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2017 Benefit Auction begins on September 15!

Thank you to the 370+ SAQA members who donated a 12"x 12" piece to this year's auction. Last year, the auction raised almost $80,000 to support our exhibition and outreach programs. The 2017 Benefit Auction will take place online from September 15 through October 8. 

Note: We are still in the process of adding pieces to the website and appreciate your patience. All pieces will be posted by the beginning of July. Please email if you have any questions.

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Benefit Auction Artwork (in listing format)
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Margaret	Abramshe

Margaret Abramshe    •   Quilt Kitty More Info   

Materials: Cotton cloth, acrylic paint. dye,liquid water colors, pigment sticks, thread, batting, medium, fusible interfacing
Techniques: Whole cloth digitally printed from artists image. Painted with inks, acrylics, dyes, pigment sticks, and liquid water color. Fused applique. Machine quilted.

Regula Affolter

Regula Affolter    •   Golfer Nr. 15 / Serie Crossing 2017 More Info   

Cotton fabric, Screenprint, quilting by machine

Judith Ahlborn

Judith Ahlborn    •   Venice #16 More Info   

Digitally altered photo printed to fabric and free motion stitched.  Fused to Peltex and satin stitched border.

Joanne Alberda

Joanne Alberda    •   City Center More Info   

Cotton fabric, batting, and backing
Collaged and stitched

Daphne Alexander

Daphne Alexander    •   The Show-off More Info   

Hand-dyed, African and commercial fabrics.
Raw-edge applique.

Ann	Anastasio

Ann Anastasio    •   Passages More Info   

Looking outdoors on a snowy morning, through a series of window frames.
Machine-pieced and machine quilted, using commercial fabrics.

Colleen Ansbaugh

Colleen Ansbaugh    •   Spring Thing More Info   

Mono printed using dyes, hand and machine quilted. Beaded.

Jo Appleton

Jo Appleton    •   Soft Wings More Info   

Scraps of Cotton, Batik, and collected buttons.

Terry Aske

Terry Aske    •   Heron Reflected 2 More Info   

In 2015, while walking along the Fraser River, I spotted a Great Blue Heron perched on a tangle of tree roots.  I was struck by the almost perfect reflection of the Heron in the very still water, and thought it would make a great subject for a quilt. My photo was very gray, so I added color with photo-editing software.  I printed the photo on fabric and added machine quilting. The edges are faced.

Genevieve Attinger

Genevieve Attinger    •   Blue Eyed Girl More Info   

Cotton fabric. Free motion machine embroidery, cut work, machine quilted, mono printed (background)

Sarah Aubry

Sarah Aubry    •   Resist More Info   

Using my pussy hat as the main image, I designed this fabric in Photoshop, and had it printed by Spoonflower. Front: hand quilted. Back: watercolor pencils, fiber paint, stencils, gel medium, pigma pen. Prairie points.

Susan Auden Wood

Susan Auden Wood    •   Clarence More Info   

Clarence was foundation pieced from a picture I found online. He is constructed with cotton fabrics and machine embroidered with metallic gold thread.

Patricia Bagdon

Patricia Bagdon    •   Sweet Pea in Green More Info   

Collage of raw-edge green-ish cotton fabrics on a red background.  Machine stitched.  Based on a photo I took and played with in photoshop.

Rhonda Baldwin

Rhonda Baldwin    •   Round A-Bout More Info   

Silk dupioni, cotton, leather, wool felt, beads, findings, hand and machine stitch.

Nancy Bardach

Nancy Bardach    •   Slot Canyon More Info   

Intuitive piecing, with this abstract image appearing as I composed it.
Cotton fabrics, batting, thread. Freehand curve cutting, machine piecing, machine texturing.

Helen Beaven

Helen Beaven    •   Dromore Sunset More Info   

Wholecloth painted quilt using textile paints and freezer paper stencil.  Trapunto (extra layer of batting) to give the silhouette more definition.

Christi Beckmann

Christi Beckmann    •   City by the Water More Info   

Pieced, collaged, photo transfer, paint, and stitch.

Jeri Beitel

Jeri Beitel    •   Reaching II More Info   

Commercial fabric background with fused added fabric. Stenciled embellishment and flower findings.

Kay	Benedict

Kay Benedict    •   Pascha More Info   

Machine pieced and machine quilted, using commercial cotton fabrics, cotton and polyester threads, wool/poly batting

Elizabeth	Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett    •   Stacked Pods More Info   

Cotton dyed by the artist, hand quilted.

Pat Bishop

Pat Bishop    •   Bedroom In My House More Info   

Fused hand dyed, commercial and recycled fabric, machine quilted.

Margaret Blank

Margaret Blank    •   Vincent Meets Mod/Improv More Info   

Materials: commercial cotton and batik fabric, fusible web, cotton and polyester thread, cotton batting.
Techniques:Machine piecing, machine applique, fused applique, machine quilting.

Deborah	Boschert

Deborah Boschert    •   Catching Reflections on the River More Info   

Commercial and original fabrics, paint, thread, embroidery floss; fused appliqué, surface design, free motion quilting, hand embroidery

Ellen	 Bourassa

Ellen Bourassa    •   Leaving More Info   

Machine pieced and quilted front. Cotton batting. Plain backing. All fabric commercially dyed 100%

Carol Boyer

Carol Boyer    •   Birdland More Info   

Applique, beading, machine drawing and stamping.

Janet Brandt

Janet Brandt    •   Charleston Street More Info   

100% cotton commercial fabrics, threads and batting, pieced and machine quilted.

Sandra Branford

Sandra Branford    •   Red Moon Rising More Info   

Cotton and synthetic fabric, paint, bias tape. rhinestone numbers.  Figure is sponge painted and appliqued over silver appliques circles.  Embellishments hand sewn. Pieced background, machine pieced and quilted.

Kate	 Braus

Kate Braus    •   The Human Character More Info   

Commercial fabrics and thread, raw edge applique, machine sewn by artist.

Cindy Brendzel

Cindy Brendzel    •   Fan Lights More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed fabrics, machine stitched

Eliza	 Brewster

Eliza Brewster    •   Helen More Info   

Solar print, hand quilted, markers, cotton fabric

Julia Margaret Brigham

Julia Margaret Brigham    •   Electric Cabbage More Info   

Fabric image fused onto background and free motion stitched. Quilted. Fabric and thread

Jen 	Broemel

Jen Broemel    •   Round About More Info   

abstract: improvisationally pieced and quilted

Earamichia Brown

Earamichia Brown    •   April In Paris More Info   

Machine pieced, fused, thread painted, ink, and machine quilted.

James Brown

James Brown    •   Time Exposure More Info   

Techniques used were pieced sky and quilting of the sky and background.  Heat Bond was used to apply the highways, flyover, headlights, taillights and light standards.  Machine raw edge applique was used to attach all pieces of the work.  Tulle was applied last indicating lighting the standards produced.

Materials: Cotton fabric, tulle, and 80/20 cotton batting.

Peggy Brown

Peggy Brown    •   Leaves More Info   

Hand painted silk and tissue with collage of digital transfers of leaf drawings and hand stitched leaf on organdy.  Machine quilted.

Esther Bruckel

Esther Bruckel    •   Waiting More Info   

Painted background with Inktense blocks, fused bird appliques, hand quilted long stitches with Perle Cotton.   

Nancy Bryant

Nancy Bryant    •   Sheer Delight More Info   

Hand painted and stamped silk organza pieces are layered to allow color interplay. Machine quilted, with hand couched decorative yarn embellishment.

M. C. Bunte

M. C. Bunte    •   Remnants More Info   

Silk dupioni appliqued with silk roving and crystal sheers; layered and gelled silk roving machine applique; painted and heat-stressed house wrap;cotton batting and backing; free-motion quilting; Angelina and bead embellishment. 

Shelly Burge

Shelly Burge    •   Seeing Through The Lies More Info   

Hand painted fabric, hand dyed fabric, hand dyed trim.
Machine pieced and machine quilted.

Anne Burns Johnson

Anne Burns Johnson    •   Moon Tiger More Info   

Japanese cottons, dyed cheesecloth, printed silk organza, and painted steam-a-seam.

Sonja Campbell

Sonja Campbell    •   Lentil Field in Umbria More Info   

This striped pieced with commercial fabrics, wool batting and quilted with poly neon thread

JoAnn Camp

JoAnn Camp    •   Where Once There Was a Home More Info   

Raw-edge machine applique, using commercial cottons, fabric pens.

