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Trunk B

"This is a Quilt!"

This is SAQA’s second Trunk Show. Curated by Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki, it was designed to showcase SAQA’s diversity of talent and its mission to “promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, documentation, and publications.” Learn more about these quilts and how to bring a trunk show to your area.

Each quilt is framed in a 12" archival white mat (not shown) with an 8" opening.

Images of Trunk B at Sookmyung Women's University Museum & Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum, Seoul, Korea

Trunk Show B in Korea


Trunks B and C at Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition (TIQE) 2012

at TIQE 2012


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Trunk Quilts Index

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bachman - Untitled
Bachman, Linda

blackburn - Untitled
Blackburn, Lettie

blondell - Ode to Cogburn
BlondelL, Kathy

Ode to Cogburn
brueggenjohann - Tutu Flower
Brueggenjohann, Jean

Tutu Flower
cary - Fins, Slashes and Topiary
Cary, Marcia

Fins, Slashes and Topiary
chung - Orange Rose IV
Chung, Paula

Orange Rose IV
claus-Gray - The Road Less Traveled
Claus-Gray, Rosemary

The Road Less Traveled
corson - Untitled
Corson, Lisa

cowie - Geometry of Leaves
Cowie, Jean McLaughlin

Geometry of Leaves
danley-brown - Untitled
Danley-Brown, Dee

dockery - City Under Orange Alert
Dockery, Dianne Votero

City Under Orange Alert
ellis-Bell - A Butterfly
Ellis-Bell, Michele

A Butterfly
erickson - Danny's Garden
Erickson, Christina Fairley

Danny's Garden
fitzGerald - Butterfly Study
FitzGerald, Cheryl

Butterfly Study
ford - Statement to Curators
Ford, Betty

Statement to Curators
gerber-Billau - Bloem #27
Gerber-Billiau, Lutgard

Bloem #27
gilbert-Oversteyns - Little Scribbles
Gilbert-Oversteyns, Monique

Little Scribbles
gregg - Leaf Litter
Gregg, Sandy

Leaf Litter
grisdela - Through the Window
Grisdela, Cindy

Through the Window
hart.jpg - Tropical Storm
Hart, Sandra

Tropical Storm
horikawa - A Quilter's Voyage in Space
Horikawa, Jamie

A Quilter's Voyage in Space
jaffe - Untitled
Jaffe, Peggy

kastles - Untitled
Kastles, Kathleen

kleinman - Blooming
Kleinman, Sherry Davis

lardie - Whirlpool
Lardie, Maureen

larson - Tahoe Dusk
Larson, Carol

Tahoe Dusk
manley - From the City Wall
Manley, Jackie

From the City Wall
mcKeehan - Heat
McKeehan, Janice

mcKeever - Space
McKeever, Sherry

miller - Serendipity
Miller, Denise Oyama

ogg - Untitled
Ogg, Caroline

petrie - Untitled
Petrie, Doris Staub

popiel - Beyond the Horizon
Popiel, Judith Sogopo

Beyond the Horizon
rampton - Anthony Island Spirit Totems
Rampton, Mardell

Anthony Island Spirit Totems
sandberg - Shooting Star II
Sandberg, Barbara

Shooting Star II
scott - Untitled
Scott, Keats

shore - Forgotten Floral
Shore, Diana

Forgotten Floral
staples - Jump to the Beat
Staples, Carole Gary

Jump to the Beat
walls - Untitled
Walls, Angelica Veitch

wang - Love and Respect
Wang, Li-Chun

Love and Respect
weir - Bouchon 3
Weir, Deborah

Bouchon 3
white - Moonlight
White, Shirley

wolfe - Connected Threads
Wolfe, Victoria Findlay

Connected Threads
zimmerman - Untitled
Zimmerman, Linda


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