko Endo

Noriko Endo    •   Fall Color #12 More Info    SOLD

The play of light through the leaves, the changing color through the seasons all intrigue me. Quilting lines are used to create shadow or to delineate leaves. Birds are painted and appliqued.

Collection of Brian Shapiro

Sheila Finzer

Sheila Finzer    •   Liberated Mariposa More Info    SOLD

The beauty of Monarch butterflies inspired my quilt “Liberated Mariposa”. The intricate shapes of the butterflies’ wings fascinated me. Abstracting the shapes, playing with my colorful hand dyed fabric, and adding the black and white unified the piece. Creating fiber art is my passion and my way of expressing feelings by transforming fabric into my own interpretation of the beauty and serenity of nature.

Collection of Deborah Divine

Betsy Glatharth-Knight

Betsy Glatharth-Knight    •   Untitled More Info   

Size: 22” x 21”

Marka Harwell-Bentley

Marka Harwell-Bentley    •   Arizona Henge More Info    SOLD

Size: 14” x 14”

Collection of Donata Luberski Pfisterer

Therese May

Therese May    •   Go With the Flow More Info    SOLD

Just go with it; let go of resistance, go with whatever is right now! Let go of fear, allow the world to be what it is and the process of life to unfold like a flower. The key is to keep on knowing the truth no matter what! This particular quilt has a little painted panel in the center with a small friendly squiggly animal which represents the still small voice inside.

Therese May

Therese May    •   Love is the Answer More Info    SOLD

I always have a choice. Whenever there is a question, I know the answer by looking within and centering myself in Love.

Dolores Miller

Dolores Miller    •   Downtown Blue 3 More Info    SOLD

“Downtown Blue 3” was inspired by a photo I took in downtown San Jose while experimenting with unusual angles and reflections. The abstract ‘A’ shape appealed to me as did the high value contrast, which I exaggerated. I challenged myself to make the piece in a monochromatic palette using only three fabrics: solid deep navy, white-on-white pattern, and gradated blue. The free-motion quilting references the foliage in the original image and mirrors the pattern of the blue fabric.

patsy monk

patsy monk    •   Postcard of the World More Info    SOLD

Using a variety of surface design techniques, patsy created a large map of the world which was then cut apart into postcard sized rectanges. These smaller pieces were sent to artists all over the world, who signed them, added personal sayings, and returned them to be reassembled into the final piece (16” x 23.5”).

Collection of Deborah Divine

Gillian Moss

Gillian Moss    •   Oops! More Info    SOLD

In an attempt to do something different, I decided to try something out of my comfort zone. I realized pretty quickly that matching points was not my forte but I liked the way the block looked. Rather than give up, I decided to make a feature of my mistakes. I think the message should be ingrained in all of us - to make the best of everything we do and be able to accept that none of us is perfect.

Ruth Anne Olson

Ruth Anne Olson    •   Scorpio #1 More Info   

Born on Halloween, I'm a proud Scorpio, even though I don't actually believe in astrology. I acknowledge the Scorpio traits I like, such as loyalty and the need to know details; and ignore others (no one would accuse me of being dynamic). My quilt embraces some of my Scorpio traits, procrastination and indecision--it took a long time to decide on the design--as well as the variety of work that I do, both in needle arts and professions.


Pixeladies    •   The Wounds of War More Info    SOLD

"The Wounds of War” is a companion piece to “War in Black and White” (2010). After collaging words and phrases cut from newspapers about the continuing US involvement in conflicts around the globe, we printed the words onto fabric. In this case, we “veiled” the texts with black organza to partially obliterate the words to express how the US public fails to take notice of this involvement. View Detail

Pam Rubert

Pam Rubert    •   Thread Genie More Info    SOLD

I often make up stories in my quilts. “Thread Genie” is a 12"x12" quilt and so inventing a story to fit in such a small space is tricky. Thinking about threads getting tangled up reminds me of snakes, and then I thought of snake charmers. So in a way, we sewers, tailors, and quilters are kind of like modern Thread Genies, working our magic with thread.

Alison Schwabe:

Alison Schwabe:    •   Untitled More Info    SOLD

Holes and ragged edges symbolize denudation, wearing down, decay, age, falling apart, a sense of the passage of time. As time passes marks are left showing traces of what was there before. These ideas apply as much to a landscape as to a human life, a body, a mind, a relationship, any living thing, indeed anything that exists, from universe down to atomic particle level. Is lace, or cheese for that matter, a series of holes connected by medium, or is it the other way round? Leather is symbolic to me. On a very simple level I will just say that as a material I can work with it embodies many personal aspects of being an expatriate Australian living temporarily in another country.