Ruth	 Carden

Ruth Carden    •   A Gathering Storm More Info   

Hand Dyed and commercial cotton fabrics, silk organza overlay. Machine pieced and quilted, cotton, silk and rayon threads.

Sharon Casey

Sharon Casey    •   Boogie-Woogie More Info   

Black and white minimalist abstract quilt. This original design suggests the keys of an old honky-tonk piano caught in the action of being played. Pieced with 100% Kona cotton and Aurifil cotton thread. Densely machine quilted with Isacord thread using walking foot in narrow straight lines.

Carolyn Castaneda

Carolyn Castaneda    •   From Bed Quilts to Art Quilts More Info   

Materials include 100% cotton fabrics and 1inch squares from a vintage, hand pieced unfinished quilt top.  Techniques include fused motifs and machine quilting.

Wilma Cawley

Wilma Cawley    •   Do not forget to smell the flowers More Info   

I used a glue gun to make a stencil which then was used as a rubbing with Shiva Sticks. The image was coloured in with Inktense blocks, pencils and fabric medium. Machine quilted and embroidered with Perle cotton and wool threads.

Laurie Ceesay

Laurie Ceesay    •   Red Cat Eyes More Info   

Original design portrait quilt using a raw edged fused applique technique. Commercial machine quilting. Embellished with rhinestones, nail polish, a button and fabric paint.

Lynda Christiansen

Lynda Christiansen    •   7 Buttons More Info   

Rusted, bleached fabric and cheesecloth, lace
Hand and machine stitched

Carol Churchill

Carol Churchill    •   Seahorses More Info   

Hand dyed and Kona Cotton fabric, Pellon stabilizer, Derwent Intense inks, Liquitex Fabric Medium, 100% cotton batting;

Susanne Clawson

Susanne Clawson    •   Green Crosses More Info   

Cotton fabrics, raw-edge applique, machine sewn and quilted, metallic thread

Leslie Coe

Leslie Coe    •   Kaleidescope More Info   

Fused, machine quilted, beads

Robynne	Cole

Robynne Cole    •   Canadian Sunset More Info   

Machine piecing and quilting, batik fabrics.

Maryte Collard

Maryte Collard    •   Poppies More Info   

My own hand dyed cotton fabrics, polyester batting. Machine piecing, including curved piecing. Domestic machine quilting.

Carolyn Collins

Carolyn Collins    •   Grevillea Sunset Bronze More Info   

Hand dyed and printed fabrics, Inktense pencils, reverse applique and machine stitching.

Linda Colsh

Linda Colsh    •   Crossing Paths More Info   

Cotton fabrics; painted, printed, discharged & dyed; machine pieced & machine quilted

Barbara Confer

Barbara Confer    •   Wedding Chest with Flowers More Info   

I used a variety of fabrics including cotton, lace and tulle to achieve the whimsical scene of the Japanese wedding chest topped with a bouquet of flowers. The piece is top-stitched raw-edged applique and free-style quilting  I had fun using several red-orange fabrics to achieve the appearance of the depth of the chest and contrasting colors to accent it. I enjoyed making this piece.

Shannon	Conley

Shannon Conley    •   North Wind on the Plains More Info   

Fusible applique, free motion quilting, hand painted and commercial cotton fabrics, polyester thread.

Vicki Conley

Vicki Conley    •   Orogeny #4 More Info   

Raw edged fused collage. Free motion machine quilted.

Judith Content

Judith Content    •   Meltwater More Info   

Arashi-Shibori dyed, discharged, pieced, quilted, Thai silk

Kate Crossley

Kate Crossley    •   Hunter Gatherer More Info   

Cotton. Silk. Leather. Paper. Beads. Bottles. Tags. Charms. Found and Made Objects
Hand Quilting. Applique. Collage. Lesley Riley TAP Photo Transfer.

Millie Cumming

Millie Cumming    •   Dragonfly 2 More Info   

Linocut/speedball ink, decorative threads, free-motion quilting

Anne Daughtry

Anne Daughtry    •   Teal Textures More Info   

Raggedy Anne jackets were my business many years ago. Using crazy quilt techniques of luxury textured fabrics, wool crepe, polyester shiny and pleated fabrics, gold  braid, I made a lot of these.  This color scheme was for a gift to a friend, who wore it twice to the White House for parties for volunteers.  She always tells me, "The Jacket travels again!"

Eti David

Eti David    •   Fire More Info   

Fire is one of the 4 elements - Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. Commercial and hand-dyed cotton fabrics, fused and machine quilted.

Fenella Davies

Fenella Davies    •   Horizon, storm and the haymaking More Info   

Hand dyed & painted cotton, scrim, card, flashing. Hand surface stitchery and assembly.

Donna Deaver

Donna Deaver    •   Twilight II More Info   

Artist's own hand-dyed fabrics are freehand cut into small pieces -  for the "brushstrokes" of the art - and used in a collage technique. They are then fused and stitched into place, followed by extensive free motion quilting, which adds a rich texture to the finished piece. ‘Twilight II’ incorporates artist’s own hand-dyed Pimatex cotton, wool batting, and a high-sheen trilobal polyester thread.

Roslyn DeBoer

Roslyn DeBoer    •   Snow-covered Branches More Info   

Cotton blend background and cotton branches, yarn. Fabric manipulation to create the ridged background and hand stitched branches and snow.

Sue Dennis

Sue Dennis    •   Leaf Study-Hawaii #2 More Info   

Hand printed cotton fabric using local foliage, machine quilted. Textile paint, wadding, threads.

Sue	de Vanny

Sue de Vanny    •   Little Wren More Info   

Fabric Collage, thread sketched applique using cotton, rayon & polyester threads on hand dyed cotton, then quilted with wool/poly batting.

Gabriele DiTota

Gabriele DiTota    •   Silenced More Info   

Dyed and painted fabric, raw edge appliqué

Giny Dixon

Giny Dixon    •   Baseball Mitt More Info   

Artist dyed and screen printed cotton fabric, screen printed artificial leather. Mitt and cotton base fused to felt.

Lisa Dodson

Lisa Dodson    •   Summer Night Fireflies More Info   

Painted whole cloth with thread sketching.

Katherine Dombrowski

Katherine Dombrowski    •   The Divine Spark Micro-Quilt More Info   

Art quilt featuring raw edged applique, piecing, free-motion embroidery, and machine embroidery. Made with hand-dyed, ice dyed, and painted cottons, with printed mesh overlay, faced binding, and cotton batting.

Chiaki Dosho

Chiaki Dosho    •   The Crossing Times 2017 More Info   

Japanese old Kimono(silk)
Original technique (name is Cherry Blossom), direct applique by sewing machine, hand embroidery

Katherine Dossman

Katherine Dossman    •   Manipulation More Info   

Cotton for front and baking,polyester batting ,cotton and silk dupioni for kimono and yoyos. Machine and hand quilted. Hand beaded. I enjoy creating embellished art quilts and have been trying some manipulation techniques.

Janis Doucette

Janis Doucette    •   Go Pick the Flowers More Info   

Mix of commercial fabric and hand printed, including a deconstructed screen print. Pieced and appliqued. Free motion stitched. Partially overlayered with gold mesh. Green vase is made with tulle.

Heidi Drahota

Heidi Drahota    •   Flowers of Hope More Info   

Simin's embroidered square I have imitated in felt and fabric and further developed into blossoming tulips. This German-Afghan cooperation project helps women to earn money by embroidering and to participate in an alphabetization programme. I support the women by buying their embroidery and hope to help them improve their living conditions.

Wet felted, pieced and quilted. Cotton, silk, wool

Regina Dunn

Regina Dunn    •   Across Time More Info   

Hand-dyed fabrics, printed using original thermofax images, fused, hand-stitched, ecofelt backing, aluminum hanging bar with holes.

Aileyn Renli Ecob

Aileyn Renli Ecob    •   Warbler More Info   

Cotton fabrics and batting, fabric inks.  Machine applique, machine quilting.  The warbler is "painted" with fabric ink. It is mounted on a backing quilt.

Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis    •   Oopsy Daisy More Info   

Machine pieced with raw-edge fusible applique and beads.

Susan Else

Susan Else    •   Grace Under Pressure More Info   

Machine-quilted cloth over armature, hand assembly, beads, yarn.

