Trunk F

"This is a Quilt!"

This is SAQA’s second Trunk Show. Curated by Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki, it was designed to showcase SAQA’s diversity of talent and its mission to “promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, documentation, and publications.” Learn more about these quilts and how to bring a trunk show to your area.

Each quilt is framed in a 12" archival white mat (not shown) with an 8" opening.


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appel - Reaching Upward
Appel, Madeleine

Reaching Upward
bardach - Sun on Clinker Brick Wall
Bardach, Nancy

Sun on Clinker Brick Wall
beasley - It's Radilicious
Beasley, Alice

It's Radilicious
bellah - Sunshine and Shadow
Bellah, Mary Beth

Sunshine and Shadow
brockette - Red Ants at Dawn
Brockette, Jack

Red Ants at Dawn
carrigan - Shattered
Carrigan, Sherry

chuang - Family Love
Chuang, Huei-Lan

Family Love
churchill - Untitled
Churchill, Carol

cooper - Untitled
Cooper, Jennifer

daggett - Renewal
Daggett, Betty Davis

DeQuincy - WindSong
DeQuincy, Marjorie

ecob - Untitled
Ecob, Ailene Renli

eha - Untitled
Eha, Nancy

Filby-Fisher - Earthsong 4 Medicine Wheel Series
Filby-Fisher, Linda

Earthsong 4 Medicine Wheel Series
fricke - Gray Matters
Fricke, Rebecca

Gray Matters
gibb - Untitled
Gibb, Laurie Hill

grasvik - Untitled
Grasvik, Sonia

hanna - Play Date
Hanna, Ayn

Play Date
hightower - The Pomegranate
Hightower, Sharon Wiley

The Pomegranate
horne - Gladys
Horne, Connie

hughes - Conifers
Hughes, Beatrice

joy - Reading Tea Leaves
Joy, Patricia

Reading Tea Leaves
kistler - Ice
Kistler, Suzanne

kohler - If Ginkgoes Could Talk
Kohler, Franki

If Ginkgoes Could Talk
Lack, Phillippa - Pink Ribbon
Lack, Phillippa

Pink Ribbon
latino - Circles of Life
Latino, Mary-Ellen

Circles of Life
lusnak - Untitled
Lusnak, Karin

mcClean - Untitled
McClean, Sarah Louise

milholen - Landscape 11-1
Milholen, Vivian

Landscape 11-1
neumann - Untitled
Neumann, Annedore

pal - Portrait of a Homeless Man
Pal, Mary

Portrait of a Homeless Man
plager - Untitled
Plager, Marti

robertus - Speed 2
Robertus, Linda

Speed 2
rushbrooke - Anamorphic Cat
Rushbrooke, Rose

Anamorphic Cat
smith - Bowsprit
Smith, Lura Schwarz

stCharles - Untitled
St. Charles, Cynthia

stoltz - Breaking Out
Stoltz, Heather

Breaking Out
sullivan - Thinking of Spring
Sullivan, Bobbie

Thinking of Spring
timm - Memories of Canberra
Timm, Catherine

Memories of Canberra
watler - The Artist's Eye
Watler, Barbara

The Artist's Eye
wright - Untitled
Wright, Diane

zielinski - Untitled
Zielinski, Heidi





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