Art Services Directory - Adding a Listing

The Artist/Associate (with Directory listing) member category has been added as an opportunity for artists, teachers, appraisers, authors, and others looking to market an arts related business or service in the Art Services Directory. Each list includes photos, description, and contact information.

As part of their membership benefits, Juried Artists may also be included in the directory at no additional charge. Existing Artist/Associate members must upgrade their existing membership category first or renew as Artist/Associate (with Directory Listing).

Review the guidelines at the bottom for more information. Please email if you have any questions.


I am an artist who takes commissions, teaches workshops and writes articles. What category should I choose? 

We realize that our members are multi-faceted individuals whose talents are varied - artist/curator/teacher/writer/etc. However, you are required to select a primary category for listing purposes. We are currently reviewing how we can offer a more flexible solution. In the meantime, use the Short Description / Tagline field to your advantage - this will be displayed on the main listing (coming soon). 

What types of images should I use?

You can have up to two pictures per listing plus a smaller one for a headshot or logo. Suggestions for the larger images include: images of your artwork, installation shots, images of students taking a workshop, the cover of your new book or an ad for your workshop / exhibition. We do suggest using two vertical or two horizontal images as it will look better onscreen.

The smaller image will display as a square thumbnail on the main Art Service Directory page (coming soon). While it does not need to be a square image, some cropping will occur if it is not. The entire image will display in the right column of your listing.

What should I use for keywords?

Use any keywords you think would help people find you in a search - location, specific services, type of art, etc.