Suzan Engler

Suzan Engler    •   Fractal #11 More Info   

Digital creation of unique fractal image, printed on cotton and quilted.

Diane English

Diane English    •   Iris More Info   

Machine pieced, hand and machine quilted using cotton and silk fabrics.

Linda Engstrom

Linda Engstrom    •   Seismic More Info   

Artist-created fractal printed on fabric, cut up and combined with hand-dyed fabric made by the artist.

Cindy Erickson

Cindy Erickson    •   Feathering the Nest 12 x 12 More Info   

Painted & dyed fabric, commercial fabrics, paper, thread

Nancy N.	Erickson

Nancy N. Erickson    •   Two Lions More Info   

The lions were drawn on the cotton fabric, then painted and finally were stitched. Some fabrics were added later, and duly stitched on. The materials are fabric and acrylic paint, thread, satin and cotton;
a second layer of synthetic fabric is added, and the final layer is cotton with velcro for attaching to the wall.

Carol Esch

Carol Esch    •   The Red Door More Info   

Raw edge fused commercial fabrics quilted and edged with rattail.

Lee	Eun Hee

Lee Eun Hee    •   Many doors More Info   

100%Cotton; hand-dyed fabrics raw-edge machine appliquéd, machine quilted, free motion stitched.

Linda Evans

Linda Evans    •   Razzle Dazzle More Info   

Machine appliqued and quilted

Connie Marie Fahrion

Connie Marie Fahrion    •   Fatto a Mano More Info   

Assorted mono-printed Deli papers and Paper Towel on Peltex substrate

Robin Fischer

Robin Fischer    •   Circles More Info   

Hand dyed cotton with soy wax batik, machine quilted

Tommy Fitzsimmons

Tommy Fitzsimmons    •   The Great Blackout More Info   

100% cotton whole cloth quilt with silkscreened black paint and other colors of Jacquard Fabric Paint; machine quilted

Ellie	Flaherty

Ellie Flaherty    •   Portals More Info   

Commercial fabrics, Mistyfuse, machine quilting and stitching

Floris Flam

Floris Flam    •   Windows 7 More Info   

Hand-dyed cotton.  Machine pieced and machine quilted.

April	 Foster

April Foster    •   Waiting for the Daylight More Info   

Quilting Cottons, metallic thread.
Piecing and free motion quilting.

Muff	 Fregia

Muff Fregia    •   Bubbles More Info   

Cottons (soy wax batik, dyed; commercial batiks); hand quilted with variegated silk threads; wool batting; pearls and glass beads as embellishment.

Jane Frenke

Jane Frenke    •   Spheres XII More Info   

Hand dyed/discharged/stamped cotton

Carole Ann Frocillo

Carole Ann Frocillo    •   Kudzu More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed fabric, raw edge appliqué, machine stitched on a domestic machine

Linda Frost

Linda Frost    •   Danger Fish More Info   

Screen printed cotton fabric, thread painted and machine quilted

Sheila Gaquin

Sheila Gaquin    •   Bike & Bread More Info   

Appliqué, free-motion quilting.

Bodil Gardner

Bodil Gardner    •   Woman of the year 2017 More Info   

Recycled fabrics, mostly cotton. Appliqué with raw edges zigzagged, machine quilted.

Bethany Garner

Bethany Garner    •   RANDOM - Stamping, Stitching and Fun!Collaboration with fabric gifted by Cynthia St. Charles, and painted and stamped and with my own hand-laid blanket stitch. More Info   

Collaboration with fabric gifted by Cynthia St. Charles, and painted and stamped and with my own hand-laid blanket stitch.

Judith Quinn Garnett

Judith Quinn Garnett    •   Not Grandma's No. 1 More Info   

Commercial cotton, polyester felt, various polyester threads. Acrylic painted canvas, embellished with found objects, machine appliqué, machine quilted.

Ro 	Gilbert-Eyke

Ro Gilbert-Eyke    •   Dad More Info   

Quilt block made of my father's clothes. Keys, rocks, magnifying glass, and coins stitched in place, arranged to look as if he emptied his pockets. Piece contains plastic canvas inside to support weight. Stitching both by machine and hand.

Monique Gilbert

Monique Gilbert    •   Mempries More Info   

Vintage used fabrics from my late father in law. His pyjama became a kitchen towel, later a cleaning rag. I gave the fabrics a third life in this quilt.

Direct appliqué, quilting. Pure lace as binding.

Helen Godden

Helen Godden    •   Hummingbird More Info   

Painted on black cotton with Lumiere acrylic metallic paint and free motion quilted.

Gwen Goepel

Gwen Goepel    •   SwedeOcean More Info   

A variety of interesting fabrics and embellishments. Improvisational curved piecing, hand guided free motion quilted.

Susie Goodman

Susie Goodman    •   Sweet Dreams More Info   

Hand dyed fabrics, paint sticks, beads, and thread painting used.

Mary Goodson

Mary Goodson    •   Awakening of Spring More Info   

Silks were dyed and painted then applied to interfacing sections and quilted. The quilted sections were placed on top of each other and stitched. Painted silk organdy leaves were attached on top.

Valerie Goodwin

Valerie Goodwin    •   Going There More Info   

Hand and Machine Stitching, Painting, Fusing and Laser Cutting.
Fabric, Paint, Thread

Julia	 Graber

Julia Graber    •   Great Fishing More Info   

Commercial dyed cotton and Superior Thread. Square patches are fused onto a background grid of the same fabric and then quilted +/- 1/8" apart. Then silhouette of fish fused and quilted on top of the quilted background. Finished with traditional binding hand stitched to the back.

Sonia Grasvik

Sonia Grasvik    •   Heavenly Bodies More Info   

Raw edge applique. Machine embroidery, free motion quilted.  Stamped with artists inks, foil.

Mary T. Green

Mary T. Green    •   Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down More Info   

Background and binding is made from the folds cut to make fat quarters, commercial cottons, machine quilting and appliqué.

Guila Greer

Guila Greer    •   After the Rain More Info   

Early in 2017 I envisioned what the hills in Southern California might look like after the rain returned.  Following several years of drought, this was a longing and, it seemed, a fantasy.

Commercial cotton fabrics; cotton thread, embroidery cotton, glass beads, sequins, various trim.

Denise Griffiths

Denise Griffiths    •   Gum Blossoms More Info   

Blossoms are crochet cotton, made on a pom pom maker. Stiffened, painted and free motion stitched on. Leaves are batik with satin stitch.

Jean	 Grimes

Jean Grimes    •   Costa Rica Sunset More Info   

Hand painted silk, raw edge cottons, machine quilted with silk thread.

Connie Griner

Connie Griner    •    In a Midcentury Mood More Info   

Curved piecing over freezer paper template.  Straight stitch surface embroidery.

Cindy Grisdela

Cindy Grisdela    •   Grape Crush More Info   

Improvisationally pieced, free motion quilted
cotton fabric, variegated thread

Ann Grundler

Ann Grundler    •   Primordial Life More Info   

Dyed and commercial cotton, wool batting, pieced, discharged, machine quilted and embroidered, brass fabric paint and seed beads.

Julie	 Haddrick

Julie Haddrick    •   Treasure of Feather More Info   

Transience, imperfection and impermanence. Greatness is in the overlooked details and in the art of aging graciously; of beauty in decline. My Wabi Sabi is quiet, insignificant; the discarded.

Machine pieced background including newsprint fabric, with Guinea Fowl feather painted with fabric paints. Machine thread painted and quilted with rayon threads.

Susan Haftel

Susan Haftel    •   Renewal More Info   

Improv piecing of commercial and hand-dyed cottons. Top stitching (on the top before quilting) and quilting in contrasting threads. Fusible fleece batting.

Gunnel Hag

Gunnel Hag    •   Slow Dance with Miro on the Beach More Info   

Cotton. Screen printed, painted and machine quilted.

Betty Hahn

Betty Hahn    •   Spinner More Info   

Painted on iPad, digitally printed on silk, overpainted. Quilted   

Pam Hansen

Pam Hansen    •   Galardia More Info   

Inktense applied to cotton ground, machine stitched, hand worked French knots.

Bev Haring

Bev Haring    •   Cityscape More Info   

Commercial fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, bamboo batting, thread

Fused, machine quilted, thread painted

Belinda Hart

Belinda Hart    •   Getting In Gear #3 More Info   

Hand-dyed Kona cotton, appliquéd with dupioni silk.  Screen printed.  Stitched.

