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SAQA Board Nominations

SAQA Board at 2017 Conference
SAQA Board Members at the 2017 Creation to Curation Conference

We are seeking nominations for the Board! 

Look at those happy smiling faces! Do YOU know someone (perhaps yourself) who would like to join the SAQA Board of Directors?

The SAQA Board is made up of 12-15 members and meets monthly via Zoom (video conferencing) as well as during an annual two-day, face-to-face meeting before each annual SAQA Conference. Executive Director Martha Sielman also attends these meetings as a non-voting member.

The SAQA Board requires a variety of skill sets to operate this large not-for-profit organization, and we are always on the lookout for suitable candidates. Candidates do not necessarily need to be current SAQA members but should have some context for understanding SAQA and its role in the larger art and not-for-profit world.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and collating suggested names and contacting them about their willingness to serve on the Board. Once confirmed, the candidates are required to complete a questionnaire. The Nominating Committee then presents a short list to the full Board for voting.
The Nominating Committee would like to ask you to suggest potential future candidates. You can nominate yourself or suggest someone you know. Some of the skills which we are currently looking for include legal, financial, and curatorial experience.

Please email with nominee name and contact information plus reasons for nomination.