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SAQA 20th Anniversary Quilts page 3

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* Selected to be archived in the permanent collection of the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

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Joanna Monroe


Janet Ozard Root

Margaret Dunsmore

Elisabeth Vereycken

Karen Linduska

BJ Parady

Elizabeth Warner

Jenny Hearn*

Cindy Rinne

Nancy Mirman

Louise Silk

Patricia G. Faulkner

Mavis Leahy

Wen Redmond

Ruth Powers*

Regina Marzlin

Anna Hergert

Kate Madeloso

Deidre Adams*

Louisa L. Smith

Margery Goodall*

Charlotte Bird*

Kathie Downie

Melinda E. Lowy

Carol Larson

P.S. Kicklighter

Mary Ellen Haus

Linda Zimmerman*

Ludmila Aristova*

Barbara W. Watler

Jamie Fingal

Paulette Price Cornish

Bobbie Sullivan

Gerrie Congdon

Susan Shie*

Kate Themel

Lutgard Gerber-Billiau

Flox den Hartog Jager*


Tiziana Tateo*


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