Jane Haworth

Jane Haworth    •   Eye Spy More Info   

Raw edge collage applique, cotton fabric, batik, various upholstery fabrics, fee motion quilted.

Ginnie Hebert

Ginnie Hebert    •   Papillon More Info   

Cotton fabrics:  hand-dyed, monoprinted, painted with ink and ink pencils, stamped, stenciled, reverse appliquéd, machine quilted

Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson

Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson    •   Silent Script More Info   

Background fabric painted by maker using Procion MX dyes, text fabric overpainted by maker with acrylic inks plus some commercially purchased fabric. Large bead embellishment.

Tracey Herre

Tracey Herre    •   Buzzy the Bumble Bee More Info   


Heidi Heuerman

Heidi Heuerman    •   Aspen Grove More Info   

Appliqued leaves on a background of multi-colored cotton strips.  All stitched down with free-form quilting.

Jo Anne Hill

Jo Anne Hill    •   Up for Spring More Info   

100% cotton, threads, pellon backing
Fused applique, and hand stitched"

Susan Hilsenbeck

Susan Hilsenbeck    •   Dresden Fireworks More Info   

The quilt features three paper-pieced asymmetric Dresden Plate motifs that are machine appliqued onto a background and then embellished with hand-embroidery using hand-dyed perl cotton. The batting is wool. This is the second in a series using off-kilter Dresden Plates.

Jaynie Himsl

Jaynie Himsl    •   Arborville More Info   

Commercial fabric and beads. Pieced, applique, beading.

Jill P Hoddick

Jill P Hoddick    •   Flowering Tobacco More Info   

Trish Hodge

Trish Hodge    •   Krakatoa August 26, 1883 More Info   

Guilded batik panel by Amri, Skydyes hand painted fabric, Indonesian shirting fabric.
Machine quilted. Raw edge applique.

Vera	 Holmgren

Vera Holmgren    •   Another Place More Info   

Printed cotton using acrylic on Gelliplate. Arashi-dyed linen. Dyed silk organza. Machine pieced and quilted.

Lois Wilby Hooper

Lois Wilby Hooper    •   Beleaf More Info   

Free motion quilting on sheer fabric and batik background

Judy Hooworth

Judy Hooworth    •   Impromptu More Info   

Mono printed, hand painted and printed, discharged cottons. Collaged, fused machine quilted.

Ruby Horansky

Ruby Horansky    •   Portholes More Info   

Cotton, cotton blends, buttons.  Raw-edge machine applique, machine tacking, machine satin stitched edges.

Peggy Blei Hracho

Peggy Blei Hracho    •   Spoon-Fed More Info   

Textile Paint on Cotton, Free Motion Stitching, Hand Stitching, Applique.

Janet Huffman

Janet Huffman    •   The Red Gate More Info   

Commercial cottons, cotton threads, Misty Fuse.
Fused, raw edge applique, machine quilted.

Doris Hulse

Doris Hulse    •   Maybe a Marsh More Info   

Bleached muslin whole cloth quilt using disperse dye, with InkTense pencil and free-motion quilting.

Debo Hysack

Debo Hysack    •   Moon Dance More Info   

The orange circles over dyed by Shelly Burge in the Elin Noble Itajame Shibori workshop we took inspired me to create Moon Dance, an homage to harvest moons everywhere.  The Australian print and linear variegated quilting seemed to compliment my seasonal tribute.

Lyn Wolf	Jackson

Lyn Wolf Jackson    •   Chasing the Moon More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed fabric, paint used in a collage pictorial format"

Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson    •   Reflecting More Info   

Made from three cotton fabrics raw edge fused applique with a tulle overlay and machine stitched.

Laura Jaszkowski

Laura Jaszkowski    •   Last Hurrah More Info   

Commercial cotton fabrics, raw-edge applique, free-motion stitched. Mounted on stretched canvas

Lisa	Jenni

Lisa Jenni    •   Growing Season More Info   

Hand-dyed cotton and Dupioni silk, embroidery floss, mono-filament.
Improvisational piecing, machine quilted, hand embroidery, French knots, printed circle (silk screen by DippyDyes).

Leslie Jennings

Leslie Jennings    •   The New Orleans Oak More Info   

Photo transfer, cotton fabrics
Raw edge applique

Ivy Jensen

Ivy Jensen    •   Rediscovered Treasures More Info   

I combined 2 layers of fabric, 2 layers of tyvek and 2 layers of organza, machine stitched thru it all and burned holes in it with an embossing gun.

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson    •   4 Patch and Beyond More Info   

Hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine pieced and quilted   

Elaine Jones

Elaine Jones    •   Spring Time is Kite Time More Info   

Bright colored cotton is cut and layered to form the wings and tail. Kite string was attached to complete the flight on a wind swept sky background.

Jean	 Renli Jurgenson

Jean Renli Jurgenson    •   Splash More Info   

Cotton fabric and batting. Fused, thread painted, machine quilted

Megan Kamrath

Megan Kamrath    •   Feathered Guardian, 1 More Info   

Hand dyed cotton, Thermofax images, textile paint, silver foil, quilted

Bella Kaplan

Bella Kaplan    •   Sunrise More Info   

Cotton fabric, hand dyed fabric, screen printed, machine quilted

Kathleen	Kastles

Kathleen Kastles    •   Face/Map More Info   

Kona Cotton, acrylic inks, thread, batting, backing, faced, hanging sleeve attached.  Hand-painted, machine quilted.  Design derived from a photo taken by artist, manipulated with photo editing software.   

Debbie Kauffman

Debbie Kauffman    •   Periwinkle More Info   

A double sided whole cloth quilt, long arm stitched with a variegated thread and double batting; cotton & wool. Intended to be hung with either side facing the front. View Other Side »

Sara	 Kelly

Sara Kelly    •   The World is a Rose More Info   

Photo printed on fabric, machine pieced and quilted, hand beading

Patricia Kennedy-Zafred

Patricia Kennedy-Zafred    •   American Portraits: Broken Promises More Info   

Hand silkscreened image on vintage feed sack, border piecing, back and binding utilizing vintage feed sacks, image transfer (language); machine pieced and quilted.  (Original image courtesy Library of Congress)

Carol Kimble

Carol Kimble    •   Setting Sun More Info   

The piece started with hand dyed cotton sateen that I pieced. I then layered it with a soy batik piece and sheer organza circles.  I used a double silk batting and quilted circles and straight lines using variegated threads.

Cathy Kleeman

Cathy Kleeman    •   Gates More Info   

Artist dyed and painted cotton fabrics using multiple surface design processes; machine stitched and quilted

Sherry Davis Kleinman

Sherry Davis Kleinman    •   Scrub Jays on Fence More Info   

Black/white digital line drawing of my photograph of scrub jays in backyard.  Machine applique, machine and hand stitching.

Marjan	Kluepfel

Marjan Kluepfel    •   Dark Side of the Moon More Info   

Hand dyed fabric, fused and free motion machine quilted

Ellie	Kreneck

Ellie Kreneck    •   Mementoes of Main Street More Info   

Paper templates used to cut shapes from commercial fabric- then machine stitched to form images.  Raw fused applique used.  Backing, batting and top are machine stitched together.

Pat Kroth

Pat Kroth    •   Wired Up More Info   

Hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, Improvisational Composition, Machine stitched

Karol Kusmaul

Karol Kusmaul    •   Boxed More Info   

Lino printed portrait set in log cabin piecing.  Embroidery.

Phillippa	Lack

Phillippa Lack    •   Lotsa Dots More Info   

Hand painted silk, commercial cottons, layered and stitched.

Kristin La Flamme

Kristin La Flamme    •   Americana XVIII More Info   

The Americana series grew out of my dissatisfaction with a hand quilted and heavily embroidered traditional quilt. I cut it up, painted it, stitched some more, and gave it new life as smaller decorative pieces with a red white and blue Americana theme.

Roberta Lagomarsini

Roberta Lagomarsini    •   Recovery More Info   

Entitled Recovery as it was the first full quilt I made after my horseback riding accident. Freeform cut piecing. Overpainted. Freemotion quilting-home machine.

Linda Laird

Linda Laird    •   Can't We All Just Get Along? More Info   

Commercial cottons, perle cotton thread, found objects.  Machine piecing, hand quilting.

