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"This is a Quilt!" Index

Trunk Last Name First Name Title
C Adams Diedre Untitled
E Affolter Regula Blue Brain Nr. 15
A Akerson Marilyn Cool Water World
E Alberda Joanne K. Winter Wonderland
D Allen Pamela Untitled
D Ansbaugh Colleen Untitled
F Appell Madeleine Reaching Upward
C Aristova Ludmila Illumination # 42
B Bachman Linda Untitled
F Bardach Nancy Sun on Clinker Brick Wall
A Barrett Pauline Hybiscus Bouquet
A Bass Sharon Little Poppies
D Baum Elizabeth A. Untitled
F Beasley Alice It's Radilicious
E Bebee Nora Fall's First Frost
G Beckerman Nancy Neptune in the Wind
A Beckmann Christi Graphic Garden - Red
C Bein Deborah Swan
F Bellah Mary Beth Sunshine and Shadow
A Bird Charlotte Untitled
A Bishop Pat It's Art to Me
B Blackburn Lettie L. Untitled
C Blank Margaret Circle Play
B Blondell Kathy Ode to Cogburn
D Bogue Loris Untitled
G Branjord Sandra Roses for Sandy
A Briggs Kathie Going 'Round in Circles All the Time
F Brockette Jack Red Ants at Dawn
G Brown Karen Amelia From Above
C Brown Peggy Another Form Revisited
B Brueggenjohann Jean Tutu Flower
G Bruvry Patricia Desert Landscape
D Burke Helen Holtorf Ringo
A Caffery Pat Winter Wonder
D Carlson Vicki Xylem and Phloem
F Carrigan Sherry Shattered
C Carson Carolyn Untitled
B Cary Marcia Fins, Slashes and Topiary
G Cavanaugh Sue Untitled
A Chang Hsiu-Hsing A Lotus Flower
E Chen Yen-Chiu Health Care
F Chuang Huei-Lan Family Love
B Chung Paula Orange Rose IV
F Churchill Carol Untitled
B Claus-Gray Rosemary The Road Less Traveled
C Cline Linda Arrowhead Marsh II
E Clover Jette Heritage
A Cole Maureen Whalen Flags Flying
A Collins Sharon Untitled
G Collioud-Robert Maryline Grafitti Stamps
C Colsh Linda The Crossing
E Confer Barbara Autumn Leaves
C Congdon Gerrie Sunrise
E Conley Vicki Peace Be with You
A Conrad Jennifer Heavy Metal Garden
C Cook Nancy G. Rose Has Got Some Hips
F Cooper Jennifer Untitled
A Cooper Sheri I'd Like to be Alone for a While
B Corson Lisa Untitled
B Cowie Jean McLaughlin Geometry of Leaves
G Cowley Robin Shooting Stars
A Craig Kathy Untitled
A Cullen Phyllis Entry to Zion
F Daggett Betty Davis Renewal
C Dales Judy Moonglow
B Danley-Brown Dee Untitled
G David-Cohen Yael Stress
E DeBoer Roslyn Green Landscape
A Dell’Ario Win In the Distance
D Dennis Sue Colour Patch Series - Orange & White
F DeQuincy Marjorie WindSong
C Dixon Giny Untitled
B Dockery Dianne Vottero City Under Orange Alert
D Drucker Tamar Untitled
A Durbin Pat Last Splash of Color
A Ebersole Annabel My Colorful Lisbon
E Eckel Juliette Rusted
F Ecob Aileyn Untitled
F Eha Nancy Untitled
B Ellis-Bell Michele A Butterfly
G Else Susan Cold Day
A Endo Noriko Untitled
B Erickson Christina Fairley Danny's Garden
A Fell Deborah Prairie Grasses
D Filatoff Julie Garden Visitor
F Filby-Fisher Linda Earthsong 4 Medicine Wheel Series
G Fingal Jamie Urban Footscape
B FitzGerald Cheryl Butterfly Study
G Fitzsimmons Micaela #3 from "One(more)"
E Fitzsimmons Tommy Bubble Up
A Flam Floris Untitled
B Ford Betty Statement to Curators
F Fricke Rebecca Gray Matters
C Geistweidt Deborah Creek in Summer
B Gerber-Billiau Lutgard Bloem #27
F Gibb Laurie Hill Untitled
