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In our sixth year of offering successful traveling exhibitions throughout the world, SAQA is very pleased to present our newest fiber art show: Beyond Comfort, premiering in August 2011. Our artists were challenged to venture into uncharted territories of creative expression by stretching beyond their comfort zones. This provided a “permission slip” to experiment freely with radical conceptual and narrative agendas and to employ new techniques, technologies, and materials.

This exhibition features themes ranging from political protest, domestic violence, and religious persecution to the devastation of environmental disasters and modern warfare.  Challenging fiber materials include LED lights, found objects, precious metals and even recycled CDs. Beyond Comfort reflects each participant’s personal journey to explore new ideas and push their creative abilities by making new exceptional works of fiber art. Our Juror is Marci McDade, Editor of Fiberarts magazine, whose extensive experience in the art world as both fiber artist and independent curator brings an inspiring and fresh view of contemporary art to this exhibition.

 Beyond Comfort will provide a provocative and stimulating museum experience.  SAQA exhibitions routinely draw enthusiastic crowds, and bring increased press coverage and revenue to the venues that host them.  SAQA members who live in your area can provide educational docent training, workshops, and lectures to support the exhibition’s run.


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