Judy Langille

Judy Langille    •   Desert Marks More Info   

Linen, flannel, hand dyed thread
Shibori dyed fabric, whole cloth, hand stitched

Susan Lapham

Susan Lapham    •   Earthworks More Info   

Commercial and hand dyed cotton, pieced, machine quilted.

Cat Larrea

Cat Larrea    •   Urban Raven More Info   

Commercial fabrics, mix of fused and non-fused raw edge applique.

Leigh Layton

Leigh Layton    •   Grand Tetons Jackson Lake More Info   

Photo manipulation, thread painting. 

Kathryn Lazier

Kathryn Lazier    •   It`s Not Just Black and White More Info   

Up-cycled shirt material and quilt cotton.   Quilted by machine.

Loreen	Leedy

Loreen Leedy    •   Ready to fly More Info   

Cotton fabrics, lace, fusible, thread, flannel, acrylic paint, raw-edge appliqué, free motion stitching     

Susan Lee

Susan Lee    •   A Little Break-Up More Info   

Cotton fabrics, hand-dyed and commercially printed, cotton and monofilament threads, pieced, fused, appliquéd, machine-quilted.

Carol Leitch

Carol Leitch    •   Cobbles of Caserta More Info   

Shiva paintstick highlights. Painted background using Texcraft fabric paint. Couched wool. Free motion quilting

Uta	Lenk

Uta Lenk    •   Play of Lines 40: Crossing the Red Line More Info   

Handstitched with thread remnants, linen, machine stitched

Susan Lenz

Susan Lenz    •   Love More Info   

Crayon on fabric combined with vintage household linens, lace, and buttons and beads.  Self-guided, free-motion machine stitching with dense hand embroidery.

Cynthia Levis

Cynthia Levis    •   Don't Text and Drive More Info   

Fused, raw edge appliqué, printer printed cotton, dyed drop cotton cloth, quilted with clear polyester thread

Cheryl Lipari

Cheryl Lipari    •   Birches at Sunset More Info   

Utilized some hand-dyed fabric and paper towels; raw edge applique.

Kristen Loffler

Kristen Loffler    •   The circle of life goes round and round More Info   

Weaving, machine stitching and applique, painting
Cotton, corduroy, velvet and metallic fabrics

Sandra Lounsbury

Sandra Lounsbury    •   Sports Car Graphic More Info   

This piece was made by printing one of my photographs onto 100% cotton broadcloth. It was machine quilted and the red colour was enhanced with transparent Setacolor.

Andrea Luliak

Andrea Luliak    •   Going in Circles More Info   

Silk screening, stamping, stenciling, metallic acrylic paint, machine pieced, machine quilted.

Ann Luther

Ann Luther    •   Pretty Does More Info   

Hand painted fabric, embellishments with yarn and ribbon, thread painting and free motion quilting. Metallic, rayon and polyester threads were used including variegated ones. 

The fabric is 100% cotton as is the back and the batting. The batting is Quilters Dream Pink with a portion of the sales being donated to Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Maya Madhavan

Maya Madhavan    •   Starry Starry Night More Info   

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Night", the design attempts to capture the beauty of the swirls in the original. Created using raw-edge fused applique, the design features a calm exterior with a moving interior, where the moving streaks of colour expose the space underneath.

Patricia Marek

Patricia Marek    •   Savannah More Info   

Fabric collage. Hand dyed and stamped fabric

Lynda Mariani

Lynda Mariani    •   Centered More Info   

Folded court house steps log cabin, Batik outer edge, wool embellished.

Jeanne Marklin

Jeanne Marklin    •   Breakdown More Info   

Cotton fabrics, tulle, misty fuse, cotton thread.

Melanie Marr

Melanie Marr    •   Young Bull More Info   

Image drawn on fabric, painted with fabric and acrylic paints, then quilted.

Carol Martin-Davis

Carol Martin-Davis    •   Sunset With Trees More Info   

Cotton, machine applique, machine quilting.

Kaye Martindale

Kaye Martindale    •   Waterlily More Info   

Using one of my photographs, I played with it in Photoshop Elements and had it printed on fabric.  I quilted with silver thread, added some beading and touched up some areas with paint.  I love combining my love of nature photography with quilting.

Regina Marzlin

Regina Marzlin    •   In the Shadows More Info   

Dyed, mono printed and painted cotton; acrylic paint, ink, non-woven material, embroidery floss
monoprinting, painting, piecing

Anne Maundrell

Anne Maundrell    •   Rain Forest More Info   

This piece is made using my own hand dyed fabrics. Each piece is individually cut and fused to the background to create an intricate forest scene. The scene was then embellished with thread painting and quilting to give a greater sense of depth.

Therese	May

Therese May    •   Follow Your Heart More Info   

Therese May design cotton fabrics, machine quilted with thread, machine embroidery

Anne McAllister

Anne McAllister    •   The Great British Cure All - A Cuppa! More Info   

Commercial Fabrics - Fused and Machine Quilted.

Sherri Lipman	McCauley

Sherri Lipman McCauley    •   Blackened Tracks More Info   

Paint, tar and Intense ink sticks were used to create the image on cloth. Machine quilted and embellished with hand stitching.

Karlie McChesney

Karlie McChesney    •   ITO3 More Info   

It is amazing how flat papers can be folded and creased into intricate 3D forms, know as origami. ITO3 is an image of an inverted tetrahedron origami that is made from 3 pieces of flat paper.  This work is made from 100% commercial cottons that were acrylic painted to create the visible depth. The surface details are of soft plastic.

Catherine McDonald

Catherine McDonald    •   Door #1 More Info   

Hand dyed and rusted piece then hand and machine stitched

Janice McKeehan

Janice McKeehan    •   Green With Envy More Info   

Mixed mediums, cotton, silk, textured paint, machine embroidery, hand beading and paint.

Linda McLaughlin

Linda McLaughlin    •   Sari Ribbon More Info   

Sari ribbon, woven and needlecelted to raw silk, hand stitched.

Ginny McVickar

Ginny McVickar    •   Emergence More Info   

Batiks, commercial cotton, iridescent woven fabric, non-woven interfacing,variegated cotton thread, invisible thread,Lumiere metallic pigments.  Applique, free motion machine quilting, thread painting, fabric painting.

Diane Melms

Diane Melms    •   Color Caper More Info   

Created with hand-dyed and commercial cotton fabric, machine pieced, layered with polyester batting and a commercial cotton backing, and machine quilted.

Alicia Merrett

Alicia Merrett    •   Somerset Village in the Woods More Info   

Improvisational piecing using hand-dyed fabrics, machine quilting.

Beth Miller

Beth Miller    •   Daisies More Info   

Hand dyed and commercial cottons, cotton thread, wool/polyester wadding. 
Fused applique, machine quilted  

Carol Chelette Miller

Carol Chelette Miller    •   Purple Rain More Info   

Cotton fabrics pieced and quilted to depict the swirling eye of storms present in the turmoil of addiction.

Denise Oyama Miller

Denise Oyama Miller    •   The Dot and the Line No. 4 - Floating Bubbles More Info   

Mono-printed using open acrylic paints on cotton; machine quilted

Dolores Miller

Dolores Miller    •   Conventional Angles and Lines 2 More Info   

Cotton, linen, various metallic fabrics.  Polyester and silk thread.  Machine pieced and pin tucked; machine stitched.

Linda A. Miller

Linda A. Miller    •   Sonata 9 More Info   

Cotton- commercial and hand painted, fusible applique, hand embroidery, hand quilting, machine quilting

Roberta Chalfy Miller

Roberta Chalfy Miller    •   Deconstruction More Info   

I used my own hand-painted, stenciled, and stamped fabric plus quarter-inch strips of a commercial fabric.  I placed torn segments on a black background and used scattered circular quilting to emphasize both the design and the theme.

Virginia Millington

Virginia Millington    •   Moonlight in Vermont More Info   

100% quilting cotton; raw-edge appliqué, silver metallic and cotton threads and Swarovski crystals. Matching pieced binding.

Judy Momenzadeh

Judy Momenzadeh    •   Philodendron More Info   

Original digital image on cotton, stitched/quilted on felt.

Jeannie Moore

Jeannie Moore    •   Horsing Around More Info   

Painted with Inktense crayons, stamped with diluted acrylic paint, newspaper transfer on organza, waxed paper napkin, free-motion quilted.