Collection of Maggie G

Susan Shie

Susan Shie    •   Dough Girls More Info    SOLD

“Dough Girls” is about a little gathering of 3 women and our bread machines, baking bread that day and making art together. Margaret Freed, Rene Meier, and me were the Dough Girls, in our Bread and Art Club. Rene and I are the original LaVernes, and that day we added Margaret to that name thing, so we were MarVerne, ReVerne, and LuVerne (13” x 15”)

Hilsenbeck Mcguff collection

Susan Shie

Susan Shie    •   Garden Hug #4 More Info    SOLD

“Garden Hug #4” is about Michelle Obama starting the White House vegetable garden with school kids from the neighborhood AND about her and Queen Elizabeth hugging, when they first met. You can see Big Ben and the White House in the background. Whole cloth freehand painting with airpen and brush, fabric paint.

Collection of Deborah Divine

Susan Shie

Susan Shie    •   Kitchen Blessings #4 More Info    SOLD

“Kitchen Blessings #4” is from a series and features the figure of St Quilta the Comforter, who’s the Buddha girl sitting in the middle of this piece, is holding a big bowl of Peace Soup, with peace signs floating around in the soup. The title is in my cat Willy Pendejo’s body. There’s a birthday cake for Willy there, too. And one of my big Peace Roses. (14” x 12”)

Hilsenbeck Mcguff collection

Susan Shie

Susan Shie    •   Orange Hat Nellie More Info    SOLD

“Feisty Women Shake Up the World #5” or “Orange Hat Nellie” is one of many Nellie Bly and Inge Lehmann paintings I made. Nellie Bly was a very feisty reporter and feminist. Inge Lehmann was a very early women seismologist, who made some incredibly useful discoveries in her field. Very early women in her field. Whole cloth painting, airpen, airbrush, both using fabric paint, mostly machine sewn. 

Hilsenbeck Mcguff collection

Karin Wallgren

Karin Wallgren    •   Rusty Gate More Info    SOLD

As with many art quilts, "Rusty Gate" was born out of experimentation. A small group of artist friends including myself got together one summer afternoon to explore rust dying. We all brought bits and scraps of iron to use and share and had a wonderful time trying out different items..., nails, steel wool, old tools and other objects. This particular piece of ironwork was my favorite. I loved the scrolling lines and imagined it at one time being part of an old gate or fence. I feel like it has a mysterious quality that I hope comes through in the finished work.

Barbara Watler

Barbara Watler    •   Fingerprint 30 - Positive Print More Info    SOLD

Enlarging fingerprints was my way of paying homage to every ordinary person who, like myself, felt a certain loss of identity in todays “techno” oriented world. Each quilt celebrates the differences and the similarities that also enhance our spirits and our fingerprints.

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams    •   Blue Circle More Info    SOLD

Life is not always traveled in a smooth, circular path - fits and starts from beginning to end.

Trish Williams

Trish Williams    •   Big Sky 1 More Info   

The “Big Sky” series was created out of my love of looking at the sky during all times of the day or night. I had created some wonderful had dyed cottons and just fell in love with them and how they reminded me so much of the sky. I wanted to not distract for the upper portion of the pieces, so I chose to use black/white prints to showcase the hand dyed fabrics and to frame them also. This series has become a reoccurring theme in my work, one of which I truly enjoy because the unlimited possibilities of the sky. (16” x 16”)

Trish Williams

Trish Williams    •   Big Sky 2 More Info   

The “Big Sky” series was created out of my love of looking at the sky during all times of the day or night. I had created some wonderful had dyed cottons and just fell in love with them and how they reminded me so much of the sky. I wanted to not distract for the upper portion of the pieces, so I chose to use black/white prints to showcase the hand dyed fabrics and to frame them also. This series has become a reoccurring theme in my work, one of which I truly enjoy because the unlimited possibilities of the sky.

Juanita Yeager:

Juanita Yeager:    •   Poppy Field More Info    SOLD

A miniaturized version of a larger work, “Poppy Field” is inspired by all the wonderful colors found in nature and the flowers that grow in a multitude of hues. My whole cloth floral pieces are not photorealistic images. I use watercolor pigments to paint large scale flowers painted on silk. This quilted painting is then layered with both batting and a wool blend felt. The free motion stitches and lines then create texture and the illusion of depth.