Trunk E

"This is a Quilt!"

This is SAQA’s second Trunk Show. Curated by Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki, it was designed to showcase SAQA’s diversity of talent and its mission to “promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, documentation, and publications.” Learn more about these quilts and how to bring a trunk show to your area.

Each quilt is framed in a 12" archival white mat (not shown) with an 8" opening.


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affolter - Blue Brain Nr. 15
Affolter, Regina

Blue Brain Nr. 15
alberda - Winter Wonderland
Alberda, Joanne

Winter Wonderland
bebee - Fall's First Frost
Bebee, Nora

Fall's First Frost
chen - Health Care
Chen, Yen-Chiu

Health Care
clover - Heritage
Clover, Jette

confer - Autumn Leaves
Confer, Barbara

Autumn Leaves
conley - Peace Be with You
Conley, Vicki

Peace Be with You
deBoer - Green Landscape
DeBoer, Roslyn

Green Landscape
eckel - Rusted
Eckel, Juliette

fitzsimmons - Bubble Up
Fitzsimmons, Tommy

Bubble Up
habicht - Field of Flowers
Habicht, Desiree

Field of Flowers
hawkins - Untitled
Hawkins, Patty

hebert - Skagit County in April
Hebert, Ginnie

Skagit County in April
hurst - Bubble and Sqeak
Hurst, Penny

Bubble and Sqeak
jensen - Three Boats
Jensen, Jill

Three Boats
jurgenson - Andrea Pozzo's Genius
Jurgenson, Jean Renli

Andrea Pozzo's Genius
keeney - Untitled
Keeney, Peg

kokaiAbigail - Helicopters and Birds
Kokai, Abigail

Helicopters and Birds
law - Small Madonna and Child
Law, Catharina Breedyk

Small Madonna and Child
marklin - Untitled
Marklin, Jeanne

mcLaughlin - Untitled
McLaughlin, Linda

miller - Untitled
Miller, Linda

miller - The Conversation
Miller, Roberta Chalfy

The Conversation
mueller - Moonlight
Mueller, Hildegard

ortelle - Aerial Delight
Ortelle, Cathy

Aerial Delight
powers - Captured Hearts
Powers, Patricia

Captured Hearts
radock - Hollywood Dragon
Radock, Elena Miranda

Hollywood Dragon
read - Yellow Shoes
Read, Priscilla

Yellow Shoes
scaltreto - Primrose
Scaltreto, Jodi

spiegel - Cascade
Spiegel, Carolyn

stuart-Head - Untitled
Stuart-Head, Averil

tateo - Men of the Night
Tateo, Tiziana

Men of the Night
thomas - Geisha Night Flowers
Thomas, Rosalind

Geisha Night Flowers
ugerup - Two Dots
Ugerup, Ulva

Two Dots
york - 1, 2, 3, 4 …
York, Kathy

1, 2, 3, 4 …

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