Pippa Moore

Pippa Moore    •   Afternoon Tea Under the Baobab Tree More Info   

Commercial cottons (African and N. American), machine piecing, fusible appliqué, hand and machine quilting

Lorna Morck

Lorna Morck    •   Urban Monoliths More Info   

Mounted on stretcher bars; various textiles, tea bags, dye sticks, paint, thread; collaged, fused, painted, dyed, stamped, stitched, embroidered

Pamela Morris

Pamela Morris    •   Just Add Water More Info   

Hand-dyed machine stitched and hand embellishment

Gillian Moss

Gillian Moss    •   A Good Year More Info   

Improv cut fabrics, hand and machine pieced. Hand and machine quilted. Cotton fabrics and batting.
Nice red wine in hand, not bubbly!

Sherry Mozley

Sherry Mozley    •   Magnification of a pitcher plant More Info   

Cotton batik background enhanced with Inktense watercolor pencils.  Layers of fused raw edge appliqué free motion stitched and quilted. Cotton batting and batik backing. Hanging rings applied.

Alison Muir

Alison Muir    •   Eco Gums More Info   

Australian Alpine gums eco dyed on wool cloth, hand stitched

Frances Murphy

Frances Murphy    •   Hummingbird More Info   

Hand-dyed and commercial silk and cotton; fusible applique; machine quilted

Madalene Murphy

Madalene Murphy    •   Equinox More Info   

Hand-dyed silk and cotton, hand stitched texture with perle cotton, hand couching and applique and machine stitching

Elisabeth	Nacenta-de la Croix

Elisabeth Nacenta-de la Croix    •   Stormy Weather More Info   

Hand painted cotton; sewn and machine quilted free hand. Cotton batting and cotton threads.

Clara Nartey

Clara Nartey    •   Courtyard in Cappadocia Caves #2 More Info   

Stitched Drawing on Cotton

Jean	 Neblett

Jean Neblett    •   Small Works 40 More Info   

Hand-dyed, printed, and resist-dyed cottons top, cotton batting, hand-dyed cotton backing.  Collaged; machine quilted with rayon threads.

Sandra Newton

Sandra Newton    •   One Day More Info   

Materials: Evolon, Abaca paper, tissue paper.

Techniques: Monoprint and painting with various acrylic based mediums. Raw edge applique. Free machine stitched.

Olga Norris

Olga Norris    •   Winter Sun More Info   

Cottons, felted knitwear (Shetland wool). Fused cotton, appliqued felt, hand quilted.

Diane Nunez

Diane Nunez    •   Slightly Twisted More Info   

Artist hand dyed cotton fabric, commercial cotton fabric, batting, thread, metal tubing, grommets, o-rings - whole cloth quilted and assembled

Marcia O`Donovan

Marcia O`Donovan    •   The EYES have it! More Info   

Hand felted wool roving and yarn on wool.

Mary Olivea

Mary Olivea    •   Underwater Crossing More Info   

Cotton fabric fused and sewn to canvas, and then quilted,  Oil pastel highlighted and fixed.

Gale	 Oppenheim-Pietrzak

Gale Oppenheim-Pietrzak    •   Passages by Fire More Info   

Commercial fabric pieced by machine. Surface is painted with acrylic paint.

Marty Ornish

Marty Ornish    •   Moulin More Info   

Upholstery fabrics, silk, , vintage buttons, shredded silk Sari, embroidery   

Fiona Oxford

Fiona Oxford    •   Autumn Breeze More Info   

Purchased fabric and Wonderfil thread. Strip Piecing technique along with free motion and programmed stitches.

Denise Paglio

Denise Paglio    •   Heartburn More Info   

Strip quilting with appliqued lace heart.

Cynthia	Parry

Cynthia Parry    •   Enduring More Info   

Fuse, thread paint, ink dye

Claire Passmore

Claire Passmore    •   Conscience More Info   

My own drawing of a child's face transferred to polycotton fabric using transfer dye. Further embellished with Derwent Inktense pencils and fabric paint. Free motion quilted with rayon thread.

Jane Patrick

Jane Patrick    •   Abandoned But Not Forgotten More Info   

Manufactured cotton, batiks, micron pen, charcoal pencil,variegated threads

Geri Patterson-Kutras

Geri Patterson-Kutras    •   Directions? More Info   

Free motion machine drawing on hemp canvas using cotton thread, newspaper transfer, raw edge applique, hand stitching with pearl cotton, and machine quilting.

Pat	Pauly

Pat Pauly    •   Little Heart 2 More Info   

Artist made printed fabric, direct dye, screen printed, machine pieced and quilted.

Peg Pennell

Peg Pennell    •   Three Stones More Info   

Hand dyed cotton, silk fabrics, machine quilted, hand embroidered, hand beaded

Joyce Perz

Joyce Perz    •   Boro Spirit 417 More Info   

Appliqued worn torn and seared cotton scraps including vintage Japanese fabric; sashiko hand-stitched quilting & embellishment. Inspired by antique Japanese BORO.

Anna Marie Peterson

Anna Marie Peterson    •   Sea Worms More Info   

Sun dyed 1950's pajama fabric, yarn, beads, appliqué, machine quilting

Candice	Phelan

Candice Phelan    •   Yin-Yang 1 More Info   

So much in life is represented in the concept of Yin-Yang: Opposites, connectedness, interdependence, support, and continuous movement. 

This is the first in a series that will explore the concept of Yin-Yang as it applies to forces of our lives: Light & dark, stillness & movement, beginning & end, forward & back, and push & pull.

Margaret	Phillips

Margaret Phillips    •   Kim #1 More Info   

Machine applique, machine quilting.  Fabrics of cotton and unknown origins, cotton and polyester threads, silk batting.

Patricia Porter

Patricia Porter    •   News of the Day More Info   

Layered texture using newspaper, thin wood and fabrics. 12 wt. & 30 wt. threads.

Ruth Powers

Ruth Powers    •   Dreaming The Flint Hills More Info   

Inspired by commercially printed fabrics from my stash and memories of Flint Hills scenery, this piece is intuitively pieced with no pattern. It is free motion machine quilted using a variety of threads to enhance the scene and the fabrics.

Sonya Prchal

Sonya Prchal    •   Summer Vacation More Info   

Cotton fabrics. Lady in the chair and dog painted with Heatset Colour for Fabric Printing.
Vlesofix to fix it together. Raw edge appliqué and free motion stitched with various 40 weight threads.
Warm blend cotton/polyester wadding.

Heather Pregger

Heather Pregger    •   Tuning Fork #37 More Info   

Cotton fabrics, some hand-dyed by the artist, bamboo batting, cotton thread.

Susan Purney Mark

Susan Purney Mark    •   Friday Traffic More Info   

Soy Wax Resist with Thickened Dyes, machine quilted.

Joan Racti

Joan Racti    •   Nature`s Harmony More Info   

Hand painted silk, thermofax, silk screen with botanicals, machine pieced and stitched.

Gail	Ramsay

Gail Ramsay    •   Swim Meet More Info   

Machine applique

Dorothy	Raymond

Dorothy Raymond    •   Sentinel III More Info   

Turned and raw edge applique on hand painted and commercial fabric; machine quilting and thread painting.

Wen	 Redmond

Wen Redmond    •   Any Given Moment More Info   

Plastic, paper, original printed digital cloth, painted fabrics, text & stitching.

Ruth	 Reed

Ruth Reed    •   Promise of Spring More Info   

New England winters can be long, and the hibiscus reminds us that it can't last forever. Made from a photograph, this piece is heavily thread painted with Superior variegated, cotton, polyester, and silk thread. The background and backing are batik, and It is ready to hang with back hanging tabs.

Marilyn Rembolt

Marilyn Rembolt    •   Horizon #1 More Info   

Commercial cotton fabrics, pieced. Beading with glass and metal beads.

Martha Ressler

Martha Ressler    •   Perilous More Info   

Raw edge applique of photos printed on cloth and other cloth, paper, and materials, and a found object.

Janett Rice

Janett Rice    •   My Friend Jonathan More Info   

Photo of seagull printed on cotton fabric, Lutradur background hand painted with metallic paint and heated, free motion machine stitched, stab stitched by hand with metallic thread

Susan Rienzo

Susan Rienzo    •   Detour More Info   

100% cotton, Fused, machine quilted

Shoshi Rimer

Shoshi Rimer    •   Abstract # 5 More Info   

Hand dyed cotton fabric, cutting circles, fussing applique, machine quilting

Carmen Rinehart

Carmen Rinehart    •   Kansas Sunset More Info   

Commercial fabrics, glitter paint. Raw edge applique.