B Gilbert-Ovesteyns Monique Little Scribbles
A Goetzinger Karen City Sector
C Gould Patricia Lake Natron, Tanzania
F Grasvik Sonia Untitled
C Green Cindy Song of the Earth
B Gregg Sandy Leaf Litter
B Grisdela Cindy Through the Window
E Habicht Desiree Field of Flowers
A Hahn Betty Pixel-ated
G Hall Linda Untitled
F Hanna Ayn Play Date
C Hansen DeNegre Vivica Songbird #1: Robin
B Hart Sandra Tropical Storm
G Hauptman Trudi Chamoff New Beginnings
E Hawkins Patty Untitled
E Hebert Ginnie Skagit County in April
D Henry Susan Elaine Europe Market
F Hightower Sharon Wiley The Pomegranate
C Horansky Ruby Pink Moon
B Horikawa Jamie A Quilter's Voyage in Space
F Horne Connie Gladys
C Hosler Debra Going Nowhere
A Howard Donati Carol Where Have all the Mothers Gone?
D Huang Ming-Mei Sunset Shining Over Queen's Head
F Hughes Beatrice Conifers
E Hurst Penny Bubble and Sqeak
B Jaffe Peggy Untitled
G Jahnke Kathi Winter into Spring
E Jensen Jill Three Boats
A Johnson Marjorie E. Chicago, Where It All Started
G Jones Janice Trees
F Joy Patricia Reading Tea Leaves
E Jurgenson Jean Renli Andrea Pozzo's Genius
D Kasia
B Kastles Kathleen Untitled
E Keeney Peg Untitled
A Kessler Rosemary Untitled
A Kicklighter Patricia Relations
F Kistler Suzanne Ice
D Klebaum Pamela Price Transparency
C Kleeman Catherine Untitled
B Kleinman Sherry Davis Blooming
F Kohler Franki If Ginkgoes Could Talk
E Kokai Abigail Helicopters and Birds
C Kreneck Ellie Home on the Range
G Lachman Mary F. Untitled
F Lack Phillippa K. Pink Ribbon
C Laird Linda Will It Go Round in Circles
B Lardie Maureen Whirlpool
B Larson Carol Tahoe Dusk
F Latino Mary-Ellen Circles of Life
E Law Catharina Breedyk Small Madonna and Child
D Lichtendahl Kathy Soda Butte
A Lichtenstein Ali Blue Moons
G Limmer Andrea Untitled
D Lin Hsin-Chen Losing My Sight
G Lin Mei-Hui Footprints
G Litchman Katharina Hope
A Loprete Karen Untitled
D Loveless Ann Autumn Confetti
F Lusnak Karin Untitled
C Lyon Jenny Untitled
B Manley Jackie From the City Wall
C Manley Judy Northshore Pipeline
E Marklin Jeanne Untitled
A May Therese Target Practice
D Mayhew Katherine Untitled
F McClean Sarah Louise Untitled
C McClellan-Ryan Jancy Gleaming
B McKeehan Janice Heat
B McKeever Sherry Space
E McLaughlin Linda Untitled
A Mendola Cathy Spivey The Final Two
C Merrett Alicia Mapping Influences
F Milholen Vivian Landscape 11-1
C Millar Elaine Hines Sahalie
B Miller Denise Oyama Serendipity
E Miller Linda Untitled
E Miller Roberta Chalfy The Conversation
A Morris Pam Sarasota: Still Gorgeous After All These Years
D Moss Kris Gregson Midday at my Oasis
E Müller Hildegard Moonlight
F Neumann Annadore Untitled
C Nordlin Stephanie Circuits: Haywire
G Núñez Diane Untitled
B Ogg Carolyn Untitled
A Olson Ruth Anne October Winds
E Ortelle Cathy Aerial Delight
A Ousley Gay Young Aspens
D Owoc Pat Untitled
F Pal Mary Portrait of a Homeless Man
C Patterson-Kutras Geri Legacy
B Petrie Doris Untitled
G Pfister Jeanne String with Bling
D Phillips Margaret A. Jackie
A Piccolo Ellen Tug Boats
D Pixeladies
War of Words--Words of War
F Plager Marti Untitled
C Plotner Judith Study in Mostly Black and White
B Popiel Judith Sogopo Beyond the Horizon
G Pottmeyer Terry Behold, This is a Quilt!