Cristina Robbiani

Cristina Robbiani    •   Love exists and always resists More Info   

Old fabrics, lace and cotton linen, empty tea bags origami.
All naturally dyed with tea and coffee.
Sewn and embroidered completely by hand.

Susan Robbins

Susan Robbins    •   Blessing the Children More Info   

Hebrew stencil, molding paste, dyed and commercial fabrics, machine quilting, embroidery threads, thermofax and beads.

Ruan Robertson

Ruan Robertson    •   Crevasse More Info   

Cottons, all hand dyed.  Machine pieced and appliqued.  Machine quilted.

Valerie Rodelli

Valerie Rodelli    •   Forest Floor-Autumn More Info   

Cotton fabric, pieced, machine quilted with rayon thread. Design elements abstracted from photographs taken.

Judith Roderick

Judith Roderick    •   Tiny Vogelkopp Bowerbird More Info   

Detail Image of my large hand-painted silk Vogelkop Bowerbird Quilt printed on silk, machine quilted, and embellished with beads and buttons.

Charlotte	Rogers

Charlotte Rogers    •   Vanishing Doorway More Info   

100% Cotton, Wool batting, Machine Pieced/Quilted

Lynn Rogers

Lynn Rogers    •   In Search of Water More Info   

Hand dyed fabrics.  Monoprinted and silk screened background.  Paper lamination of petroglyph water symbols.

Connie Rohman

Connie Rohman    •   Movement More Info   

Materials: dupioni silks, linen, thread, cotton batting.
Techniques: applique, hand guided machine quilting thread work.

Nancy Ryan

Nancy Ryan    •   Deep in the Aspen Forest More Info   

Cotton, Batiks and Netting were used to create this piece.  It is heavily machine quilted with specialty threads.  Fabric is cut into small pieces and then scattered on to batting and quilted.

Dinah  Sargeant

Dinah Sargeant    •   Two Friends More Info   

Painted cotton fabric, embroidery floss, machine appliquéd and quilted.

Jodi Scaltreto

Jodi Scaltreto    •   Modern Mini 2 More Info   

Paper piecing, machine quilted, commercial cottons

Helena Scheffer

Helena Scheffer    •   Red Sky More Info   

Artist-dyed and commercial cottons and silks, machine quilted and hand stitched, mounted on canvas

Barbara Schneider

Barbara Schneider    •   Anemone Dance, var. 4 More Info   

Monoprinted on fabric, free motion stitched, small amount of needlefelting.

Jeannie	Schoennagel

Jeannie Schoennagel    •   A New Dawn More Info   

"A New Dawn" was made with collage and confetti pieces using satin, metallic fabric, cotton fabric and thread.  Quilted under tulle using Sulky and metallic thread.

Alison Schwabe

Alison Schwabe    •   Whirlwind More Info   

Cottons, polyester batting and thread; machine pieced and machine quilted.

Mary Schwarzenberger

Mary Schwarzenberger    •   Stratification More Info   

Layers of hand-dyed and painted silk layered in a faux chenille technique.

Keats Scott

Keats Scott    •   The More I Give to Thee More Info   

Cotton hand dyed, stamped and painted. Words printed and transferred using TAP. Machine appliqued and pieced. Machine quilted. The sentiment is the way I feel people should live their lives.

Susan Selby

Susan Selby    •   Golden Days More Info   

Cotton canvas, chalk pastels, hand dyed cotton fabric, hand dyed cheesecloth, paint, wool batting and thread.

Cotton canvas is coloured with chalk pastels to create a background.  Layers of dyed cheesecloth and collaged fabric are laid down to give depth to an autumn scene.  Extensively stitched on a domestic machine.  Fabric paint added for highlights and shadows.

Dori	Settles

Dori Settles    •   My Ancestors More Info   

Hand-painted cotton, machine quilted

Anne Severn

Anne Severn    •   Rising from the Plains More Info   

Acrylic paint on fabric, hand dyed fabric, raw edge applique,stitching.  Commercial fabric, colorvue paint, dimensional paint, thread.

Barbara Sferra

Barbara Sferra    •   El Muerto More Info   

Hand-dyed cotton fabric used for background and backing.  Skull is commercial cotton covering stabilizer.  Couching to form designs on skull.

Sara	Sharp

Sara Sharp    •   Soar More Info   

To create the tree filled background of Soar, I overdyed a black and white print.  The parts of the painted bunting were assembled out of commercial cotton batiks and prints. Free motion outline stitching and quilting were done with monofilament thread. Soar was layered with polyester batting,   backed with cotton batik, and bound with a commercial cotton print.

Diane Sheckells

Diane Sheckells    •   Nocturn More Info   

Cotton, linen and digital images. Pieced and machine quilted. Mounted on wool.

Maria Shell

Maria Shell    •   Sew Many Minis More Info   

Vintage and contemporary cotton textiles, hand dyed fabrics, improvisationally cut and pieced, machine quilted and faced.

Kristin Shields

Kristin Shields    •   All Things Being Equal More Info   

Cotton, machine piecing, machine quilting, improvisational piecing   

Susan Shie

Susan Shie    •   Welcome Back Hillary #2 More Info   

Freehand painting, drawing, and writing on whole cloth cotton. Drawn and painted with fabric paint.  Paint markers used for details of face, large writing, bull and girl. Airpen using black fabric paint used for small writing and going over some of the marker work.  Batting is Nature-fil bamboo and cotton. Back is filled with label and a drawing of my granddaughter Eva Miller, done with airpen.   

Sandra Sider

Sandra Sider    •   Shadow Play More Info   

Cyanotype photograms of canning rings on cotton, hand and machine stitched

Sue Siefkin

Sue Siefkin    •   Village Church, Giverny More Info   

Artist painted, dyed and commercial fabric, fused raw edge applique, machine quilted

Martha Sielman

Martha Sielman    •   Just for Fun More Info   

Cotton, Tsuniko ink, machine quilted, hand embroidered

Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith    •   Untitled More Info   

Eco-printed and commercial silk, cotton, and linen fabrics. Machine appliqué and machine quilted.

Bonnie J. Smith

Bonnie J. Smith    •   Contemplate 12 x 12 More Info   

Original design, cotton fabrics, polyester threads, polyester batting, machine applique, binding applied by hand

Lou Ann Smith

Lou Ann Smith    •   In the Reeds 2 More Info   

Hand dyed and over-dyed cotton, pieced, machine quilted.

Anne Smyers

Anne Smyers    •   Color Study: Yellow and Purple More Info   

Cotton fabrics, polyester threads. Machine appliqued and quilted.

Mary Sneyd

Mary Sneyd    •   Mum`s Dahlia More Info   

Commercial cottons, silk, beads. Fused applique, machine quilting, hand sewn beads.

Sandy Snowden

Sandy Snowden    •   Ramshackle Abode More Info   

Another in my series of Ramshackle houses with character. This piece explores the idea of individuality which carries over into the 'accessories' which come with a house or home such as trees and garden.

Anne Solomon

Anne Solomon    •   Truth and Reconciliation 1 More Info   

Quilted background fabric, lettering made using dissolvable pellon, maple leaf cutouts cut on Brother Scan N Cut.

Ileana Soto

Ileana Soto    •   Xs and Os More Info   

Pima cotton; original "X" and "O" stamps, printed with textile paint; hand-dyed; fusing

Jan Soules

Jan Soules    •   Strike One More Info   

Hand dyed fabrics, machine pieced and fused.  Free motion quilted.

Joan Sowada

Joan Sowada    •   Helping More Info   

Fabrics fused, raw edge machine applique and machine quilting.

Stephanie Sprinkle

Stephanie Sprinkle    •   Feathers in the snow More Info   

This piece is 100% cotton that has been dyed. The front piece was dyed using snow.  Some dyes like black, are made up of multiple colors of dye.  The temperature of the snow causes each of the colors of dye to bond to the fabric differently. Each piece dyed with snow is as unique as a snowflake and cannot be duplicated.

Jean Sredl

Jean Sredl    •   Proceed to the Route More Info   

Machine raw edge applique over free motion quilted linen, sequins, beads, hand dyed wool felt.

Karen Stalgren

Karen Stalgren    •   Juxtaposition More Info   

aw edge appliqué covered with tulle, felt tip pens

Andra Stanton

Andra Stanton    •   Colors From My Yard More Info   

Leaf-dyed (maple, geranium) silk noil, eco-dyed (pomegranate) cotton, slow-stitched.

Nancy Steidle

Nancy Steidle    •   Starbound More Info   

Hand painted cotton, cotton sateen, silk thread, glass and copper beads and findings.  Hand reverse appliqued, machine quilted, hand beaded.

Andrew	Steinbrecher

Andrew Steinbrecher    •   Line Study #8: Liquorice Allsorts More Info   

Commercial cottons, batting, thread, machine pieced, Machine quilted.

Sandra Stephenson

Sandra Stephenson    •   Lemon Pepper More Info   

Improvisational piecing, hand embroidery, hand beading

Judy Steward

Judy Steward    •   The Secret Behind The Zippers More Info   

I reused zippers and buttons that had been previously used in garments. When you unzip the zippers they reveal a ribbon that has numbers printed on it. I chose Cherrywood fabric to make the composition soothing and to show the quilting off nicely. The quilting was done using a brown variegated thread. The vine was fused on and quilted down with a narrow zig-zag stitch.

Kate	Stiassni

Kate Stiassni    •   Between Light and Shadow Sketch II More Info   

Machine pieced and stitched with hand dyed cotton fabrics.

Elena Stokes

Elena Stokes    •   Horizon IX More Info   

Salvaged silk sari remnants, cotton batting, fusible web, thread. Textile collage, machine quilted. Mounted on self-hanging cradle board.

Kathy Suprenant

Kathy Suprenant    •   You Are My Sunshine More Info   

Hand-dyed damask.  Reverse applique.  Hand-stitched and embellished.

Jo Lee Tarbell

Jo Lee Tarbell    •   All That Jazz More Info   

Collage of fused silks, cottons, beadwork-machine quilted.

Tiziana	Tateo

Tiziana Tateo    •   Melancholy More Info   

Materials: synthetic fabric, felt, tulle, silk
Techniques: hand painting, scoring and bonding synthetic fabric on industrial felt, free machine stitching/quilting

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor    •   Garden Colours at Dusk More Info   

Hand dyed silk, whole clothe, machine quilted with silk threads. Faced binding

Daphne Taylor

Daphne Taylor    •   Sentinels More Info   

Hand embroidered, hand quilted.

Rhoda	Taylor

Rhoda Taylor    •   Touches of Red More Info   

Various black, white and red cotton fabrics.  The pieces were pieced together by machine, fused to batting and backing.

Sandra Teepen

Sandra Teepen    •   Untitled More Info   

Cotton silk digital photo, machine sewing and hand sewing, cotton batting

Randy Temple

Randy Temple    •   Iris More Info   

Hand dyed fabric, Sharpie and alcohol, luminare paint

Judith	Trager

Judith Trager    •   Circles More Info   

Machine pieced hand dyed cottons. Machine quilted and embroidered.

Barbara Triscari

Barbara Triscari    •   Purple Passion More Info   

Suede leather machine pieced top, digital printed pigment ink, free-motion quilted, nylon thread, and wool batt.

Maggie	Vanderweit

Maggie Vanderweit    •   Welcome More Info   

When there is room to sit, there is usually a safe place to belong. In this chair series I am exploring issues like immigration policy, societal biases and basic human decency and kindness.

Mary Ann Van Soest

Mary Ann Van Soest    •   Three Crows More Info   

Fused batiks and hand dyed fabric. Stitched.

Desiree	Vaughn

Desiree Vaughn    •   Portal #6 More Info   

Whole cloth, hand dyed fabric. Hand and machine quilted.

Lee Vause

Lee Vause    •   A Stack of Cups More Info   

The cups were painted using a Gessoed light weight artist canvas and acrylic paint. A light batting was then free motion stitched around the cups to the quilt top to create a trapunto effect. The cups were then thread painted through the 3 layers of the quilt top, batting and backing to create added dimension and effect.

Susan Veness

Susan Veness    •   Winds of Change More Info   

All fabrics are my own. The background fabric is Ice dyed and the windmill is Rust dyed. The windmill has been vlisofixed and machine stitched and the background fabric hand quilted with metallic thread. I have used Inktense pencils for shading.

Anna Viadero

Anna Viadero    •   Alba More Info   

Painted muslin and gelatin printed cotton fabric layered with rubber stamping, hand embroidery and machine quilting

Christine	Vinh

Christine Vinh    •   #ilovecolor More Info   

Woven strips of dyed felted wool have been hand stitched with painted threads and fused to the quilted silk background.

Sandra	Wagner

Sandra Wagner    •   Fish in the Clear Blue Sea More Info   

Hand painted plus inktense blocks for the background, machine appliqued fish, thread work, yarn and beads.  hand work with the beads and kelp, batting and machine quilted

Lisa Walton

Lisa Walton    •   Australiana Collage More Info   

Hand printed and painted fabric overlaid with thereof screened image of Gum Leaves

Judy Warner

Judy Warner    •   Aspen III More Info   

Digital printed photograph on silk with free motion quilting.

Susan Wei

Susan Wei    •   Fantasy Flower More Info   

Marbleized silk fabric, beads and sequins, machine quilted

Lynn Welsch

Lynn Welsch    •   Circle Game III More Info   

Cotton fabric and monopoly thread
Machine applique and quilting

Isabelle	Wiessler

Isabelle Wiessler    •   Acer conspicuum More Info   

Painted WonderUnder bonded with chiffonscarve on painted Lutradur. Then bonded on Kuninfelt. Expandable paint on some parts. Machine and hand stiched, then zapped with a heat tool to get the expandable paint blowing up and to get a more interesting structure more similar to a "tree bark".

Shea Wilkinson

Shea Wilkinson    •   Riverbank More Info   

Hand-dyed silk, cotton, hand-dyed cotton threads, polyester thread; Machine and hand-stitched.

Roberta Price Willet

Roberta Price Willet    •   Red Silk More Info   

Hand dyed fabric, silk, machine quilting, reflective beads and some trapunto.

Eileen Williams

Eileen Williams    •   Beautiful Duet More Info   

Upholstery remnants and batik fabrics.  Flour paste cracked dying, stamped, and painted.  Free motion quilting.

Hope Wilmarth

Hope Wilmarth    •   Tres Amigos More Info   

This is a photo of my 9 year old grandson offering two horses and a donkey a treat while at his family ranch. The photo was digitally prepared, transferred to cloth and thread painted.

Janet Windsor

Janet Windsor    •   Radial II More Info   

Fabric, thread, batting; machine pieced and quilted

Amy Witherow

Amy Witherow    •   Sanderlings More Info   

Whole-cloth painted with Tsukineko inks on cotton.

Martha Wolfe

Martha Wolfe    •   Moving On More Info   

Layered silk organza and commercial cotton prints with raw-edge appliqué, machine stitched and quilted.

Dianne Miller Wolman

Dianne Miller Wolman    •   Squares Dancing More Info   

Cotton fabrics and threads, hand pieced and hand embroidered, mounted on stretcher frame

Nancy Woods

Nancy Woods    •   Quitaque Breaks More Info   

Fused applique, reclaimed silk fabrics from garments in my collection. Fabric paint.

April	 Works

April Works    •   End of the Road More Info   

Pieced fabric and machine quilted

Diane Wright

Diane Wright    •   Fault Lines II More Info   

Hand-dyed silks and African cotton pieced.  Stamped, beaded, hand and machine stitched.

Sally Wright

Sally Wright    •   Heian Shrine, Kyoto, January 2017 More Info   

My own photograph of the Heian Shinto Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, digitally edited and manipulated for color and style, printed on cotton fabric, heightened with textile inks and markers and free motion quilted in silk threads.

Gay Young

Gay Young    •   Aspen Grove More Info   

Hand-dyed silk habotai, hand-painted silk duppioni, Fused.  Densely quilted.

Nanette S. Zeller

Nanette S. Zeller    •   Carolina Parakeets More Info   

Fusible applique, commercial cotton fabrics, prismacolor pencil, machine quilted

Charlotte	Ziebarth

Charlotte Ziebarth    •   Circling Around More Info   

Digital image of paint-collage artwork, cut, rearranged, layered, painted, stitched.
Silk, cotton, acrylic paint, rayon and cotton threads

Heidi Zielinski

Heidi Zielinski    •   Welcome The Company of Trees More Info   

Snow-dyed cotton and cheesecloth; silk ribbon; sliced wood buttons; stamped with dye ink.