E Powers Patricia Captured Hearts
A Powers Ruth Untitled
D Puetz Casey Leaf Play
G Quehl Elaine Untitled
C Quintana Lisa Broberg Great Spangled Fritillary
E Radock Elena Miranda Hollywood Dragon
B Rampton Mardell Anthony Island Spirit Totems
E Read Priscilla Yellow Shoes
A Redmond Wen Language of Touch
D Robertson Ruan Interior
F Robertus Linda Speed 2
F Rushbrooke Rose Anamorphic Cat
C Ryan Nancy Untitled
B Sandberg Barbara Shooting Star II
G Sax MaryEllen Hearts of Happiness, Hands of Praise
E Scaltreto Jodi Primrose
A Scheffer Helena Leafy Greens 3
D Schlechter Brenda Sunny Day in the Garden
C Schrott Susan Woman With Beaded Headdress
C Schwarzenberger Mary-Ellen Untitled
B Scott Keats Untitled
B Shore Diana Fogotten Floral
D Simpson Gayle Girls With A Point of View
A Small Phyllis Color Between the Lines
D Smith Bonnie J. Movement
D Smith Catherine Whall Hay Bale with Blue String
C Smith Louisa L. Garden Elements
F Smith Lura Schwarz Bowsprit
A Soules Jan Pink Grapefruit
E Spiegel Carolyn Cascade
A Spiegel Virginia Security?
D Sponga Marialuisa Blue Park
F St. Charles Cynthia Untitled
B Staples Carole Gary Jump to the Beat
G Stegmiller Terri Walking Along a Sandy Beach
F Stoltz Heather G. Breaking Out
E Stuart-Head Averil Untitled
F Sullivan Bobbie Thinking of Spring
D Sullivan Carolyn Grass Seeds
E Tateo Tiziana Men of the Night
C Taylor Rhoda Butterflies on Batik
G Themel Kate Luka's Eyes
C Theobald Anne M. Untitled
E Thomas Rosalind Geisha Night Flowers
C Thompson Suzanne Mimosa Moon
D Thumann Mary View Through the Moonroof
F Timm Catherine Memories of Canberra
C Tseng Yi-Yao Missing Good Friend
G Tunnell Karen Reese Sliding Baby Quilt
C Turley Ann Creation
E Ugerup Ulva Two Dots
A Underwood June Layers of Reds
C Vogt Cynthia Split Bamboo
C Wagner Sandy Untitled
C Walen Susan Self - Portrait
B Walls Angelica Veitch Untitled
G Wambaugh Debbie Untitled
B Wang Li-Chun Love and Respect
G Wanner Dwayne Untitled
G Warner Judy Autumnal Bloom
F Watler Barbara The Artist's Eye
C Waugh Carol Ann Deterioration
B Weir Deborah Bouchon 3
A Wescott Sally Blackbird in My Garden
B White Shirley Moonlight
A Williamson Marianne Oil and Water Don't Mix
B Wolfe Victoria Findlay Connected Threads
F Wright Diane Untitled
E York Kathy 1, 2, 3, 4 …
F Zielinski Heidi Untitled
B Zimmerman Linda Untitled